People Who Ruffled The Feathers Of The Wrong Bird

We all try to live our lives with a certain amount of respect for the rest of the world. Sure, we have our usual routine that we would love to keep uninterrupted, but sometimes life happens. Bumps in the road come up, and things don’t always go as expected.

You can either roll with the punches or go out and do some punching. Now, I’m not condoning any kind of violence, but these people definitely weren’t about to let the ruffled feathers go unpunished.

Well, That’s Unfortunate

There’s a reason you’re not supposed to park in front of the fire hydrant and this picture is exhibit A. It probably would’ve been just as easy to go over the car, but the firefighters decided they wanted to take a more direct route.

Lesson learned here: Don’t piss off firefighters who have a job to do.

Poor Service

When the server ignores your table, takes 15 minutes to bring a couple of waters, and then another 50 minutes to bring the food, it can be frustrating. Next time this happens to you be sure to enclose all of their money in one of the waters so that it spills everywhere.

It’s cruel, and probably completely unnecessary, but do it anyways.

Worse Than A Timeout

This kid’s dad had to take drastic measures to get his kid to stop flicking his boogers at the dinner table. Yes, it’s a gross thing for this kid to do, but the punishment seems to be even more disgusting.

Locking up the fidget spinner should always be the last resort because, as you can see from the picture, it has a massive impact on the kid’s psyche.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

You shouldn’t cheat in general just out of principle, but you REALLY shouldn’t cheat if she got your tickets to the big game that’s coming up. Not only do you lose your girlfriend and your dignity, but you also lose the opportunity to go to whatever game this is.

Also, the fact she brought this sign in place of her boyfriend is really savage.

No Recess

This is what happens when you piss off an entire student population by shortening recess to be five minutes less.

No one is more surprised by this display than their gym teachers who can’t get them organized for a game of tag, nevermind getting together to create this masterpiece.

The Parking Bandit

There really is nothing worse than someone taking up two or three parking spots just because they’re worried about getting their car dinged.

99% of the time nothing is going to happen, and by parking like a lunatic, it opens you up to getting hit more frequently and also getting, uh, egged.

Won’t Make That Same Mistake Twice

“I’m really sorry sweetie, can we keep this on the down low though because I’ll never do it again,” he said. If she ever replied with “I’m fine,” then you know she’s about to buy a billboard with YOUR money and broadcast how big of a cheater you really are.

This strategy is definitely subtle (I mean, Steven and Emily are pretty common names), but I think it will be effective nonetheless.

Horsing Around

After a man came over and cut this horse’s hair without permission, the barn had to put up this sign. This horse doesn’t look happy about its new flow, and we can’t blame it.

This is the closest thing to giving a horse a bowl cut as you can possibly come. Bowl cuts aren’t in, and never will be again — sorry 90’s babies.

On Its Last Life

This is the end result of a vicious catfight that saw paws getting thrown and feeling getting hurt. The black feline felt the need to talk smack behind the orange cat’s back by referring to it as a “ginger”.

One thing led to another and word got back to orangey who took things into its own paws.

Crappy Tattoo

This is why you should never cheat on a tattoo artist before you’re about to get the total back tat. This girl’s boyfriend (the tattoo artist) found out she was cheating so instead of a scene from Narnia, which is what she wanted, she got a pile of poo.

The boyfriend was slapped with a $100,000 lawsuit after this, but it’s probably fair to assume he still thinks it’s worth it.

“No Parking”

This person in the car found out the hard way that the “No Parking” sign isn’t just a suggestion. These garbage men had a little bit of fun and blocked in the car with big bins, which isn’t exactly a devastating revenge but it gets the point across.

This is like the real-life version of Tetris if it smelt a little bit worse.

“I Wanted Starbucks Too”

All this pup wanted was its venti pumpkin spice latte with double milk, add two scoops of kibble. Unfortunately, its owner forgot the leash so it had to stay in the car, and payback was necessary.

Not only is it pooping in the car, its pooping in plain view of every passerby who now has a skewed view of what the interior of the car really smells like.

