These Ladies Of A Certain Age Must Be Taking Style Cues From Aunty Acid

Our dear Aunty Acid has a full head of fluffy pink hair. We love her for it. It takes a good amount of sass and confidence to walk around with a mop like that on your head. These ladies must be taking pointers from our acerbic aunty because they all have decided that they want their luscious locks to be colorful too.

Keep reading to see some ladies who know that it’s never too late to embrace color. What do you think about these vibrant looks?

Blue Hair, Don’t Care

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

This look is edgy and soft at the same time. The pastel colors and pink-on-pink outfit make the whole look rather cheery, but that cropped blue hair is bringing the perfect amount of fierceness.

Can we talk about those pink fingerless gloves? This lady is proving that you’re never too old to experiment with color.