These Wine Moms Are Seeing Double While We’re Cringing Triple

Wine moms, wine moms, wine moms. What would we do without them? Honestly, the world would be about ten times less entertaining, and drunk.

They’re the mom that doesn’t leave the house without at least a carry-on bottle of Pinot and miraculously maintains a constant buzz throughout the day. She’s the “fun mom” who isn’t afraid to tell her friends they’re lame when they don’t want to down a bottle of wine on a Tuesday. This article explores all the glory that comes with being a wine mom and, honestly, it’s incredible.

Fill That Up With Wine

Wine moms are not here for your “water challenges.” They don’t mind if you do them, but don’t even think about pushing your hydration agenda onto them.

Debbie is speaking for all the wine moms when she calls out her friend who posted this tragic picture. Water challenge, shawter challenge, if you ask me.