No Soliciting

It’s 7 pm, you just got home from work and are sitting down at the dinner table, only to hear a knock at the door. You open the door and see a couple of individuals trying to sell you a product or service that you have no intention of buying, yet they just won’t leave. It’s annoying and this sign resonates with us all.

Serious question though — what’s the success rate of going door-to-door?

“Get My Best Angles”

It’s well known that wedding photographers have short fuses. Don’t you DARE cut the cake before they say so, and don’t you DARE tell them to delete the picture of you tripping over your dress.

This guy obviously did one of those two no-nos (assuming the first one) and he’s paying the price for it now.

Fenced In

If you’ve never had a nosy neighbor that seems to ALWAYS be outside and lingering around the property, consider yourself lucky. You probably won’t understand wanting to fence in their garage like you see in this picture.

Doing this achieves a few moments of silence in the morning while you both leave for work, and those are precious moments.

“That’s The Breast Milk I’ve Ever Had”

Okay, this is just hilarious. The work fridge is an absolute liability and warzone to begin with. More fights occur outside of that fridge than even the most legendary boxing ring because it combines two ticking time bombs — hungry people, and food that’s not theirs.

This thief got all that they bargained for when they really didn’t want to eat dry cereal that day.

“I Washed Your Playstation”

When your boyfriend cheats on you with multiple different people, you’re obligated to hit him where it really hurts. This revenge is best served soapy, perhaps rightly so.

This puts a damper on his plans for the night as he had dreams of yelling at 12-year-olds on Call of Duty for “camping” and “spawn killing”.

An Eye For An Eye

These are the lessons that need to be taught in school. If someone takes a poo in your yard, it gives you automatic exemption from getting in trouble if you go over to their yard and take one too.

This is a no harm, no foul play. Sometimes revenge isn’t necessary but in this case and under these circumstances it actually is.

“You Can’t Cook”

This is how many of us react when someone makes fun of our cooking. When you cook for a large group of people it puts you in a very vulnerable position because you can either make or break everyone’s night.

If the food isn’t good your guests will have a tainted image of you for the rest of your life.

This Is Catty

How many times have you been trying to scroll down your Facebook feed in the midst of a massive FB creep session when your feline decides to come and sit right on the keyboard?

It just stares at you plotting your murder while also not allowing you to live the last moments of your life in peace before it takes you out.

I Found Your Dog

Look’s like a friend of Dave has had enough of Dave’s antics. The friend in question decided to have a little fun with his trouble-causing friend by having random strangers text him, demanding a monetary reward for finding the dog that Dave doesn’t even own!

We wonder how long it took before Dave stopped getting these anonymous text messages.

“Let’s Play A Game”

Looks like this neighbor was the wrong person to call the police on! Whatever that neighbor was doing to have someone call the authorities was probably completely unwarranted.

This neighbor exacted their revenge and they’re ready to go to passive aggressive war until the culprit mans up and confronts them like an adult.

We See You, Too

These people know that someone is creepily looking in on their private lives with the power of long-distance cameras.

Well, it looks like whoever is doing that chose the wrong people to spy on because they’re ready to call 911 and report this person as an all-time creeper!

Land Of The Lost Toilet Paper Tubes

Sometimes living with other people can be such a pain and when this is the case, your easily irritated roommate is the last person you want to mess with! Looks like someone in the house has no common sense to throw trash away, so one of their roommates decided to address the matter with a kind note.

However, it looks like the other roommate knows how to play this game.

If I Can’t Drink, No One Can

Looks like someone shouldn’t have thrown away this coworker’s drink without asking. Apparently that was enough for them to go over the edge and exact revenge on every other person in the office by throwing away all the beverages in the fridge.

If they can’t enjoy their drink, then no one can enjoy theirs either!

Don’t Mess With His Sister

Apparently, someone’s sister has a weird way of getting back at those who piss her off. This person’s sister got so mad that she decided to chop the bristles off of her sibling’s toothbrush!

If this isn’t a strange way to express how upset you are, we don’t know what is.

