You’ll Crack Up At These Cakes With Hilariously Bad Messages

Cakes are the celebratory dessert of choice for many people. Whatever the occasion, there’s probably a cake for it. Most of the time, people enjoy receiving cakes. But sometimes the messages on these cakes go very, very wrong. This hilarious gallery features some of the weirdest, funniest, and most bizarre cake disasters out there.

Adam And His Blue Flowers

Again, another cake that was so close to being flawless. The bakery that made this cake clearly misinterpreted the instructions here. The customer wanted actual flowers made with blue icing on the cake, which they got… and then some.

The decorator went so far as to write the customer’s actual request on the cake. Now it seems like this cake is only for someone named Adam, who is also in possession of some blue flowers. If there is an Adam known for his blue flowers than this cake would be perfect for them. We hope Adam enjoyed his cake either way.

We Don’t Think a Trekkie Made This Cake

Ah, yes the Starship Enterprise from the famous TV show Trak Stores…wait. If this cake designer watches Star Trek they really need to pay closer attention to names or think through what they are writing on the cakes they design. They did a great job designing the actual Starship Enterprise NCC-1701 but they failed miserably at naming the ship.

Perhaps this was a new destroyer that has not yet been released to the public. Just remember, Trekkies take their show very seriously so don’t hand over this cake to anyone who spends their time at conventions and other gatherings. It won’t end well.

To Infinity and Beyond!

This cake was so close. Whoever made this cake had the right idea in mind, but perhaps they were a little overly ambitious and overestimated their skill set. We know that the cake is supposed to be Buzz Lightyear’s head, but it looks like it didn’t quite turn out that way.

Instead, this cake looks like a creepy man with a powder wig on. They should have tried to pass off this cake as a futuristic George Washington, maybe! It might have helped if they included Buzz’s purple head cap, but we suppose that detail was forgotten. We give it an A for effort, though.

This Carrot Cake Couldn’t Cut It

This cake just adds to our already growing list of disappointment cakes. Seriously, what goes through these cake decorator’s minds when fulfilling these orders?! Based off of what is written on the cake, the instructions meant that “Mark” was actually meant to be spelled “Marc” with a letter C.

However, this decorator took it one step further and thought that the customer meant “Mark with a Sea.” Unless the recipient of this cake is named Mark and they have an actual body of water in their possession, then we suppose this cake wouldn’t be wrong. Hopefully, Mark had a happy “brithday” anyway.

The Headscratcher Cake

We have so many questions for the person that decorated this cake, but we will only ask one: WHAT? There are so many possible explanations for why this cake came out the way that it did. Maybe the customer just doesn’t know how to spell or speak proper English, which in that case we really don’t want to fault them because they obviously meant well.

But not even the cake decorator did anything to make this cake make sense! Sure, they might have been writing what they’ve been told to write, but why did they place the words like that?

Justin Beefer

Yes, we had to do a double-take with this cake too. Upon closer inspection, this cake is, in fact, made entirely of meat. Modeled after Justin Bieber himself, the cake features a ground beef face perfectly sculpted to emulate Justin Bieber’s likeness. His signature mop of hair (from his younger days) is swept over perfectly and made entirely of bacon.

Whoever is getting this cake is clearly a huge fan of the Biebs and probably a huge fan of meat, too. After all, they wanted a meat cake (which we guess would also be a meatloaf) instead of a regular cake.

Mary Had A Little… Lamb?

The lamb cake in the top picture looks like the perfect addition to your next Easter party. The people who made the cake in the bottom photo were so inspired, that they tried to recreate the cake themselves.

Needless to say, they tried. Instead of getting an adorable little lamb, their animal cake looks scared and shocked. If anything, it looks more like a distressed cat that was forced into a bath. We’re sure that the cake tasted better than it looked, but at least whoever made the cake gave the endeavor their best shot.

They Could Have Easily Fixed This

This cookie cake was meant to ring in the year 2010, but whoever made the cake was really looking way too far into the future. Each balloon on this cake was meant to have a number for the year 2010, but the decorator kind of messed up and put a whole number 10 on the last balloon, making the year 20010.

Whoops! What we don’t understand, though, is why someone didn’t just scrape the “0” off the third balloon and replace it with a “1”. It could have been so easy and it would have saved a ton of embarrassment to whoever brought this cake to that New Years party.

The Perfect Cake For Your Gardener

This cake is sure to piss off any new bride that requested it for their wedding. The cake decorator really needs to spellcheck before they go ahead and write messages on cakes. This lovely wedding cake would have been so perfect, save for the fact that it says “weeding” instead of “wedding.”

