These Weird And Wacky Kids Are Only Mildly Infuriating

Kids behave in mysterious ways. Sometimes they do things I will never understand. Why do they have to make a mess the second after you finish cleaning the kitchen? Why do they touch all of the things they’re not supposed to touch?

They’re small humans, but they sure do make big trouble. Keep reading to see all the little things that kids do that irk us just a tiny bit. We still love them, though.

This Is How A Kid Ate His Snickers Bar

Photo Credit: secret2594 / Reddit
Photo Credit: secret2594 / Reddit

If he only wanted the chocolate, why didn’t he get a plain Hershey bar? The inside of a Snickers bar is the best part. He’s missing out on all the nougat, caramel, and peanut goodness.

In fact, I might like this modified Snickers bar even more than an intact Snickers bar. I’m into this chocolate-to-nougat ratio.