If You’re Going To Ask For Help With Photoshop, Don’t Be Surprised When You Get EXACTLY What You Asked For

Photoshop is the gift that just keeps on giving. It’s the computer program that allows us to take our bland, boring vacation photos and jazz them up a bit. We can touch up our faces to look picture-perfect, or we can add something in the background to make our dream vacation really pop.

James Fridman @fjamie013, uses his talents in photoshop in a hilarious way. People are constantly asking him for his help, and he’s always willing to fulfill their requests. These people got EXACTLY what they asked for, and it’s pretty amazing.

Is It Really Just His Style?

This girl felt that her picture was ruined by the man’s “looks” in the background. Feeling that her picture shouldn’t be ruined by his style, she asked James to do something about the man to make the photo more appealing. In order to fix the man’s style, he simply dressed him just as the girl was dressed.

This may have caused her to reconsider her own style and maybe not be so judgmental towards other people.

Specifying Is Important

There are die-hard Harry Potter fans all over the world. Even years after the books and movies have concluded, Harry Potter still runs in their blood. This girl contacted James, hoping that he would be able to make some adjustments so that she could look like a Harry Potter character.

However, she did not specify whether she wanted to be a girl or boy or human for that matter. So, James decided that the house elf Dobby could be what she meant.

Creating Solidarity

Nobody wants to be the odd man out when it comes to fashion. This guy mistakenly wore shorts when the rest of his family wore pants while attending a concert. It wasn’t until he saw this picture that he looked out of place being the only person wearing shorts.

Feeling that he’d ruined the picture, he asked James to help him out and maybe put some pants on him. James did the exact opposite and gave the rest of his family extra-short shorts so he didn’t feel so left out.

Take My Hand

This guy reached out to James asking him to make it look like he and his girlfriend are holding hands in this picture. This begs the question if the two are actually even dating. Regardless, James took his request literally and now they’re both holding each other’s hands, technically.

What started out as a supposedly awkward picture was made just plain creepy by James’ Photoshop magic. Be careful what you wish for when asking James for a favor.

Ruthless On Both Parts

There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, but asking to make someone look bad using Photoshop is just plain rude. Yet, as it turns out, the girl’s plan backfired on herself. While she requested for him to make the other girl look bad but her look “grate,” the Photoshop master took her misspelling to heart.

This set James up for a great joke that was all the girl’s fault by actually looking like she had been grated.

Why Were Her eyes That Wide In The First Place?

These two lovebirds were having a romantic day at Disneyland when they decided to take a kissing selfie in front of the castle like everyone else at the park. Unfortunately, the girl’s eyes were wide open, almost like she was surprised he kissed her. After some help from James, her eyes are no longer a problem, that’s for sure.

The real question is why they needed James’ help in the first place. Couldn’t they have just taken another picture?

That’s Exactly What She Meant

Attempting to look like a Kardashian in any way is already a bold move. Asking James to make you look like “any of them” is just a mistake. Maybe if she specified which Kardashian she wanted to look like, she would have had better results.

Instead, James decided that her best bet of looking like one of the Kardashians was to transform her into Rob. We have to admit, he did a pretty convincing job, tattoos and all.

That’s What Happens When You’re Mean

James is not only a hilarious artist, but he also likes to deliver justice to those who send him mean requests. This girl requested to have a specific girl from the picture removed, not a very nice thing to do. So, James “took her out,” just as she asked.

He then sent back a picture of what looks like the two of them out on a romantic date in a foreign country. They look like they enjoyed each other’s company too.


This couple took a picture together but the man decided that he didn’t like the way the girl’s dress looked on her — he thought it was too short. So, he sent it into James to see if he could make some digital alterations and make it longer.

James obliged and made the dress longer except he took the girl out. He then told him to find a new girl that would be willing to wear it since apparently the girl in the picture wasn’t good enough for him.

Gets Them Every Time

In a world where people can’t seem to stay off of their phones, this girl had to go to the extreme of asking James to Photoshop her boyfriend so he looked interested in her. James thought of the perfect way to get any man’s attention and added a speech bubble saying that she was pregnant.

He then made the boyfriend look more than interested. Maybe she should try this in real life to get her boyfriend’s attention, it will probably work.

Telling It How It Is

This girl can’t see why her friend looks so troubled when he’s around her. After reaching out to James, he made it very clear why her friend looks the way he does. He’s clearly been friend-zoned which is a position that nobody wants to be in.

How can he act happy when he’s dying on the inside? Hopefully, James opened her eyes and maybe she gave her friend the shot that he’s been waiting for.

An Interesting Request

Clearly this woman cares a lot about status, and her boyfriend isn’t giving her what she wants. So, she asked James to make her boyfriend rich. We’re not entirely sure what she means by this, but we’re assuming she meant to make him look rich.

If that’s the case, her boyfriend should probably move on and find someone like his him for who he is. Of course, James came up with a clever way to technically satisfy her request and slapped a “Richard” name tag on his shirt. Take that.

