If You’re Broke AF, Take Some Notes From These Fake Friends

If you’re out here in this world and down to your last penny, this is the article for you. Sure, you might not learn how to run a Fortune 500 company or find inner peace, but if you’re looking for ways to fake your way through life, we’ve got you covered.

Not everyone can be living the high life, but with some minor tweaks to your everyday life, you can be stunting on everyone on IG in no time.

Better Than The Big Baller Brand

Nike has been a popular sports company for decades. For the ones who are too broke for a pair of Nike socks, a black sharpie comes in handy. Nobody will tell the difference between the real ones and the ones you drew on your own.

Most people would get this over the Big Baller Brand anyway.

Saving $500 On A New Couch

Redneck engineering at its finest. They probably had their dog rummage through the couch looking for their bone. As a result, man’s best friend is at fault for this disaster. The chair is an okay replacement, but that wouldn’t be comfortable to sit on.

Cushions aren’t that expensive either.

Dollar Store Doesn’t Exist

Believe it or not, I went two years without a pizza cutter. It wasn’t because of insufficient funds, it was because we forgot to buy one.

This doesn’t look that trustworthy since the cutter is from the top of a can. If this can slice up pizza evenly, it works.

One Way To Save Money On A New Side Mirror

Trust your instincts. It’s obvious that their “engineering degree” from university finally paid off. In fact, this work would put a mechanic to shame since they never would do that themselves.

Either way, that saves them a trip to the auto shop as they can do this for the price of $5.

This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

You know what? Spray painting the small car gold would have been better. When it comes to cars, there are two types of people.

The one who has a nice car and paid a lot of money for it, and then you have the other one who pretends to be rich like Kanye.

Nice Try

You need a lot of money to even consider a trip to the Olympics. These boys clearly didn’t have the cash themselves so they did this. As real as it looks, they did a great job at fooling their friends on social media.

Hopefully, they don’t get called out for it.

“Hard Work Pays Off”

See folks, if you fake it hard enough in life, you can show it off like you worked your butt off for it. Whoever did this is probably embarrassed by the actual vehicle they drive. Instead, they use the Mercedes-Benz logo.

Don’t forget to spell your name wrong on the Starbucks cup!

Shopping Is Tough These Days

This is so much like buying a used car over a new one. Better yet, this works for when you’re shopping for a new pair of sunglasses, especially if it’s a pair of Ray Ban’s you always wanted.

But for now, you’re too broke so you have to pretend you’re interested in buying it.

New Travelling Plans For The Summer

The poor person’s traveling log. They are spending their days on social media platforms instead of soaking up the sun. Hopefully, they updated their Soundcloud account to Spotify or else that could be a disaster.

The best part about it is they don’t need a passport for this kind of stuff.

Who Needs A Shower Head These Days?

Apparently, from the looks of it, water bottles work too. Instead of thinking this a cheap shower head, think of it as a life hack that’s right in front of your eyes.

Not even Thomas Edison could have thought of this hack, but it would be better to buy a real shower head instead.

Frat House Furniture

We promise you that these chairs were likely found behind a dumpster. Four college students had too much to drink and they found this on there walk home. Think about it — this was free and much better than having to spend hundreds on real furniture anyways.

Their parent’s reaction would be priceless when they see this.

Mini Fridges Aren’t Worth It

Honestly, it’s true. As clever as this is, beers do get cold much faster in the snow. If you get caught in a power outage during the middle of winter, the snow is the best resort for this.

The best part about this snow fridge is that they shaped the snow into shelves.

Counterfeit Dolla Bills, Y’all

American bills are so easy to counterfeit these days. Imagine working at Wendy’s and getting a counterfeit. You wouldn’t even know the difference between real and fake.

Just hope that your manager doesn’t find out, but they probably fell victim to this at one point in their lifetime too.

Too Poor For High Pants

We’ve been through this before, going to the mall just to browse and look at clothes when we’re too cheap to afford it. One girl has the dream of buying high pants, but they don’t even come close to fitting her. At least she got try them on.

Maybe if she wins the lottery, she can buy more than one pair.


Money doesn’t always buy happiness. These girls clearly want money over boys any day. It’s sassy shirts like this that should unite all broke people everywhere.

We have to work hard to earn money, so why can’t we get money to fall into our laps whenever we want?

Last Minute Idea When The Shower Curtain Can’t Hang Properly

Not sure about you, but this doesn’t look promising. You could just picture the fact that hangers won’t keep the shower curtain up. Even with something like this, the curtain doesn’t even cover the whole shower.

This would not be a good shower to use after a long day of work.

The Struggle Is Way Too Real With This

Okay, we know what the bags are for, but this is the life of a broke college student. They are living off sandwiches during exams and it happened just before the holiday break.

Out of money and no groceries, this student is saving every piece of their sandwich for truly desperate times.

You Aren’t Fooling Anybody

Scammers are out there and we don’t realize it. They’re the kind of people who like to make cheap sports jerseys for a decent price too. But really, you aren’t fooling anybody with this bootleg edition of “Pokemon”.

If Blockbuster was still around, they wouldn’t allow this to happen.

I Dare You To Go To Starbucks

Seriously, do it. Pay for your friend like $50 and make them order a frappucino. Once they get their order, they can sit down with the laptop. Can you imagine the reaction on people’s faces?

They’ll look at you like you’re weird, but they won’t realize you’re the one mocking them.

Vases Are Expensive. Mariana Jars? Not So Much

Vases aren’t worth buying these days, so why not do a simple DIY project like this that you can easily find it on Pinterest? Heck, you can even go to the Dollar Store and buy any mason jars to put flowers in.

To make it look even cooler, paint some designs on the jars.