The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Some Serious Style Inspo

We all could use a little style inspiration every now and then. Sometimes you just get stuck in a style rut, and you need a well-composed Instagram picture to pull you out. All of these icons and creators have curated their Instagram feeds for your viewing pleasure. They’ve made sure that every button was done up and every hat was perfectly placed.

Here are some essential Instagram accounts to follow if you want to be whisked away to an aesthetic oasis. Keep reading to see how Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka has developed her personal style, and how various YouTube personalities are expanding their reach with Instagram.

Niomi Smart


Photo Credit: @niomismart / Instagram

Niomi Smart is a YouTuber, a blogger, and an Instagram icon. She’s very into everything health and wellness, so expect a lot of workout gear pics on her feed.

When she’s not working out or preparing delicious vegan meals, she rocks gorgeous outfits like this one.