Dads Who Definitely Love The Dog More Than Their Wife

Everyone knows that the dads and husbands of the world are the most stubborn people alive. They will refuse to try a tomato for years no matter what it’s cooked in. They’re so stubborn they even sleep with their arms crossed.

Dads are usually also the ones who refuse to get a family pet. They always want nothing to do with “that dang dog!” Well, we all know that even the most stubborn dad can’t resist the power of a puppy. These men tried to fight the cuteness, but in the end, they proved dogs truly are man’s best friend. Don’t tell their wives that though.

“It Better Not Mess Up My Morning Routine”

It’s a little bit ridiculous to see a dog weaseling its way into your husband’s morning routine like this. On any other day, you wouldn’t dare even ask him a question while he’s enjoying his morning newspaper.

dad dogs 18

The dog now not only gets his undivided morning attention, but he has managed to sneak a spot on the La-Z-Boy.

“Do You Know How Dirty That Mouth Is”

This is taking the phrase “do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” to a whole new level. We’re not sure this man’s wife will be happy to cuddle up after a game night when she sees him doing this with the dog.

dad dogs 25

Maybe she’ll have to send them both out to the doghouse.

“Don’t Even Think About Getting Me An IPad Either”

This dad knows he’s been bamboozled. He tried to avoid updating his technology for year and he tried to avoid getting a dog for years. Then one crazy Christmas and boom, he’s now stuck with both.

We all know he’ll never admit how much he loves both of his new gifts.

“The Dog Can’t Disturb Me While I Work”

This dad might have said he didn’t want a puppy, but he didn’t say anything about not wanting a new work apprentice. Now, it’s a win-win for everyone.

The family gets a new dog, and this dad gets a best friend to hang out with while he continuously starts and doesn’t finish projects around the house.

“You’re Going To Have To Train It”

Most dads out there will finally cave to getting a dog on one condition: they’re not the ones responsible for doing the hard work of training it.

Then, of course, the puppy comes home and dad is the only one it listens to. Suddenly your husband is making an Excel spreadsheet to track the dog’s training progress.

“As Long As It Doesn’t Get Spoiled”

The sight of your husband manicuring the dog is hilarious until you start wondering why you don’t get treated this nicely. If he’s got these skills, why isn’t he using them on you?

You’re lucky if you get a gift card to the local spa for your birthday, but Peppers here gets a weekly Swedish massage and manicure.

“The Dog Stays Out Of Our Bed”

He may not have realized it at the time, but all the money he invested into a fancy new duel-side reclining mattress with European pocket coils and a foam topper wasn’t for him — it was for the dog.

dad dogs 4

Now both he and Mr. Muffins can get a good night’s sleep while his wife stays in the guest room.

“Don’t Even Think About Buying Clothes For The Dog”

If you think the dog won’t end up in goofy Christmas costumes or matching family sweaters then think again.

dad dogs 26

Every dad tries to resist but when you’re walking through Petco and you spot a Hawaiian shirt that just happens to match yours perfectly, then there’s no way to say “no.”

“We Can Get A Dog But It Stays In The Dog House”

This is definitely not what this dad thought when he told his family they could get a dog if it stayed outside. Fast-forward a few years and he realized a true queen needs a castle to look over her subjects from.

dad dogs 17

It’s a bold move though because now his wife will be expecting her own new castle.

“The Dog Is Going To Distract Me”

It can’t be easy being a working dog dad. After you’ve raised your own kid successfully, then raising a dog while eating right, scheduling meetings, and exercising should be a piece of cake.

dad dogs 1

This dad showed us all that it’s absolutely possible to succeed in life with a pug on your shoulder.

“It Will Be Too Overwhelming With The Kids”

Worrying that having a dog and a kid at the same time is too hard is completely valid. That is until you realize that deep down, kids and dogs are basically the exact same.

dad dogs 28

They both use their cuteness to get out of trouble, they both need to be potty trained, and both will sit for snacks.

“It’s Your Responsibility To Walk Them”

Not only did this dad completely cave and agree to walk the dog, but he’s hand-made a contraption to walk one and bring the other along for the ride.

We can’t tell who is happier — the dog in the rolling milk crate, or the dad who is showing off his invention to the neighborhood.

“Ok Fine, But The Dog Can’t Go On The Couch”

Technically, the dog isn’t on the couch. It’s on dad… who is on the couch. Getting a dog always means starting out with really strict rules. You might think that the dog will never get leftovers or never go on the couch, but we all know the truth.

Actually, this man’s wife is probably the only one who knew the truth but as usual, he didn’t listen.

“I’m Not Going To Stoop To Their Level”

This is the face of a man who didn’t expect his wife to walk in on him with not one, but two other women. Caught in the act, there’s nothing left to do but admit you love the dog more than your wife.

dad dogs 6

Let’s face it, as soon as you commit to sitting down on the kitchen floor with the dogs, you’re hooked.

