Kids That Are Definitely, Absolutely, Positively, Not Guilty In Any Way

One thing I learned pretty quickly after having kids is that you can’t have nice things. In fact, you really can’t have anything. The natural wonder that we love about children also means they have an incredible talent for wrecking things, and wrecking them good.

It’s honestly impressive how my kids continue to find new and improved ways to break, stain, and mess up everything in and outside the house. I didn’t even know kids had the strength to pull off a car’s rearview mirrors, but they continue to awe us with their creativity every day.

Even The Dog Is Selling You Out, Kid


They’re called man’s best friend, not little boy’s best friend. Honestly, the poor pup looks just as mad as whatever parent is standing behind the camera.

My dog wouldn’t come close to letting the kids draw on him. I bet this dog allowed it just to make sure they weren’t blamed.