These Ladies Of A Certain Age Must Be Taking Style Cues From Aunty Acid

Our dear Aunty Acid has a full head of fluffy pink hair. We love her for it. It takes a good amount of sass and confidence to walk around with a mop like that on your head. These ladies must be taking pointers from our acerbic aunty because they all have decided that they want their luscious locks to be colorful too.

Keep reading to see some ladies who know that it’s never too late to embrace color. What do you think about these vibrant looks?

Blue Hair, Don’t Care

This look is edgy and soft at the same time. The pastel colors and pink-on-pink outfit make the whole look rather cheery, but that cropped blue hair is bringing the perfect amount of fierceness.

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Can we talk about those pink fingerless gloves? This lady is proving that you’re never too old to experiment with color.

Lady In Red

Who says you’re too old to have bright red hair? As far as I’m concerned, the brighter, the better. I’m into the whole bondage vibe of her outfit, too. It’s kind of like Victorian lady meets dungeon master.

I don’t know if it’s your cup of tea, but she’s just being herself and that’s all that matters.

Steely, Yet Subtle

At first glance, you might not notice anything out of the ordinary about this steely blue flowy hairstyle. It almost looks like this lady just has regular grey or silver hair.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

But then you look again and you realize that her long locks have a hint of blue in them.

Who Is Her Stylist?

Um, excuse me? How did this lady get the perfect layered blue and purple look? This is a hairstyle that could make Queen Elsa jealous. Move out of the way Elsa, there’s a new ice queen in town.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

I like that her hair perfectly matches her outfit. It’s almost too cool.

Work Hard, Get Strong

Who knew that stark white hair could make such a statement? I’m also loving the mermaid vibes the lady on the right is giving me. Her hair is a perfect mermaid blue and her leotard almost looks like scales.

The best part of this picture is that these women are fit as heck.

A Real Rainbow

I’m not sure how a person even achieves a hairstyle like this, but I have to say, I kind of love it. This woman looks like she feels so comfortable in her own skin.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

Why have one color when you can have seven? Isn’t more always better? That blue fringe is to die for.

A Galactic Ombre

I love how this lady’s hair slowly transitions from blue to purple. Where I come from, we call that an ombre effect.


Everything about this woman’s look is blue and purple, from her hair, to her shirt, to her necklace, to her lipstick. I think the blue hair really brings out her eyes.

A Feathered Friend

This lady’s hair rivals her chicken’s mohawk. These two look like they’re the best of friends. Honestly, I can’t tell who’s more stylish— the chicken or the woman.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

I guess it doesn’t have to be a competition. They can both be fierce. Purple looks good on everybody. Also, I kind of want to hug a chicken now.

A Secret Rainbow

The top layer of this lady’s hair just looks like regular brown hair. It’s only when she ties it back or when the wind blows that you can see the rainbow underneath.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

I love the idea of a secret rainbow. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of color.

A Magenta Goddess

I wonder if this lady always matches her lip color to her hair color? I also love all the bold patterns she’s wearing on her scarf and her glasses and her ring.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

This woman is a walking kaleidoscope and I’m definitely not mad about it. Why be boring when you can be purple?

Ladies Who Color Together, Stay Together

I love that these women have matched their hair to each other’s outfits. I can’t tell if they look like Oompa Loompas or a bag of those delicious pastel mints, but either way, I’m into it.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

Which of these hair colors is your favorite? Honestly, I’m a sucker for pink.

No Hair, Don’t Care

Ok, I’m sure these ladies do actually have hair, but you just can’t see it because they’ve tucked it away under these gorgeous bathing caps.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

If you don’t want to color your hair, you could always opt for a colorful and flowery hat of some sort. I hear wigs are a pretty good option too.

Fabulous And Flaming

This lady has gone for an ombre red to yellow effect and I think it looks stunning. I don’t know if I’d ever be brave enough to pull off a look this bold, but I’m glad that this lady is rocking the red.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

I’m going to put this hairstyle on my to-do list.

Is This Too Purple?

That is the brightest purple I have ever seen. How does one even get a hair color this bright? That is a bold choice, ma’am, and I certainly respect you for it.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

I wonder how many hair colors this lady has tried out in her lifetime. More than you, I bet.

