People Are Confused By These Desserts Thanks To Chef Ben Churchill

Perfecting the art of making cool and creative desserts is a daunting task. But for Chef Ben Churchill, it’s nothing but child’s play. The chef has been mastering delicious illusions out of desserts that can resemble other foods like your typical morning breakfast, as well as everyday objects.

He’s been sharing his work on his Instagram page. From edible rocks to a simple candy in the form of a sponge, Ben continues to surprise his fans with his awesome work. These delicious desserts are for everyone to enjoy.

Vanilla Pannacotta, Smokey Lapsang Gel, Meringue Powder, Chocolate


Photo Credit: @chefbenchurchill/Instagram

This is probably the most unappealing creation I’ve ever seen. It’s clever in the way that it looks exactly like what it represents, but a non-smoker like me would pass on this one.

There are a few things I won’t eat and this is one of them. However, I guess it’s still cake after all.