These Young People Took One Step Forward Into Adulthood And Then Immediately Took Two Steps Back

You don’t realize how good you had it as a kid until you slip into adulthood. Most of us don’t even realize that we’re there yet because we still feel like we’re 14 years old. Some people can make that transition seamlessly without too much of a stumble.

Unfortunately, the majority of us just aren’t capable of being adults. From the responsibility to the realities of the workforce — we’re basically drowning in the shallow end of the pool called ‘life’. Thankfully, we’re not alone as you’ll soon see.

We Can’t All Be Guy Fieri


As you’ll see later on in this article, we can’t all be Guy Fieri. To be a good cook, you need patience, creativity, and motivation.

Most young adults don’t have any of those skills, nevermind all three of them. It should be considered a successful meal if you don’t burn your house down.