Now He’s Really Interested

Sometimes, brothers just aren’t amused by their sisters. While the girl looks like she’s having a grand old time, posing for the camera, the brother is preoccupied with his phone. So, when the girl asked for some helped to make her brother seem like he’s having a good time, James worked his magic.

By adding an attractive girl to the picture and turning her brother’s head, it looks like he couldn’t be any happier than he is in that moment. Probably not what she was looking for but the brother looks happy!

Anything For His Fans

When this woman asked for James to clean the walls for her, she should have known that was exactly what he was going to do. Instead of touching up the look of the walls like she intended, James just added himself into the photo to look like he was scrubbing the walls.

This woman should be appreciative that James was willing to do manual labor in order to fulfill her request. Those walls can’t be easy to clean either!

Like He Was Never There

While this woman was taking what looks like a new profile picture, she was photo bombed by a runner in the background. She didn’t like this one bit, and looked to James to edit him out completely.

James decided to help her out, and rather than making him disappear, he camouflaged the runner in the background to look like a fire hydrant. While James may have been proud of his work, it’s likely that the woman wasn’t satisfied.

Kissing A What?

We’re not entirely sure why a girl would want to be kissing a dinosaur rather than her boyfriend, but she seems pretty set on the idea. She even knows which kind of dinosaur she wants to kiss. Instead of switching the boyfriend out with a dinosaur entirely, James stretched out her boyfriend’s face to make him look like some strange looking dinosaur.

The boyfriend got the short end of the stick twice in this photo. First, his girlfriend wished he was a dinosaur, and then James turned him into one.

Problem Solved

When it comes to a profile picture, it is important that people know which person is you especially if it’s a group picture. Instead of cropping the other two out, he asked James to make it clear which person was him. James made sure that nobody would ever mistake whose profile it was and Photoshopped his face on the other two people.

While this may have been annoying for the person that sent this in, we think it’s the most effective profile picture that we’ve ever seen.

That’s Embarrassing

This girl made two critical mistakes when reaching out to James for help. First, it’s probably not a good idea to lie to your friends and tell them you went to Europe when you didn’t. That’s a pretty big lie to tell. Her next mistake had to do with her spelling.

Not only did she spell Photoshop wrong, but calling the Eiffel Tower the “Eyefall Tower” was setting herself up for James to make something creative. Technically, she got exactly what she asked for. We wonder if she showed it to her friends?

The Weasley Family

When this guy asked to help James make him fit in with his family, we assume that he meant to move him closer to the group instead of being on the outskirts of the picture. James interpreted what he meant differently, and gave the rest of his family red hair so that he would no longer be the only “ginger” in the family.

James even gave the baby a little red hair so that everyone in the family is matching!

No Match For A Goose

We’re not sure why this guy wanted to make it look like he was fighting a goose, but everybody has their reasons. While James could have made the picture look like an even fight, he decided to make it seem like the goose pile drove this guy into the ground with little effort.

This makes sense, because that’s what the goose looks like it wants to do in the original picture. We wonder if James has ever had an encounter with a goose before which inspired his work on this picture?

The Hero Of Our Own Story

Everybody wishes that they could be an action hero of some kind. This guy felt that if he couldn’t be one in real life than at least James and his Photoshop skills could help. So, he asked James to add some drama to make it look like he was jumping away from an explosion or something.

Of course, James added his own twist to this person’s request, and turned their picture into something that could be considered a meme.

We Would Run For Our Lives Too

We wonder what this girl’s friend was expecting when she asked James to add in something “scary.” What defines scary is pretty subjective, so it looks like we know what scares James more than anything else, the Teletubbies.

While most people might have added a dinosaur or some kind of scary creature, James felt that Teletubbies would be the most effective addition to this picture. We have to admit, while we might have loved these characters when we were younger, there’s no doubt they look quite scary now.

Awkward, But Attached

Apparently, the kid in the orange thought that his head didn’t look like it was attached to his body, making the picture look weird. While all James had to do was push his head back towards his shoulders, he took a different approach.

He made it very clear that his head was attached to his body, however, he made the photo more awkward than anyone could have ever imagined. Hopefully, the kid took the joke well.

That’s Better

Acting like something big is sitting in the palm of your hand has been going on since tourists first got their hands on cameras. Usually, these are take in front of the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but a mountain in Greece can work as well.

It’s clear that this girl failed in her attempt to look like she was holding up the mountain and asked for James’ help. James granted her wish and made it look like she was holding the mountain, kind of.

Only In His Dreams

If you’re going to ask somebody to Photoshop a girl into the empty chair next to you, James probably isn’t your best option. He’s known to be particularly ruthless, so this level of desperation is setting yourself up for disaster.

Once again, James did what he was asked to do, except in the funniest and most ironic way possible. Chances are that James’ help didn’t convince this guy’s friends that he actually had a girlfriend.

Told You Guys I Got A New Whip

One of the worst things that you can do when asking James for a favor is tell him that you’re lying to your friends. This makes him want to do you no favors and he will most likely go out of his way to ruin your photo. Another thing that you need to avoid is misspelling.

Saying “pet” instead of “put” led to James changing his body out with a dog’s and a random hand giving him a nice pet. At least he got his Bugatti!