Talk about awkward. Whoever got this cake probably had to order a new correct one. If they did, we hope that they gave this cake to their gardener, because that would be pretty funny! For wedding cakes, you should really turn to a professional, instead of the grocery store where this cake looks like it came from.

An Endearing Mistake

First of all, whoever hires cake decorators needs to make sure that they have nice penmanship. The message on this cake is clean and clear but the handwriting on the cake is a little unprofessional.

Secondly, they need to make sure that the decorator knows how to take direction because this is yet another example of things being taken too literally. Save for the fact that it’s probably only supposed to have the words “We will miss you” written on it, at least this cake has no spelling errors. The way the message is written makes it sound like it was just an afterthought.

The Brutally Honest Cake

This cake is considered a fail for the fact that its message is somewhat mean, but in that respect, it is also sort of a win because of how honest it is. There are no spelling errors on this cake, but you can tell it was homemade and that whoever made it is probably just a very frank and honest person.

They don’t mess around and they don’t dance around the truth. They don’t like you, but they don’t exactly hate you. Hence, they tolerate you. But best believe, that they probably won’t stand for any of your nonsense.

The Cake That Took A Dark Turn

This cake was most likely ordered for a baby shower… but was it also an almost funeral? Whoever ordered it could have just left it at “Preparing for A New Life” and had the whole cake pink with the picture of the 3D ultrasound. But no, this cake was taken a step further by reminding everyone of their mortality.

Yes, in opposition to new life there is death, but who wants to be reminded of that when they’re expecting a bundle of joy?! We won’t really say anything about the fact that the 3D ultrasound on the cake is a little jarring, although we sort of just did. However, the macabre of the right side of the cake certainly takes away from that.

Perhaps English Class Should Continue

If you’re going to request a cake to celebrate the end of the school year, perhaps it would be best to double, triple, and quadruple check any spelling you are including on the dessert. In all fairness, this person didn’t say they were celebrating good grades in English class.

School may be out for the summer but it’s time for this cake decorator to apply for summer school. This is a good reminder that you need to double-check what you bring home for the big party. Here’s to hoping they didn’t invite their English teacher to their end-of-year celebration.

They Took This a Bit Too Literal

We think it is safe to say that most cake decorators would have understood the directions this cake-buyer set out for them. They obviously wanted stars and sprinkles on the cake and not those words simply written for the world to see. This was likely the work of someone who either thought this would be funny or doesn’t truly pay attention to their work because they don’t want to be there.

Personally, if we received this cake, we would think it’s hilarious and wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s just so bad it’s almost good, you know? Either way, it’s a great lesson to clearly outline exactly what you want with your cake.

I Don’t Think You Do…

We’re not sure what “Rember” is, the only thing we are certain about is that whoever eats this cake will never forget it. It’s a good idea to always double check your work before you submit it to a cake designer.

If you are making the cake on your own, use spell check in Microsoft Word or take seconds to Google it to ensure you are sending the message you intended to deliver. In all honesty, they probably couldn’t fit two more letters in this case so it’s probably good that they spelled “remember” wrong.

Apparently, They Didn’t Proofread

This had to be a joke right? Not only was the cake not proofread, it’s a complete disaster. Words spelled wrong include: Happy, Birthday, Please, Proofread, and Cake. That’s five of the seven words on the cake. We’re not the best at math, but we know that’s more than half.

What’s funny is that it’s actually a very cute princess cake but the messaging makes it sound like this princess rules over a kingdom of idiots who have never taken an English class in their lives. Maybe if the princess kisses that frog he’ll turn into an English professor and teach her how to write.

Graduation Cat?

Laura is graduating and that is great news! Apparently, at her school instead of wearing a graduation cap, they wear a graduation cat. Just kidding. This was the result of some miscommunication between the buyer and the cake designer. On the other hand, maybe Laura really loves cats and this ends up being her favorite cat of all time. If she’s a dog lover all bets are off though.

While some cake mistakes are horrible and should be remedied, this is actually a funny mistake that should be celebrated for the absurdity of its final design. Would you send it back or keep it?

The Most Brutally Honest Cake In The World

Whether you’re a parent working long hours or a friend who completely forgot about an upcoming birthday, there’s a brutally honest approach you can take with your cake messaging. This person was obviously not ready to make a cake so they whipped something together quickly and shared their point of view…on the cake.

It’s not a big deal because a cake is all about how it tastes, not how it looks, right? Throw a bunch of fondant icing on a cake and it looks beautiful but then you have to eat a material that destroys the actual flavor of the cake. At least this cake-maker added a heart for good measure!

