People Are Confused By These Desserts Thanks To Chef Ben Churchill

Perfecting the art of making cool and creative desserts is a daunting task. But for Chef Ben Churchill, it’s nothing but child’s play. The chef has been mastering delicious illusions out of desserts that can resemble other foods like your typical morning breakfast, as well as everyday objects.

He’s been sharing his work on his Instagram page. From edible rocks to a simple candy in the form of a sponge, Ben continues to surprise his fans with his awesome work. These delicious desserts are for everyone to enjoy.

Vanilla Pannacotta, Smokey Lapsang Gel, Meringue Powder, Chocolate


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchill/Instagram

This is probably the most unappealing creation I’ve ever seen. It’s clever in the way that it looks exactly like what it represents, but a non-smoker like me would pass on this one.

There are a few things I won’t eat and this is one of them. However, I guess it’s still cake after all.

Granny Smith Pannacotta, Custard, Granola, Lemon Balm


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchill/Instagram

Now, this looks like the perfect dessert for me. One thing that’s missing here is a worm. Actually, that’s too gross and nobody would want that after it was served.

It just looks like an apple with granola to me. This would still be delicious as a real apple with caramel oozing out of it.

Lemon Drizzle Cake, Lemon Sponge, Chantilly, Lemon Gel


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchilll/Instagram

Humpty Dumpty, is that you man? I’d eat this regardless of what it really is. You don’t think so?

I’d 100% scarf this down immediately after I dipped this baby in salt and pepper. Egg on toast is the best way to start off the day, and this dessert speaks for itself. Imagine if somebody put actual mold on the next dessert ahead. Don’t worry, it will only fool the picky eaters.

Olive Oil Sponge Cake With Mint Crumb, Sweet Milk Foam, And A Baked Apple Puree


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchill/Instagram

It’s the sponge water that’s the most disgusting. That is a real turnoff, not to mention what it’s sitting on too.

Even if a friend offered me like $30 to eat it, I don’t think I could do it. Luckily, this won’t actually kill you. Outside of that, I wouldn’t eat it because I’m crazy about keeping my sponges clean.

Chocolate And Banana


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchhill/Instagram

A dessert like this won’t screw you over. I’m not sure what the overall concept for this one is but this could fool the eye of a mechanic.

They might think it’s bolts and screws until they realize it’s just a delicious treat everyone can indulge in.

Orange Parfait, Bubblegum Meringue Powder


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchhill/Instagram

Imagine if somebody put actual mold on this one as a joke. I love that type of humor. It’s like trolling the people who are picky eaters.

That mold looks real though — real enough to have the health and safety board come down for a visit. Just kidding, this is genius thinking here. If you like chocolate AND carrot cake in the same thing, the dessert coming up is perfect for you!

Ganache Filled Cookie, Charred Strawberries, Burnt Rose Gel, Coconut


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchhill/Instagram

It’s like a doctor gave open heart surgery. More importantly, this would be the main cuisine if Hannibal Lecter opened up his own restaurant.

The thought of the creepy voice of Hannibal saying “Hello Clarisse, dessert is ready” is bone chilling and quite disturbing,

Chocolate Buster Sword Cake With Swiss Roll Log


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchhill/Instagram

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII would be drooling over this. This looks like a typical dessert from Switzerland.

I’m not sure why, but it just reminds me of the countryside for some reason. If it’s supposed to resemble the Swiss, where is the Vatican Guards then?

Chocolate And Carrot Cake Cookie Dough, Chocolate Soil, Caramelised Carrot Gel, Carrot Powder


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchhill/Instagram

Chocolate AND carrot cake? Count me in! Anything mixed with chocolate and carrot is absolutely delicious.

I’m a carrot muffin kind of person, but this would be the dessert I’d want for my birthday. I couldn’t eat this alone though. I’d need two more people to help me indulge in this. Just ahead, wooden the next one be delicious after having a nice meal like a steak and baked potato?

Cherry Sponge, Coconut Truffle, Lemon Meringue Mushrooms, Rosemary Chocolate Bark


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchhill/Instagram

That looks like a fun dessert. It also looks like something that came out of my backpack.

A few beer caps, an unwrapped cough drop, some tic-tacs, and some leaves. Not sure how the leaves got there but I’m assuming it had to do with the 15 beer caps.

Lemon Pannacotta, Filled With A Lemon Sherbet Iced Gel And A Green Tea And Jasmine Custard


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchhill/Instagram

Something like this reminds me of the work of pastry maker Cedric Grolet. But then, way less detailed. Grolet is on another level but I really love the sticker detail.

It’s quite clever since it’s a mark on his work. However, some people will accidentally take it for a real lemon.

Chocolate Log Filled With An Orange Bavarois, Coared In Mint ‘Moss’


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchhill/Instagram

This one is truly beautiful. Wooden this be delicious after having a nice meal like a steak and baked potato?

Also, this would be perfect for Christmas dinner when the fam jam is together. It would be a yummy treat to have, but rabbits might think it’s a log to sit on. Still on the way, the dessert that will remind you of Dwight Schrute.

Fool’s Gold Chocolate Truffle

fools gold.jpg

Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchhill/Instagram

All this needs is a little tiny pig in a muzzle. Meh, that doesn’t sound too appealing with the pig touch.

I mean, it’s a nugget and all, but some people might of this a something else. They could be under the belief that this has to do with Snoop Dogg and what he enjoys most.

Vanilla And Thyme Smoked Pannacotta, Spiced Orange Coulis


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchhill/Instagram

This is eggcellent! It looks so great that this would be perfect for Easter. Even your kids will find this adorable.

They might assume it’s a real egg and they might want to color on it. I just hope the egg doesn’t crack, or else, the dessert is ruined.

Chocolate And Beetroot Brownie Filled With Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Soil And Mint Leaves


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchhill/Instagram

I wonder what the red stuff is on the mint leaves. I’m a traditionalist, so no veggies in chocolate!

It’s interesting, but not enticing enough to eat after dinner. This is going to need a little more info next time before you’re okay with the chocolate soil. Coming up, edible stones that supusicoully look like rocks. You be the judge.

Baked Apple Parfait, Cinnamon Tuille


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchhill/Instagram

What a masterpiece this is. I like the tuille as a touch with the apple. If you’re wondering what that is, it’s just a watery thin crunchy biscuit.

I don’t think you would want to bite into a real cinnamon stick. That would be similar to the cinnamon challenge people used to do years ago.

Chocolate Plant Pot Filled With White Chocolate Creme And Carrot Cake, Topped With Grated Chocolate And An Orange


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchhill/Instagram

This one sounds amazing and looks even better. It would be one of those treats where you need extra forks and napkins so people can share this.

The chocolate pot is a nice touch. If you’re wondering where you can buy one, look for a silicone mold online. You can pour the chocolate in stages and let it dry in the fridge.

Edible Stones


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchhill/Instagram

These look like glazed cakes, especially since they’re sitting on a cookie crumble soil of some kind.

I think a rock candy would be a bit basic for a restaurant. Honestly, any kid that sees this will think it’s real rocks they can throw in the water.

Coconut Pannacotta, Mango Gel, Grilled Lemon Sponge


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchhill/Instagram

My mind knows the ingredients, but my taste buds are screaming “Not an egg, or bacon!”

This is cool, but I would have a problem eating it. My mind would expect savory, but instead, it’s something sweet. Now, that’s a jarring experience.

Nitro Canister Bon Bon


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchhill/Instagram

Now, I just need a BB handgun made out of graham crackers. Just kidding, that’s a bit creepy if you think about it.

Honestly, this looks like the little canister you’d put in whipping cream dispensers in restaurants.