The First Animal You See Within This Image Says A LOT About Your Personality

Get ready for some home truths…


Our minds are super complex and there are multiple traits which come into play to create the personality which we reflect in day-to-day life. Our personalities have multiple sides and there are numerous dimensions of our personality which come together in a cumulative way to make up our overall attitude towards life and how we deal with certain situations.

However, we do have some primary traits which form the backbone of our personalities. While we add different dimensions to our thoughts with our experience and knowledge, the central qualities which define us rarely change.

Your mind tricks you into seeing things the way you want to see them and your personality has a lot to do with your choice. Try it, which animal do you see first and what does this say about you?

1) A Butterfly


A butterfly is the most well-known symbol of beauty and change. It transforms from a cocoon to one of the most elegant of all nature’s creation. If the butterfly was the first thing you saw, you most probably reflect the same traits. You are adaptable, flexible and you can change yourself based on your needs and can do whatever needs to be done. You may also find yourself in the ugly pictures of life (in your cocoon) but rest assured, you have the personality to break out and be the beautiful person you are meant to be.

2) An Eagle


Wild, free and built for the skies, an eagle is one of the ultimate predators of nature. If you spotted the eagle first, it shows that you too are focused and completely driven towards what you want. You never waiver in your decisions and once you have got the target locked, the thing that you want most in life, you would swoop down to grab it and fly away with it, high into the skies, beyond anyone’s reach.

3) A Praying Mantis


A praying mantis is a master of the senses and patience. It can keep still for hours, waiting for its prey and acts without warning to hunt it. If a praying mantis was the first creature you saw, then you have really strong instincts. Your inner voice guides you and you are clearly in touch with your primal self. You go by your guts and more often than not, you get what you want. You are the master of your domain and just like the mantis, there’s a fighting spirit driving you from within.

4) A Dog


Loyal, brave, protective and truly selfless, everyone knows the traits associated with a dog but there are truly very few who actually imbibe these traits. If the dog was the first thing you saw, you can rest assured that you are one of the very few people who can be all of the above at the same time. You can be loyal but fierce, selfless and loving, protective and playful at the same time. You are a blend of most rare and incredible traits in the world and no wonder, you are loved by everyone who has the opportunity to know you.

5) A Wolf


A lone warrior who walks in a pack. The wolves are known to live in a pack but they are also lonely creatures, wandering the wild alone, fearless and fierce. If it was the wolf that you saw first, chances are that your inner self is as fierce and fearless as that of a wolf’s. You may walk in a crowd, but your personality will always stand out. To be a wolf can be both an exhilarating experience as well as a lonely affair but you are built to handle it all.

6) A Crab


Hard on the outside, soft from within, you share this trait with the crab if it was the first creature you saw in the picture. Crabs are also known to be extremely loyal. It goes without saying, therefore, that if you look within yourself, you would find that you have always been loyal (whether you know it or not). You have always placed the needs of your loved ones ahead of your own and never in your wildest thoughts have you considered cheating/betraying those who trust you.

7) A Rooster


If a rooster was the first image you saw, the primary characteristic of your personality is perseverance. A rooster is not meek by any standards, it is quick, smart, persistent and despite the small body, roosters are known to be fierce creatures. You, like them, may look harmless by the looks of it but when it matters, there are few who can fight back, like you.

8) A Stallion


If the stallion was the first thing you saw, you are indeed one of the ambitious kind. Wild, free and raw, you are driven to succeed and to be free no matter what. You never shy away from an honest day’s work and you are not the one to stay away from a fight. You are in touch with your inner-self which is ready to stand out and be counted. Your personality is the same, exemplary, honest and driven.

9) A Dove


A symbol of peace and eternal love, a dove is one of the most beautiful creations of nature. If a dove was the first creature you saw, you probably are a wise soul. You are calm, patient, nurturing and at peace with yourself. It is one of the most difficult things to attain in life (peace from within) and you are well placed to attain peace with least effort from your side. You’ll always be a symbol of hope for someone.

Which animal did you see first? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this with your friends!