Hannah Montana: Tiny Head Edition

This Hannah Montana cake makes it look like Miley Cyrus was taken on a photo shoot in a house of mirrors, stopping only for a second to check out one of those distorted mirror displays before moving on. It’s not that the fashion is wrong it’s just a lack of proper proportions.

Either way, it’s a Hannah Montana cake at its core so we’re sure little nine-year-old Lara loved her birthday cake and ate it all up. Here’s to hoping nobody tried to gnaw down on the paper face of Miley Cyrus that was obviously cut out of a magazine to finish this cake’s design.

There Are Toilets For That Woody

When you gotta go and you’re in the wilderness you just go. Woody could have done a much better job of not going everywhere, but he’s just a toy who didn’t know any better.

This is probably the most disturbing cake on our list because it takes a beloved childhood TV character and completely destroys their wholesome issue for us. Also, toys don’t poop unless given that very function so we’re calling B.S. on this Woody cake and erasing it from our minds! Maybe we will attempt to resurrect this cake when Toy Story 4 hits theaters in the future.

Minnie Mouse Needs A Facelift

Minnie and Mickey Mouse have been around for a very long time and apparently, their age is starting to show—or at least Minnie’s is. This cake was moving in the right direction but ultimately failed. It’s not easy to work with a food product to shape it just right so it matches your desired outcome.

We are also a little confused by Princess Leia inspired ears that Minnie Mouse is sporting. This cake is honestly a bit of a nightmare but at least we could sort of understand what it was when it first debuted. Would you eat this cake or toss it in the trash?

Time To Head Into The Body Shop

When you’re a race car competing in the world’s largest racing events, it’s easy to get bent out of shape—literally. It’s pretty apparent that an accident occurred after the last race based on the shape of the car in this Disney-inspired cake.

Lightning McQueen has managed to pull off some amazing turnarounds in the past, here’s to hoping he can do the same thing this time around. We do have to admit that this non-professional cake designer actually did a great job given what they were working with. We would eat this cake but hope for better the second time around.

Mutant Porcupine? We’re Not Sure

This cake is probably a…mutant porcupine? We’re pretty sure it was just supposed to be a regular porcupine but something went horribly wrong during the baking process. This creation honestly looks like someone threw a can of spam on a platter, formed a porcupine creation out of the food and then added some quills made of pretzel rods.

Throw in some oddly large teeth and you have the makings for a really bad straight-to-DVD horror movie on your hands. We wouldn’t eat this cake but we would certainly use it as a warning about how NOT to bake a birthday cake for the special people in your life.

Thomas The Pissed Off Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine is going to kill you in your sleep kid! That’s the message this incredibly pissed off cake is delivering to some little three-year-old train lover. Thankfully this kid is only turning one and probably has no idea what is going on with Thomas in this cake creation.

Why the child’s parents decided to make an incredibly angry cake is anyone’s guess. Perhaps Thomas is angry over the lack of funding railroads are receiving these days or maybe he just doesn’t want to be eaten by a bunch of little kids who are going to freak out when they realized they just killed and ate their favorite living train.

This Was Supposed To Be a Planet

This was supposed to be a planet. It kind of looks like it could be Jupiter or Saturn if they were bombarded by alien weapons technology or hit with a massive number of asteroids.

This is another great reminder that not everyone is an artist and therefore cake decorating should be left to the professionals. Ultimately, it’s all about how the cake tastes so maybe this wasn’t a complete loss despite the horrible design of the product. Would you eat this cake or pass it along to the trash can?

Bad Monkey!

Bad monkey! The actual design of this cake is beautiful. From the friendly face of our animal friend to the writing on the cake’s platform, the designer obviously puts a lot of thought into their creations. However, the monkey is holding his banana in a very curious and naughty-looking place.

We would still take this action over a monkey that flings poop at onlookers. At least this an incredibly easy fix that can be remedied by simply removing the banana from the monkey’s hand. We would probably just leave the banana and make a bunch of jokes at the expense of the cake’s main character.

Bob The Builder Is Close To Death

Oh my god, someone come to the rescue of Bob the Builder! He might look happy in this photo with a big smile on his face but he’s covered in a giant pile of collapsed bricks.

Maybe he’s in shock or perhaps he planned his own suicide. We’re not even really sure if the pile he’s trapped inside of is edible. It almost appears that this person just threw some ground beef on a flat surface and called it a cake. It doesn’t look appetizing and Bob is made from plastic, this is just an all-around cake fail on so many different levels.

What Is Spider-Man Doing?!

