People Who Ruffled The Feathers Of The Wrong Bird

We all try to live our lives with a certain amount of respect for the rest of the world. Sure, we have our usual routine that we would love to keep uninterrupted, but sometimes life happens. Bumps in the road come up, and things don’t always go as expected.

You can either roll with the punches or go out and do some punching. Now, I’m not condoning any kind of violence, but these people definitely weren’t about to let the ruffled feathers go unpunished.

Well, That’s Unfortunate

There’s a reason you’re not supposed to park in front of the fire hydrant and this picture is exhibit A. It probably would’ve been just as easy to go over the car, but the firefighters decided they wanted to take a more direct route.

Lesson learned here: Don’t piss off firefighters who have a job to do.