Hilarious Pregnancy Announcements That Make Us Hope Funny Bones Run In The Family

Social media has really made us up our pregnancy announcement game. Before the internet, you’d just call up your family and friends and the telephone chain would do the rest of the work. Nowadays, couples have found the most hilarious, inventive, and incredibly unique ways of sharing their exciting news!

These expecting parents have coupled their love of cars, superheroes, and even video games with their love for their children. These pregnancy announcements are unforgettable, inspiring, and downright funny.

Read Up For The New Pup


Studies have shown that young couples are increasingly buying houses so they can have a backyard for their dog. Basically, that means couples are using their dogs as testing grounds for having a kid.

Seriously, if you can handle the responsibility of a puppy, kids are the next natural step. We think he’ll be the best big (dog) brother ever.