Hilarious Pictures That Prove Kids Can Sleep Anywhere

Kids can fall asleep in the weirdest positions. I swear, a group of kids could fall asleep playing a game of Twister. I will never understand how one minute they can be sitting up, eating some cake, and the next minute they’re just totally asleep.

I have to put on a podcast, make the room completely dark, and have at least three pillows behind my head if I’m going to have any chance of catching some Z’s.

Even The President Couldn’t Keep This Kid Awake

Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube
Photo Credit: BossDT / YouTube

Remember when Barak Obama was president and we weren’t constantly being kept awake by a… let’s say an exciting (or excitable) man in the White House?

This kid was obviously bored by whatever was going on at this dinner. At least Barak looks like he’s having a good time.