Why does it look like Spider-Man is either emerging from the womb or being shoved into a black trash bag? Maybe this was a rebirthing ceremony for a huge Spider-Man fan and they absolutely couldn’t do it without their favorite superhero in attendance.

We’ve tried to think through every Spidey comic to figure out what the inspiration for this cake was and we came up blank. The actual Spider-Man design looks awesome but the objects surrounding him make no sense at all. If anyone has insight into why Spider-Man is in this position with a trash bag we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Ariel Hasn’t Been Looking So Great Lately

Disney literally hires some of the most well-respected and best-known cartoonists in the world to draw their cartoons. Princess Ariel is one of the most recognizable Disney princesses in the world. Why someone thought they could easily convert Ariel into a cake with no training is beyond us. The final results are unrecognizable.

At least the cake has some good depth of color even if those colors are completely off from the Disney-created characters own skin tone and clothing choices. In all honesty, compared to digitally created cartoons these days, the cake isn’t much of a disappointment compared to the original movie.

A Colorful Surprise?

Maybe not so much, considering the fact that this cake is primarily brown. But the person who ordered this cake was certainly in for a surprise (or rather, disappointment) when they picked it up. The directions were clear, but apparently, the cake decorator again took things too literally and wrote the full directions on the cake!

What the customer actually wanted was the message, “Thanks For A Great Year,” written in purple icing. So close. The funny part is the fact that the decorator made “Purple” the biggest word on the cake! At least the purple sprinkles add a little pizzaz to the cake?

Sending The Wrong Message

This was almost a perfect cake, emphasis on almost. Whoever wrote the message on this cake got things completely wrong. Whether or not they misheard the customer when asking what needed to be written on the cake, we’re pretty sure this is supposed to be a birthday cake.

The fact that it says “Happy Bathday” implies that the recipient needs a bath. Talk about an insult! However, we’re sure whomever this cake was for had a good laugh when they saw it. Hopefully, they are good humored and know not to take things too seriously.

The Super Bowl Fail

There is much to be said about this cake, but we will say just one thing: FAIL. The overzealous 49ers fan that had this cupcake cake made was probably disappointed when they received it. They clearly wanted the cake to look like a foam finger make a number one.

Unfortunately, they got a hand that has six fingers. Also, the finger that is standing up to stand for the number one sort of looks more like an obscene gesture, if you ask us. The cake is a fail, especially since the 49ers haven’t even won a Super Bowl championship since 1994.

A Little Repetitive

Whoever ordered this cake was probably a little indecisive when they were thinking about what heartfelt message to put on the dessert. In the end, they went with a simple “Happy Birthday,” but we imagine that the conversation went a little something like this: “What would you like written on the cake?” “Happy Birthday… (thinks about it) …just happy birthday.”

So they probably only wanted one “Happy Birthday” on the cake but again, the decorator took things way too literally. Needless to say, we are beginning to think that these cake decorators are doing this on purpose.

What They Really Think

Whoever ordered this cake really got their true feelings across for their friend Matt. This cake implies that when it was being ordered, the customer outright requested that the bakery put “Happy Birthday Dick” on the cake. We know that Dick is an actual name, but we also know that that’s probably not what the customer went.

Of course, the customer in question has a sense of humor, since the decorator even took the time to write out their laugh. So who had the bigger fail here? The decorator or the customer? We’d say that the decorator did since they wrote “don’t write that” when they were clearly told not to.

Not The Sheep You Want To Dream About

This cake was clearly meant for an Easter party, judging from the Easter bunny ears that the sheep is wearing. But the biggest concern we have about this cake is the fact that the sheep is actually very terrifying. While it looks like it was modeled after those mascot sheep for Serta mattresses, we think that whoever made this cake took the details a little too far.

They are certainly talented, yes, but can we just all agree that the sheep’s face is beyond creepy? The poor sheep cake looks like it is laughing maniacally before it’s about to chew your brains out.

Please Leave Character Cakes To The Professionals

This cake was modeled after a Minion from the Despicable Me franchise. Kids love those little yellow guys who mumble nonsense! But can we be sure that the kid who got this cake for their party was impressed? The Minions are already creepy enough, but this cake took a left turn into our nightmares. Whoever made this cake probably gave it their all, so at least we’ll give them that.

But they should have saved themselves the trouble and dished out a little extra cash to have this cake made by a professional if they were truly going for something that looked accurate.

Since When Do People Get Halloween Cakes?

This cake is downright hilarious! The person who ordered this cake was clear about what they wanted on the cake, but we don’t think they got what they wanted. First of all, the decorator wrote the instructions word for word… kind of. We’re pretty sure that the customer wanted “ghosts” instead of “goats.”

