This Moscow-based Illustrator Casual ‘Vandalizes’ These Cars With The Most Fascinating Pictures Imaginable

Having a dirty car is a pain in the butt. Either you wash it on your own or you take it to the car wash because you’re lazy. However, it’s not unusual to spot a dirty car while taking a walk in the neighborhood. Russian artist Nikita Golubev is about to change your opinion with a few scribbles on some dirty cars.

To Nikita, the dirt was material to turn unwashed cars into amazing pieces of art, like animals or informative quotes. As awesome as these designs are, your car may be next, so watch out.

Leos Would Be Proud Of This


Photo Credit: @nitkitagolubev/Instagram

I wish he could do this to my car. It’s so dirty that he could do a whole scene in the jungle.

If someone were to put this on your car, that would make anyone born in August-September proud. Only because that’s the sign of Leo, and this is gorgeous.