Dads Who Definitely Love The Dog More Than Their Wife

Everyone knows that the dads and husbands of the world are the most stubborn people alive. They will refuse to try a tomato for years no matter what it’s cooked in. They’re so stubborn they even sleep with their arms crossed.

Dads are usually also the ones who refuse to get a family pet. They always want nothing to do with “that dang dog!” Well, we all know that even the most stubborn dad can’t resist the power of a puppy. These men tried to fight the cuteness, but in the end, they proved dogs truly are man’s best friend. Don’t tell their wives that though.

“It Better Not Mess Up My Morning Routine”

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It’s a little bit ridiculous to see a dog weaseling its way into your husband’s morning routine like this. On any other day, you wouldn’t dare even ask him a question while he’s enjoying his morning newspaper.

The dog now not only gets his undivided morning attention, but he has managed to sneak a spot on the La-Z-Boy.