These Creative Geniuses Are Using Their Powers For The Greater Good

Great designs fit into our lives like a perfect pair of shoes. If you haven’t stopped and looked at what’s around you, you wouldn’t know about the little things in life.

However, great designs are all over the place. There are people who are so creative that they use their powers to make our world a better place. They’re trying to make it better with things that will improve bathroom sanitation, and are trying to save the environment one small step at a time. When they succeed, they deserve a standing ovation.

A Bowl For Every Size

doggo bowls.jpg

Photo Credit: elangation/Reddit

Props go out to the businesses that will put out water dishes for dogs. But, the one that puts a dog bowl with four different sizes of dogs is a blessing.

They need to stay hydrated as much as we do. That dog may never make it to the end, but at least they’re doing their best.