A Softer Purple

This purple is more my speed. Yeah, a Barney purple makes an impact, but this smokey, silvery purple is its own kind of classy.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

I think this color would look good on pretty much everybody. Are you brave enough to give it a try? I think purple is the new blonde.

Hellen Mirren Brings The Heat

Remember when Hellen Mirren had pink hair? No? I didn’t either. I think she looks great with pink hair. This photo was taken back in 2013, and Hellen has since gone back to blonde.

Photo by Indigo/Getty Images
Photo by Indigo/Getty Images

Maybe she’ll bring the pink hair back one day. Or maybe she’ll try a different color.

Living The Dip-Dyed Life

We haven’t seen a dip-dyed hairstyle on this list yet. Check out this silver and blue combo. This lady is actually a hairstylist, so she knows what she’s doing when it comes to color.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

I don’t know if this kind of dye job would suit me, but this lady is rocking it like she was born that way.

A Pink Poof

This woman’s hair looks like cotton candy, and honestly, that’s way too confusing for me. I don’t want to be tempted to eat grandma’s hair.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

Sorry, I’m all for pink hair, but this is just too delicious looking to be acceptable. She looks like some kind of cartoon villain.

A Pop Of Color

I think this lady has figured out the best way to get some color into your hair. A little pop of pink is all you really need.

I like how she’s posing with those pineapples though. It’s very Instagram chic. This woman looks like she’s ready to party (and maybe make a fruit salad).

Electric Yellow

You don’t need to have much hair to have a very cool, colorful hairstyle. Check out this lady, who’s complementing her short yellow mohawk with some fiery red sunglasses.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

I’m also loving this woman’s multiple ear piercings. the whole look is very edgy in the best way possible.

Think Pink

I love the way this lady has pink dispersed throughout her hair. It makes for a softer, more lived-in effect. Also, that furry coat is amazing. I just want to reach through my screen and pet it.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

I hope it isn’t real fur, though. Let’s leave real fur on real animals.

A Bold Choice

If the pink in the previous photo was soft and subtle, this pink is anything but. This woman looks like a highlighter wrapped in a black coat.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

Her makeup is almost as bold as her hair color. This lady is just out here proving that you don’t have to be young to be daring.

Take All My Money

I would pay somebody hundreds of dollars if they could get my hair to look like this. I wouldn’t mind if you could get my cheekbones to look like her’s while you’re at it.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

That is the most gorgeous red color I have ever seen. It’s so shiny! She looks like a character right out of a sci-fi movie.

Flame Princess

Have you ever wanted to look like an actual candle? I’m pretty sure that this lady got her style inspiration from an actual candle.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

Did you notice that her eyebrows are dyed orange too? Now that’s some serious commitment. Never forget to dye your eyebrows, people. Eyebrows are important too.

Purple And Silver

Clearly, purple and silver go together like peanut butter and jelly. I love how the multiple tones in her hair play off of each other.

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

This woman is a style queen and we should all walk through life as confidently as she does. Could you please pass me the purple hair dye?

Vivienne Westwood Is Iconic

Vivienne Westwood knows a thing or two about style. For a while, she was rocking this bright orange hairstyle. Now she’s gone back to her natural white.

Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage
Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage

I kind of miss her orange days. I hope she goes back to this color again soon. I think I like it even better than Hellen Mirren’s pink hair.

Never Stop Experimenting

This is Zandra Rhodes. She’s a British fashion designer who’s known for her outlandish style and perfectly cropped head of pink hair. I think Zandra looks pretty cool in this photo. I Iove the chunky layered necklaces and the blue eyeshadow.

Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images
Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

The pink hair is pretty good too. Would you ever try a look like this?

Before And After

Do you like how this lady looks with her natural white hair, or do you prefer the pink and purple post-dye look? I think this lady looks pretty darn cute in both pictures, but you can’t really beat those pink and purple highlights.

You’re never too old to go to the salon.

Taking Grey To A New Level

Why cover up your greys when you can celebrate them? Grey can be a beautiful hair color. This woman has chosen to add some blue highlights to her natural grey hair. I think the blue really complements her natural style.

I’m also loving this short bob. It’s very of the moment.

The Real G.O.A.T.

That goat might have an excellent beard, but his hair is no match for this lady’s red and purple fringe. The goat seems to like it—and why wouldn’t he? What’s not to like about red and purple hair?

The only thing I don’t like about this picture is that we can’t see more of this woman’s hair.