Full Grown Adults Are Talking About The Most Embarrassing Things They Did As Kids

Growing up isn’t easy. We all go through an awkward stage, and for some of us, that awkward stage lasts a long, long time. We’ve all done something embarrassing that creeps into our minds in the middle of the night when we’re trying to fall asleep.

Keep reading to hear about some of the cringiest things Redditors did when they were younger. These stories will make you feel a little bit less alone.

Singing Out Loud

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“I was in a small restaurant with my dad and brother and when I went to the bathroom, I decided to belt out the chorus to Weird Al’s “The White Stuff” in full volume thinking the bathroom would contain my vocals.”

“I walked out realizing the restaurant was quiet and when I sat down my dad goes “what the hell was that?” and when he saw the confusion on my face he proceeded to explain to me that the ENTIRE restaurant heard me. —maip23