The Joy Of Public Transportation

Always remember to say “excuse me” if you bump into the person who posted this. When the lady pictured didn’t do so after bumping into his leg, he decided to get back at her by tieing her hair to the bus seat!

This is the last person you should want to act petty towards if you ever decide to act that way.

Revenge Is Priceless

Looks like Michael shouldn’t have cheated on his wife Jennifer because she took extreme measures to expose his dirty laundry to the world!

Not only did Jennifer spend almost $2,000 to confirm that her husband was a cheat, but she also used their hard earned money to publicly shame him.

That’s One Way To Kick Someone Out

Speaking of cheaters, this person caught their significant other in a lie and decided to oust the cheater from their life by incriminating their car and throwing all their belongings onto the lawn, free for anyone’s taking.

Who knows? This might have been Jennifer’s final goodbye to Michael.

“I Hope It Works Out”

They say that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and it looks like Timeshia is definitely the scorned woman in this situation. She is probably the last person you’d want to cheat on.

After she found out her husband impregnated another woman, she wasn’t shy about sharing their wonderful news in the local paper.

From Your Wife And Kids

Looks like Nikki knows that her husband Dave has a new girlfriend. Lucky for her, she will not be the one humiliated over the fact that her husband has soiled their marriage and disappointed their kids!

She was ahead of the game by taking all his money and leaving him to be free with his new girlfriend.

Never Park In A Spot That’s Not Yours

You should never park in a spot that isn’t yours because the person who is entitled to that spot will get incredibly passive aggressive with you.

They just might start leaving absurd notes on your car like you see here even if you’re impeding on said person’s spot by just an inch.

It Says “No Parking” For A Reason

Looks like someone doesn’t know how to follow street signs. Because they parked in a “no parking” zone, they got the worst (or possibly the best?) reminder that they shouldn’t leave their car there.

If anything, they’re just lucky that they didn’t get towed because this is actually a pretty fair punishment compared to what could happen.

There Are Lines For A Reason

It seems like some people just don’t know how to park nicely in a parking stall and this guy is a prime example of that. He overstepped the line so that his car is impeding on the stall in front of him.

Well, it looks like whoever did this has no patience for idiots who don’t know how to park properly. Good luck getting back in your car, buddy.

Why You Should Never Leave Your Facebook Open

It looks like this guy messed up by leaving his Facebook account open on his computer because once his significant other discovered it, she found out that he was playing her in the worst way!

Luckily, she got back at him by sending him on a special scavenger hunt.

Don’t Drink Susie’s Lemonade

Susie labeled the stuff in the fridge that belonged to her, but it seems as if her housemates don’t know how to read because they still drank her lemonade.

Well, she was prepared to get back at them by replacing the lemonade with a special surprise for anyone who doesn’t know how to read labels.

To That Neighbor Whose Dog Won’t Shut Up

Looks like someone has had enough of this person’s dog who seemingly barks without end. Instead of kindly asking the neighbor in person to control their pet, this person just decided to leave a kind note next to their front door in what looks like a permanent marker.

There’s one way to prove a point…

This Guy’s Son Knew What He Was Doing

Looks like this guy chose the wrong day to discipline his son because his son went on a banana-opening rampage and decided to open the ends of all the bananas in the house—and not eat a single one of them.

Now no one can enjoy fresh bananas and this guy knows what his son is capable of.

Nobody Likes PopTarts With No Frosting

Whoever decided to buy unfrosted PopTarts for the house clearly didn’t know what they were doing. Hardly anyone likes PopTarts that don’t have the frosting on top because at that point, what’s the point?

Whoever left this note clearly wasn’t having it and hopefully made their message clear enough for it to not happen again.

When The Toothfairy Forgets You

It looks like poor little Jennifer was forgotten by the tooth fairy once again and now she has no faith in this person. She still believes the tooth fairy is real since her brother’s teeth get collected, but somehow the tooth fairy can’t make time for Jennifer’s fallen teeth.

Jennifer was the wrong little girl to disappoint, Tooth Fairy, because she no longer needs your services.