These Creative Geniuses Are Using Their Powers For The Greater Good

Great designs fit into our lives like a perfect pair of shoes. If you haven’t stopped and looked at what’s around you, you wouldn’t know about the little things in life.

However, great designs are all over the place. There are people who are so creative that they use their powers to make our world a better place. They’re trying to make it better with things that will improve bathroom sanitation, and are trying to save the environment one small step at a time. When they succeed, they deserve a standing ovation.

A Bowl For Every Size

doggo bowls.jpg

Photo Credit: elangation/Reddit

Props go out to the businesses that will put out water dishes for dogs. But, the one that puts a dog bowl with four different sizes of dogs is a blessing.

They need to stay hydrated as much as we do. That dog may never make it to the end, but at least they’re doing their best.

Even Cars Need Umbrellas


Photo Credit: fbgm_2/Reddit

Full-length car umbrellas look kind of weird. I’m not sure if they’ll ever catch on, but this looks convenient to me.

It’s not just for sunny days either. It’s also used to keep the car dry during rainstorms too. Oh, and to avoid pigeons from doing their job on cars.

A Castle Themed Bathroom With A Knight Holding Toilet Paper

knight paper.jpg

Photo Credit: asdhanjai95/Reddit

A golden touch that’s perfect for this classy bathroom. It’s fully armored with a knight that holds your toilet paper like a butler. It’s not the greatest invention, but this would be a welcome addition to the dressing room of the Vegas Golden Knights.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to give props to the person who thought of a way to know which stalls are occupied? That special invention is just around the corner.

This Crosslight With The People Holding Hands

love and walking.jpg

Photo Credit: OddyOddworld/Reddit

You have to think this would bring more smiles to the streets. Imagine this city made it a strict law for hand-holding only at crosswalks.

That would discriminate against all of those single losers. Just find a single loser and hold their hand. You have to love love.

Solar Panels On The Roof Of This Truck


Photo Credit: propuls1on/Reddit

The transport truck’s roof would have been a waste before adding solar panels. May as well make the better out of something, right?

This is awesome seeing an efficient use of space being used. If only more transport trucks did this, our world would be a better place.

Bathroom Stalls That Show Which Ones Are Being Used

bathroom locks.jpg

Photo Credit: ShineAllDay/Reddit

Wouldn’t it be amazing to give props to the person who thought of this? Nobody should have to duck down to look for legs.

It’s awkward and nobody wants to do it. But thanks to this new invention, you can call out people if they don’t spare you a square. Old drum pedals can still be used today, and the next one ahead will show you why.

A Key With A Face That Changes When You Insert It Into The Correct Door


Photo Credit: Sushipandaa/Reddit

Somebody designed a key with a smiley face. The key only smiles when it’s in the right lock. Just in case you have similar keys for a variety of different locks.

This might be a bad idea, especially if you’re drinking. It might be a long night before you realize your key is in the wrong hole.

A Security Grid That Was Cut Off For Better Pictures

fence square.jpg

Photo Credit: ZygoticDevelopment/Reddit

Saftey is important for any tourist attraction. But, they haven’t fully blocked out the view that brings in the tourists.

In fact, there’s a small hole in the safety fence so people can get a good picture of the view, without the mesh in the way. That’s very innovative.

These Sinks For Your “Kick On”


Photo Credit: DRIVeL_/Reddit

Old drum pedals can be useful these days, especially with faucets in this public bathroom. This is sanitary, which keeps the experience as hands-free as possible.

However, this looks like a ton of fun to wash your hands here. Just ahead, one mall saved customers the trouble of having to put their purchases on the bathroom floor.

An Airplane Window With A Dial For How Tinted You Want It To Be

airplane window.jpg

Photo Credit: Ermagrd27/Reddit

Airplane windows couldn’t get any more advanced until now. This plane shows off windows that can be tinted.

The dial just below the window adjusts the level you want it tinted. That way, you can find your sweet spot while enjoying a flight to your next destination.

This Laptop Battery With A Built-In Charge Display

lock thing.jpg

Photo Credit: AL_O0/Reddit

Even when it’s off, you can still see how much is left on the battery. This is much more convenient than having to start it up to find out you need to plug it in.

College students will be thankful for this. Knowing that they use laptops in classes, they don’t have to worry how much battery life they have.

A Mall With A Cubicle For Your Shopping Bags

bathroom thing.jpg

Photo Credit: k35jones/Reddit

Well, that’s a great mall that gives great customer service. This saves them the trouble of having to put their purchases on the bathroom floor. More malls should incorporate this.

You just don’t want to forget that they’re there since it’s useful to have. Making a simple tweak in the bathroom has its advantages. Find out what that advantage is when one bathroom flips things upside down.

The Button That Shuts Off The Card Reader From Housekeeping Getting In

flashing light.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit

It will shut off housekeeping’s card access to your room. That way, they can’t disturb you by mistake.

This feature probably allows access with other keys but it’s an interesting system. This is way more useful than the old ‘do not disturb’ sign you throw on your handle. Even with that sign, someone would always come knocking.

A Chic-Fil-A With Cheerios As Condiments

cherrio packets.jpg

Photo Credit: domukas/Reddit

This is nothing but pure sweetness. Right below the sweetener, this condiment stand has a small portion of Cheerios.

That might be for babies, but it could also be for adults on the go too. Companies need to take note of this because simple touches like this will win over anyone’s heart.

Bathroom Handle That’s Ergonomically Designed To Be Opened With Forearms

handle bar in bathroom.jpg

Photo Credit: Rivman96/Reddit

Talk about making a simple tweak. Turning the bathroom’s door handle upside down makes for a much more sanitary bathroom for everyone.

Making things hands-free is a great way to stop the spread of germs that get people sick. Hopefully, no one falls ill from this. The idea of seeing something before you buy it is great. A bathroom necessity that could be good for pets is just around the corner.

A Liquids Section Of The Trash To Allow Proper Recycling


Photo Credit: aworden222/Reddit

Recycling drink container s at fast food places is easy, especially when there’s a place to pour out unwanted drinks you don’t want to finish.

Dumping a half-full soda cup into the bin can be bad. That can contaminate perfectly good recyclables. So, pay attention to how you recycle.

Instructions On How To Fold A Pocket Handkerchief

how to tie a tie 101.jpg

Photo Credit: The_PhantomGoth/Reddit

This is actually interesting. The back of this tie’s packaging has some awesome cross-promotion here.

This shows guys a thing or two about the different ways you can fold a pocket square. Now, this should reduce every excuse in the book that holds the boys back from being dapper and classy.

This Minature Tub Model Where You Can Pick Your Own Tub

sinks on sinks.jpg

Photo Credit: Androgymoose/Reddit

It’s a pretty great idea to see a smaller scale of your future bathtub before you put down the money to purchase one. They may be small, but everything you need to know is right there in front of you.

Also, these tubs look like they could fit cats or dogs. Wouldn’t that be awesome to have a bath of your own along with one for your pet?

Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash Tubes With Braile

conditoner shampoo.jpg

Photo Credit: wearechemistry/Reddit

It can be difficult to tell shampoo from the conditioner. Even if you have 20/20 vision, it can be challenging at times.

That’s why this company put Braile on the caps of their products. Now, people can understand the difference between both without having to try and read it with soap in their eyes.

A Handmade Boutonniere Made From Comic Book Pages

comic book crosage.jpg

Photo Credit: ledmetallica/Reddit

It’s not every prom that a guy wears this. A boutonniere made from comic book pages is very different.

You have to admit — this is a colorful way to show off on your special night. I hope this becomes a trend because the traditional corsage is getting a little out-dated.