Social Media Is For Showing Our Best Lives, But These People Didn’t Get The Memo

Life is totally different now that we have social media. Instead of going home and telling our parents, our roommates, or our significant other’s about our day, they’re already up to date.

We Snapchat and Tweet literally every little thing we do to prove we’re living that hashtag blessed life. However, most of that is a lie. These people are proof that even the best life can fall off the rails in a hurry.

Work Perks

What’s going on with soaps these days? No longer can you just get a bar, now it has to be weird shapes and weirder flavors.

No, I don’t want Dog Breathe Wheat Grass, I just want strawberry. The same goes for coffee — I just want cream and sugar, not a million different spices and UGG boots in my drink.