Social Media Is For Showing Our Best Lives, But These People Didn’t Get The Memo

Life is totally different now that we have social media. Instead of going home and telling our parents, our roommates, or our significant other’s about our day, they’re already up to date.

We Snapchat and Tweet literally every little thing we do to prove we’re living that hashtag blessed life. However, most of that is a lie. These people are proof that even the best life can fall off the rails in a hurry.

Work Perks

What’s going on with soaps these days? No longer can you just get a bar, now it has to be weird shapes and weirder flavors.

No, I don’t want Dog Breathe Wheat Grass, I just want strawberry. The same goes for coffee — I just want cream and sugar, not a million different spices and UGG boots in my drink.


Long flights are unpredictable at best. Are you going to be sitting beside someone who constantly puts their elbows on your armrest, or maybe you’ll be sitting beside a mom and her crying baby?

It’s the external factors that you can’t control that make flying so nerve-racking, so when you spill beer on yourself it just adds to the experience.


Sending nude pictures is really never a good idea for a couple of reasons. One, it’s just straight up weird. Two, you don’t know what the internet or the person receiving the picture is going to do with it.

Case and point, this girl received a snap of a naked dude (in the middle of the day?) and her mom saw it. They both look to be overly excited though, so that could be good news for him.

Welp, That Sucks

The amount of food that gets dropped out of the oven because of overexcited eaters has actually become an epidemic.

Look, there’s no doubt that it’s tough to look at a gooey lasagna when you feel like your insides are eating each other, but there need to be precautions taken. Never go in raw and just use your bare hands, which is what this person did. I feel like I don’t need to give reasoning either.

Tomato, Tomat-toe

These are drastically different spellings and meanings. Incense, which is obviously what they meant to put, has nothing to do with uh, hooking up with family members.

Fun fact about incense is that along with its good smell, it’s also a really effective insect repellent. I’m going to assume incest doesn’t have that same ability.

I Scream, You Scream

This was destined for failure. Any good ice cream shop employee knows that after 6 swirls of ice cream it becomes severely unstable. How unstable you ask?

Lindsay Lohan in 2010 unstable. Brittany Spears in 2008 unstable. I digress, this picture saddens us, but a lesson needed to be learned here.

No Fun Police

This is like at recess when teachers would tell everyone to stay off the of the playground. What’s the point of having something that looks so fun without allowing us to go on it? The slides aren’t going to slide themselves.

The monkey bars aren’t going to monkey themselves. Stop being the NO FUN POLICE.


Anyone who’s had the devastating experience of being caught in the car with a bee or a wasp knows that this isn’t an overreaction. Those things are incredibly terrifying and the buzzing alone is enough to make even the most physically strong person quiver.

They always say to not move when one of them lands of you as if that’s even a possibility. That’s like faking dead when a bear is mauling you. NO WAY.

Are You For-Cereal

First of all, I don’t mean to be a nagging parent but where’s the sunscreen in the first place? Although, it’s hard to blame her for just wanting to get her Vitamin D fix for the year.

The tan lines are also very unique and fun, and should definitely make for a much more interesting summer.

Star Struck

The sun is a sun, duh. The scientific proof, you ask? Well, when you see Beyonce you say she is a star and not a sun. You would never call someone a sun, ever. In fact, if someone did call you that it would be taken as a massive insult.

This should be all the proof that’s needed when discussing whether the sun is a star — which is ridiculous, to begin with.

White Bread

This comment is relateable 10/10 times when you eat Wonder bread. The outer crust of the bread burrows inside the roof of your mouth and good luck getting it out.

Things that are easier than peeling the now soggy bread off the top of your mouth: building a spaceship, being the President, and getting the pebble out of your shoe.

Millennials I Tell Ya

This is actually a legit question to ask. How people were able to maneuver there way around the world without the internet telling you what to do and how to do it is mind-boggling.

Most people can’t even find their way to their own supermarket WITH the help of a GPS. Those old-school roadmaps were impossible to read and you could almost guarantee being lost for at least 30 minutes at some point.

That Came Out Of Nowhere

There are two types of people in this world — the ones who believe that Louis the Mind Reader is a lunatic, or believe they have prophetic powers.

Unfortunately for this medium, she didn’t get enough time to move the building before this car plowed into it. Let’s hope that she was done stirring her stew.

Time For Bed

Forgetting your keys or just plain losing them is basically an everyday occurrence for about 60% of the population. This situation is one of a kind though.

It’s easy to see how this happens because the number of times that your lanyard catches onto something and swings around probably touches 100 times a day.

Photobomb With Authority

We’ve all been caught taking selfies in public and it’s beyond embarrassing. This is a classic case of trying to take a picture with the person in the background not noticing, and it backfired.

This is an arrestable offense with up to 10 years in prison — that’s a fact, look it up. It was on an episode of Law and Order so it has to be real.

Riveting Read

Sometimes the best reading you’ll do all day is on that post from that person from high school who constantly posts racist/sexist things on social media.

The comment section of a status that is meant to be political but just comes off as stupid is better than any book written by JK Rowling or Margret Atwood. What makes it unique is always having to decipher what people are saying because of the spelling and grammatical errors.

Carrying Baggage

It’s observations like these that make the internet win every time. This guy has to be a Yogi. There is no way that he’s able to be THAT flexible by not living and breathing hot yoga.

That tight fetal position doesn’t just happen, that takes at least three upward dog stretches daily. These two are definitely living their best lives.

Brutal Honesty

Sometimes the biggest blows to your ego come from the person who held you in their stomach for nine months.

The brutal honesty is sometimes unnecessary but when you clap back they always just reply with “excuse me, I.Am.Your.Mother” and then you go to your room and cry for an hour or so and wait for dinner to be ready.

That’s A Rough Go

First impressions are everything so this guy’s first day probably didn’t go as planned. His hair looks like a cliff that any base jumping enthusiast would love to jump off of.

This has “hat day” written all over it which everyone can appreciate because we’ve all been there. Get up too late, grab a hat, grab a banana and you’re out the door.

Oh, Gerry

Gerry Hamilton was a reporter at ESPN and he covered college game days. That was until he posted a link to a porn site instead of the link to an article on ESPN which is mildly hilarious and outrageously embarrassing.

This blunder is up there in social media fails, although it may fall short to a few tweets that were meant to be DMs. Yikes.