These Kids Are Going To Grow Up To Be The Crazy Uncle Or Aunt And There’s Nothing You Can Do About it

Look, being an aunt myself, I know that it’s tough work. People say being a mom is tough work, but being an aunt or uncle is even harder. You have to pretend to like kids that aren’t even yours!

The way you act during your childhood can tell you a lot about what kind of aunt or uncle you’re going to be. I’m sorry if this is painful to hear, but 90% of children will turn into the “crazy uncle” or the “moody aunt.” If you don’t believe me, well, you will after you read this article. I’ve scouted a few youngins and I can tell you exactly what kind of aunt or uncle they’ll be. Yes, it takes one to know one.

The Conspiracy Theory Uncle

This four-year-old has conspiracy theorist written all over him. He might not know it now, but he’s going to be the uncle that “educates” his nieces and nephews about the “truth.”

There’s room in every family for someone who believes that the government is putting lead in the drinking water to mess with the frog’s sleeping patterns.