These Vacation Spots That Our Ancestors Could Visit No Longer Exist

There are generally two kinds of vacationers out there. There are those people that want to go to the newest, most extravagant location that has the latest technology and is totally up-to-date.

Then, there are the people who want to recapture a bit of history. They’re the ones who are looking to get in touch with the simpler times, and discover what the world might have been like in yesteryear. Unfortunately, there are plenty of vacation spots that used to offer just that, but for whatever reason, no longer exist today. Here are just some of the places that our grandparents could have visited that we will never see.

Mount Humboldt

The glacier at Mount Humboldt, located in the Northern Andes, used to be another awesome spot to go skiing. Thanks to climate change, the ice has all but melted and hasn’t been able to support the skiing industry for decades.

Scientists say that even by the most positive projections, the mountain cap will be bare in just a decade or so.