If You’re Going To Ask For Help With Photoshop, Don’t Be Surprised When You Get EXACTLY What You Asked For

Photoshop is the gift that just keeps on giving. It’s the computer program that allows us to take our bland, boring vacation photos and jazz them up a bit. We can touch up our faces to look picture-perfect, or we can add something in the background to make our dream vacation really pop.

James Fridman @fjamie013, uses his talents in photoshop in a hilarious way. People are constantly asking him for his help, and he’s always willing to fulfill their requests. These people got EXACTLY what they asked for, and it’s pretty amazing.

Is It Really Just His Style?

This girl felt that her picture was ruined by the man’s “looks” in the background. Feeling that her picture shouldn’t be ruined by his style, she asked James to do something about the man to make the photo more appealing. In order to fix the man’s style, he simply dressed him just as the girl was dressed.

This may have caused her to reconsider her own style and maybe not be so judgmental towards other people.