And Action!

Sometimes, people at weddings can get a little out of control. Maybe there’s an open bar, or they’re just really excited for the celebration. That being said, some wedding pictures can be ruined by one person maybe having a little too much fun.

That’s the case for this particular picture. Looks like somebody that had a little too much to drink is trying to perform the sprinkler dance move, ruining the picture. So, to fix the problem, he made the dancer look like a camera man, and it’s pretty convincing.

Ask And You Shall Receive

Looking young can be frustrating for some people, especially when you’re trying to be taken seriously. This guy looks like he’s trying to be as professional as possible, but his young face is holding him back.

So, he asked James if he could tack on a few years to make him appear a little bit older. Unsurprisingly, he got more than he bargained for and now looks like he could be in his 40s rather than 20s.

A Joke And A Life Lesson

When it comes to James’ work, sometimes he doesn’t only like to make jokes, but also likes to give life lessons. When this guy asked for James to remove he and his girlfriend’s sunburns, James got to work.

He added sunscreen to their faces to cover the burns and told them to distribute it evenly on their faces. Not only did he do what he asked, but also showed them how to avoid this problem from happening again.

Makes More Sense This Way

There’s no clear explanation as to what is going on in this picture. One person is wearing a tinfoil hat and the other a plastic bag. Yet, what they’re most concerned about is that they are both looking in the same direction in the picture. Apparently, that matters, so they asked James to make a few adjustments.

Making both of their eyes look in different directions not only fulfilled their request but also gave the situation a little more context. Maybe they were just trying to be as weird as possible.

Hungry For Love

A man named Oleg wanted James to make him look like he was on the Titanic. All Oleg wants is find the Rose to his Jack. He told James that he wanted to find his other half because he is “hungry for love.”

Well, James certainly did what he could in both respects. Oleg did say that he was hungry and that’s why James superimposed Oleg in front of the Titanic Cafe. We hope this satisfied Oleg’s hunger!

When You Want To Go To Space

This girl sent James a photo of herself with the hopes that he’d fulfill her dream of going to outer space by photo-shopping her out there. At least, we only assume that she meant outer space because all she said was “space.”

Looks like James delivered on precisely what she asked for because he photo-shopped her into the space bar of a keyboard. Close enough. Looks like she should probably hold on to that dream still.

Filling In The Spaces

Those who’ve been in a relationship probably have had those moments where you take a romantic picture with your S.O. but it isn’t quite right. This woman decided to ask James for a little help with that problem by asking her to make it look like she wasn’t sitting on the edge of the bench.

You’d think that he’d move both of them over to the right of the bench a little bit, but James went ahead and just moved her over instead.

Making Things More Realistic

These people were told that it looked like they were on the set of Jurassic Park and whoever said that wasn’t entirely wrong. So they decided to go for the full effect and asked James if he could add some dinosaurs into the picture.

They should have been a little more specific about where they wanted the dinosaurs to be, because James did what he could with what he was given and just put dinosaur costumes on them!

Come A Little Closer

Seeing the Hollywood sign for the first time is incredible no matter where you’re from. Many tourists love to take pictures in front of it to prove that they’ve seen it and we don’t blame them. But sometimes these pictures don’t come out how we’d like because of our vantage points.

When this young lady asked James to bring the sign a little closer to her, he was happy to oblige. Unfortunately, he brought her very close to the sign.

It Might Come In Handy

This girl loved the selfie she took, but felt that her hand was ruining the entire picture’s aesthetic. She asked James if he could remove her hand from her face, but he can only do so much with what he’s given.

Instead he photo-shopped her into a crowded bus scene, so it at least looks like her hand has a reason to be in the photo. It may not be what she asked for, but why do girls randomly put their hands in pictures like that anyway?

Polish Me Up, Please!

This guy just wanted his nice photo to look a little more polished up for the ladies. Simple enough request, but leave it to James to take that request in a different direction. He did sort of “polish” it up and by that we mean he made the picture a little more “Polish” as in, “from the country of Poland.”

James actually did a pretty good job and we’re sure this guy was still able to catch a few glances from the ladies.

Which Way Do I Look?

The blonde in the middle of this picture asked James to help her get back on good terms with her friend on the left. Apparently the friend on the left actually got mad that she looked at the young lady on the right instead of her!

James isn’t here to mediate any cat fights, but he did try to help out. He made it look like the girl on the right was holding a mirror! We hope this settled the bad blood.

Chasing Waterfalls

This guy really appreciates nature, which is why he asked James if he could make it look like the waterfall was closer and bigger. As we’ve seen with the young lady and the Hollywood sign, you’re probably going to get exactly what you asked for.

Hilariously, James certainly delivered on this one! He really did make the waterfall look bigger and closer to the subject, but that involved putting the young man right up in the action!

Go For It

This guy was smart and knew that no matter what he asked for, James was going to find some way to make it silly. That’s why this young man told James that he could do whatever he wanted to this photo of himself.

James’s Photoshop freestyle isn’t actually half bad, we must admit. He decided to make it look like the girl on the young man’s shirt took his photo and put it on another shirt. Shirt-ception!