“It’s A Dog, It Has Fur, It Doesn’t Need A Coat”

This is definitely the type of dad who said that his dog would never wear any clothes. Then the winter months hit and the choices were to either cave and buy the dog a coat, or be the dog’s coat.

dad dogs 7

When the options are spending money or permanently cuddling the dog, the choice is obvious.

“I’m The Only One Allowed On The New Recliners”

This is favoritism at its finest. Every dad has that one chair or spot on the couch that absolutely no one else in the family is even allowed to think about sitting on.

dad dogs 9

Apparently, all those rules are thrown out the window when it comes to a dog. But who has control of the remote?

“It Has To Lay At Our Feet”

One minute he’s telling you that you can finally get a dog but that he’ll have absolutely nothing to do with it, and the next minute you walk in to find him researching personalized dog beds.

dad dogs 10

They both look pretty guilty here, but you can’t blame the dog for wanting to supervise which bed she gets.

“I’m Not Going To Act Like A Fool Just Because You Get A Puppy”

When will men learn that puppies and newborns are the two things in life that are just so overwhelmingly adorable there’s no point in resisting the charm?

dad dogs 11

The look a new father has when they see a cute baby is the same way they act when they’re around a puppy. It’s like being a giddy child all over again.

“She’s Not Going To Change My Golf Schedule Though”

Every dad thinks that even though there’s a new puppy in the house, they’re still going to go about their dad business like nothing is different. Wrong.

dad dogs 13

You’ll have to cancel at least two rounds of golf a week to keep up with your insane desire to cuddle the puppy.

“I Don’t Want One Of Those Small Dogs You Have To Carry”

It’s not uncommon to hear men who think small dogs are girly because they can technically fit in a purse and be carried around. Then you convince him to get a big dog so that doesn’t happen and you still walk into the backyard to see this.

dad dogs 15

Whether they’re 8 pounds or 80 pounds, dads will still carry their dog if it means cuddling them more.

“Okay But He Definitely Can’t Eat At The Table”

Almost every dog owner will start out by saying that the dog is absolutely not allowed at the dinner table and that there will be no begging. Almost everyone else in the family knows that’s a lie.

dad dogs 16

The point of a dog is to have a portable vacuum cleaner that will clear off your Brussels sprouts when you don’t want them.

“It Had Better Not Bother Me After A Long Day”

At first, a dog might seem like another thing to tend to after a long day but we know the truth. Dogs can actually calm you down and help you forget about a long day.

dad dogs 12

This dad didn’t even change out of his work clothes before getting right down into his yoga corpse pose with his furry best friend.

“I’m Not Sharing The IPad”

If there’s one thing any modern dad today loves, it’s his iPad. It looks like it didn’t take long for this dad to replace watching television with his wife for watching his iPad with the dog.

dad dogs 20

If his wife is going to expect any alone time she’s going to have to get rid of one… we suggest the iPad.

“The Dog Doesn’t Get Its Own Christmas Present”

Whenever you suggest getting the dog a gift for Christmas, dads love to say “I give them a place to sleep every day, that’s enough of a gift.” The truth is that dads are always the ones who spoil the puppy the most.

Everyone else will agree to no gifts but dad decides on Christmas that the dog can go on the couch and have turkey leftovers.

“It Has To Sit In The Back Of The Truck”

Dogs love to sit up in the front seat and see everything that is going on. There’s no way this dad could last very long trying to keep the new puppy in the backseat. How are you supposed to cuddle mid-drive if they aren’t sitting beside you?

Good luck to this man when he tries to tell his wife to sit in the backseat.

“He’d Better Not Tear A Hole In The Hammock”

Dads are always so worried about their favorite things being ruined by the dog. This man was probably so sure letting the dog on the hammock would spell disaster.

dad dogs 14

It didn’t take long for them to realize life is so much better when you just let the dog join in on the fun.

“I’m Still Having My Daily Nap”

Nothing gets between a middle-aged man and his afternoon nap. Well, nothing except for their new puppy. This is truly a match made in heaven.

dad dogs 22

There’s nothing in the world that loves a good mid-day nap more than a dad except a tired puppy. If the comfiest place happens to be on his face, and not the couch, then so be it.

“It Won’t Control My Entire Life”

This dad is a jewelry maker who quickly found out that he can love his job and his dogs at the same time. Nothing says “obsessed with my dog” like hand-crafting your own custom jewelry pieces of their face.

Hopefully, he made a matching one for his wife, or else she’s going to be upset that the dog got a new ring before she did.

“They Can’t Get In The Way Of My Camping Trip”

All dogs big or small have survived the great outdoors at one point, so who’s to say they can’t do it alongside their dad? It looks like dad’s going to have to order a special dog-sized tent.

Chihuahuas might not be the best camping partners, but these two look perfectly happy ruffing it in the great outdoors.

“I’m Not Going To Smile At It”

Have you ever seen a greater look of love than this dog and dad? This man didn’t even expect to have his cold heart instantly melted by such a fluffy good boy.

dad dogs 29

One thing dogs have the incredible ability to do is make any Grinch’s heart grow three sizes that day.