This Moscow-based Illustrator Casual ‘Vandalizes’ These Cars With The Most Fascinating Pictures Imaginable

Having a dirty car is a pain in the butt. Either you wash it on your own or you take it to the car wash because you’re lazy. However, it’s not unusual to spot a dirty car while taking a walk in the neighborhood. Russian artist Nikita Golubev is about to change your opinion with a few scribbles on some dirty cars.

To Nikita, the dirt was material to turn unwashed cars into amazing pieces of art, like animals or informative quotes. As awesome as these designs are, your car may be next, so watch out.

Leos Would Be Proud Of This


Photo Credit: @nitkitagolubev/Instagram

I wish he could do this to my car. It’s so dirty that he could do a whole scene in the jungle.

If someone were to put this on your car, that would make anyone born in August-September proud. Only because that’s the sign of Leo, and this is gorgeous.

It Motivates Anyone To Keep Their Car Dirty


Photo Credit: @NikitaGolubev/Instagram

That’s gorgeous, but there’s a good chance the waterworks will destroy this to the nines. I think I would clear coat the artwork.

That way, this masterpiece can be preserved as long as possible. Picture how much this would cost if this were a painting. I’d pay good money for it.

An Album Cover Like No Other

bird gang.jpg

Photo Credit: @NikitaGolubev/Instagram

Well, this looks like a scene from my office meeting, where everyone is just listening and looking at each other like they know what’s going on.

I’d argue they’re dropping the most epic album since the turn of the millennium, but they certainly do look like a gang who could beat anyone up. Just ahead, taking “time to get up from the squat” to a whole new level thanks to Nikita.

This Is From Fight Club

recycle yo pets.jpg


Photo Credit: @NikitaGolubev/Instagram

When the Narrator and Tyler Durden make soap in the movie, it’s from human fat stolen from a plastic surgeon’s dumpster.

Thus, they are recycling the human animal. This ties into the idea that people are animals that function to meet certain basic needs. They have a need to feel safe, accepted, and connected with others.

What Does That Mean?


Photo Credit: @NikitaGolubev/Instagram

In his Instagram account, he explains what the letters in the picture mean. “Everything is within normal limits.”

It seems like everything is within normal parameters, but this is very political at the same time. I don’t know why, but this brings me back to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.”

A Joke About The Russian Youth


Photo Credit: @NikitaGolubev/Instagram

The joke means “Time to get up from the squat.” This references the marginal part of the Russian youth since they like to squat for some odd reason.

The meaning is something like this: it’s time to grow morally. The next one ahead might mean an atomic bomb or one of the first singles from Rage Against the Machine.

It’s Just An Angler Fish

fish creature.jpg

Photo Credit: @NikitaGolubev/Instagram

The anglerfish has such a deep meaning here. It’s a heart, meaning love, which also means falling in love will lead to being eaten by a big fish.

Just keep swimming because there are plenty of fish in the sea. It’s smart that a heart is the collective pray of its victims.

Subtle, Simple, Beautiful


Photo Credit: @NikitaGolubev/Instagram

I wonder how someone goes about making that permanent. But at the same time, I love this a lot since it looks like he took a paint brush to make this.

Now, I can say that piece is a perfect example of laying down on the job. If you’re RoboCop, apparently that doesn’t apply to you.

The Bomb Track


Photo Credit: @NikitaGolubev/Instagram

Fire in the hole! Somebody must have listened to Rage Against the Machine for some inspiration.

“Bombtrack” was a single released off the band’s self-titled debut album in 1992. Outside of the musical reference, the bird is dropping the atomic bomb on the news we don’t need. Some folks might not want tentacles anywhere near them with the next one ahead.

A Shark That’s Not Dangerous

bird thing.jpg

Photo Credit: @NikitaGolubev/Instagram

Who said that sharks had to be scary and dangerous? Pro Boy Nick here doesn’t care about that because this is so beautiful.

The only thing that’s missing here is the shark tank, but seeing this more and more makes me super excited for Shark Week.

Now, That’s Creepy

human centipede.jpg

Photo Credit: @NikitaGolubev/Instagram

Some things are more precious than the paint job. As creepy as the design looks, I’d stick a coat of clear paint over that and keep it forever.

Most importantly, the signature is a must. Knowing that one day someone will pay millions for this old car and suddenly, we have ourselves the next Van Gough.

The Tentacles Wrapping Around The Side Is Cool


Photo Credit: @NikitaGolubev/Instagram

Some folks might not want tentacles anywhere near them. Most octopuses collect shiny things and bring them to their homes deep into the ocean.

I’m just kidding about the deep into the ocean part, but octopuses aren’t afraid to cling onto anything.

They Are Though

all cats.jpg

Photo Credit: @NikitaGolubev/Instagram

Awwww, RoboCop has a soft spot. When it comes to cats, nobody can disagree with RoboCop.

Personally, this is one of my favorites because cats are just as impressive as dogs. I bet the owners of the truck love to ride around showing off such excellent artwork. Coming up, has anyone ever seen what a mix of a cat and Yoda looks like?

So Sad And Truthful

behind the mask.jpg

Photo Credit: @NikitaGolubev/Instagram

A real advertisement on the cause and effect is remarkable. This truck has somehow added to the smog, and it’s a statement that’s well made.

Every country should adopt this attitude if they haven’t already. We need to help our environment along with climate change awareness.

It Says Don’t Chatter


Photo Credit: @NikitaGolubev/Instagram

Hang too loose and your fingers will pay the price. Better yet, it’s the Russian equivalent of “Loose lips sink ships” with “Don’t spill our secrets, or else.”

It’s not like that’s freighting at all, but this artist deserves a hand or a new finger.

Cat-King Yoda

cat thing.jpg

Photo Credit: @NikitaGolubev/Instagram

Okay, that’s too slim for Yoda because he’s a bit chunky. Maybe I could describe this better.

Oh, I don’t know, something along the lines of a demonic hairless cat wearing a crown. Not only that, but the cat has an intimidating look on their face like they’re about to scratch you. Imagine drawing the next one ahead like it was a dog. It can be done with so much dust it’s not funny.

That Wasn’t Will Smith’s Best Movie


Photo Credit: @NikitaGolubev/Instagram

Maybe I should splash dust over my car and see if Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill suddenly appears.

I hate to break it to anyone who hasn’t seen it, but Bright was a weird movie that I will never watch again. I hope you can understand that this Will Smith film was as bad as Sandler’s flick mentioned in the first sentence.

Praise The Lord


Photo Credit: @NikitaGolubev/Instagram

There is always a sign of hope. Even when you’re down, you have to look on the bright side.

Praying for forgiveness and the soul will go a long way to having more belief in yourself. Take this as a consideration whenever you need to find motivation in your life again.

Imagine Drawing This In The Shape Of A Dog


Photo Credit: @NikitaGolubev/Instagram

With the amount of dust on that stand, I don’t think I’d ever be able to do this because my place is too clean.

Surely, this guy has the talent to make a dog from all of that dust. Too bad he didn’t come up with a funny comic strip to give this dust some life.

All Of The Details Are Important To Capture


Photo Credit: @NikitaGolubev/Instagram

Getting to every single detail is what I like here. It makes me wonder how much time he spent bringing this to life.

It didn’t happen overnight, but time and patience just go to show what you can truly do. If you have the passion and creative skill set to do this, you better get started now.