Pregnant Woman Feels Pinch On Giant Belly While Asleep And Doctor Learns It’s A Deadly Spider

Kendall has a fascinating story to tell which will send shivers up your spine…

In June 2017, Kendall Butler from Tulsa, Oklahoma, was seven months pregnant with her second daughter, Angel.

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Excited for the new arrival, Kendall spent her days prepping the nursery and stocking up on all the things Angel would need.

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Meanwhile, she and her family had been noticing a particularly large amount of ticks and spiders near the creek behind their home. They could never predict what was about to happen…

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One summer morning while Kendall slept, she was awoken by a sharp pain on her stomach, right where her unborn baby was growing.


She was met with a horrifying sight — the giant spider, pictured above, had bitten her on the belly!

Kendall shooed the spider away and the pain in her stomach was so bad that she raced to the doctors…

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Doctors took a close look at Kendall’s photo of the insect and realized she’d been bitten by one of the most venomous spiders of all… a brown recluse spider.

As the days passed, the area started to spread, and her wound became too graphic to show on the news outlets that picked up her story…

this is an image

Pictured above, Kendall’s stomach grew a huge purple mark over the place she was bitten. She was in much pain and worried for the safety of her baby.

Doctors stopped the venom from spreading to other parts of Kendall’s body, but they were unable to repair her tissue until she gave birth.

Four weeks later, Kendall was still recovering from the bite. She was a nervous wreck, as diseases from insects can transfer from mother to baby and cause complications during pregnancy.

Though things could have ended horribly, Kendall gave birth to a happy, healthy baby girl named Angel.


Kendall told that Angel was born vaginally without complications, but some parts of the delivery were very scary.

“Her clavicle on the right side was fractured on the way out,” she said.

“I had to be induced because I was 41 weeks, and her heart kept dropping due to the meds used, so labor was started at 9cm dilated.”

Though happy at her miraculous birth, Kendall wasn’t left without scars. The leftover wound was so severe, and left such a giant hole, that Kendall needed an abdominoplasty to remove the excess scar tissue.


“The hole sucked my stomach in like a horse kicked me in it, and the scar tissue is so thick,” she told “The whole section has to be cut out and removed, and the area would look like it never happened.”

Though Kendall had a traumatic experience, it was all worth it for her baby girl. Now the mother of two, Kendall is healthy and Angel is doing great!


Top tip: If you’ve been bitten, wash the wound with hot, soapy water, and then place a cold, damp compress on top. If the bite becomes painful or you begin to experience sickness, contact your health care provider immediately.

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