At least the decorator still followed the instructions and put the requested decor on there… sort of. They did actually put goats, but they also put one of those aliens from Toy Story on there to stand in as a goblin. The only thing they got right was the “booze,” but then again, that’s probably the most important part.

Rainbow Baby Shower Cake

There is so much wrong with this cake that it’s hard to know where to start. First, it’s a baby shower. Usually, that means pink or blue and little baby booties and cradles. Maybe they didn’t know the sex of the baby so they went with a rainbow theme. That’s okay.

But that message on the cake is a little weird. Adults know how babies are made, so it doesn’t need to be spelled out for them. And if any kids went to the shower, how would you explain this cake? Maybe they’re not old enough yet to learn about the birds and the bees.

Not Really Dedicated

We get it. Spelling is hard… When you’re five years old! And we don’t think it was a kindergartner who decorated this cake. Perhaps cake shops should make prospective employees do a spelling exam before they’re hired. Because whoever created this masterpiece may not have graduated from eighth grade.

We have to give them a little bit of credit for properly spelling the word “your.” It would have been worse had they had wrote you’re. However, they completely messed up the word ‘dedication’. There is no ‘dead’ in ‘dedication’. Oh, well. Maybe the recipient got a laugh out of the whole thing.

A Miscommunication

We know exactly what happened here. The customer ordered two cupcake cakes and instructed that the store writes, ‘Happy Birthday’ on both. Well, something got lost in the translation. Whoever decorated these cakes decided to write ‘Happy Birthday On Both’ on each of the cakes.

We have to wonder, didn’t the employee think the instructions were a little strange? Didn’t he think to double check with the customer to make sure he was writing the correct message? Obviously, not. This is just a case of stupidity. Nothing about the message makes sense. Again, we have to wonder who hires these people.

Lacking Spidey Senses

Okay, this is just one giant fail. For amateur cake decorators, it’s probably a little difficult to create a Spider-Man cake. We understand that. However, this person didn’t appear as though she put in any effort at all! She got the basic shape of the cake correct.

But when it came to decorating it, she completely gave up. First, she only used one color of frosting. Where’s the effort in that? She outlined Spider-Man’s arms and eyes and then stopped. There is no ‘A’ for effort here. She deserves an ‘F’. She should have at least added some blue and outlined the webbing a little.

This Designer Was Definitely Not A Valedictorian

This is actually pretty humorous. What does it mean to be a ‘Valid Victorian?’ Perhaps the cake designer thought the recipient was a fan of the Victorian era? And they wanted to feel valid? Maybe they had never heard of the word ‘valedictorian’? We concur that the word is a little difficult to spell.

And when you’re decorating a cake, and you’re used to having spell check on your phone, it can be difficult to get it exactly right. But you have to wonder, didn’t the cake designer realize that the phrase they were writing didn’t make much sense at all?

No Unicorns For You

The first thing we have to wonder is why someone would want to put a picture of a unicorn on a cake for a 35-year-old person. Perhaps it was a bit of a joke? Then, of course, there is the person who completely didn’t understand the instructions from the customer. While they (presumably) got the age right, they absolutely missed the boat when it came to the unicorn.

No, don’t write ‘Can you draw a unicorn?’ on the cake. Actually draw a unicorn on the cake! We wonder if the designer did a giant face palm after realizing what he did.

Point Made

This is harsh. You can’t blame the cake designer for this one. The message is loud and clear: ‘Congrats Eric at being a failure at Life’ (followed by a frown). First, we have to wonder what Eric did to deserve this cake. Perhaps he committed a crime and this is his last cake before jail?

Or maybe he cheated on his girlfriend, whom everyone in the family loved? Or maybe he dropped out of school? Whatever he did, it was so bad that it warranted a cake with a very special message directed just at him. We kind of feel sorry for Eric.

TMI About Coach Tom

We’re not exactly sure why the customer wanted big purple balls on the cake he ordered to celebrate Coach Tom. What sport uses purple balls? Perhaps he’s a racquetball instructor? Or maybe he’s a dodgeball pro? Either way, the cake shop certainly did not understand the message.

But in what universe would they think that the customer wanted the cake to read: ‘Coach Tom’s Big Purple Balls!’ Now that we think about it, maybe Coach Tom’s team is called Big Purple Balls? While that seems a little strange, it could be true. But we’d feel really bad about the team if that was the case.

Lawn Mower Vs. Hand

What better way to celebrate a partial amputation than with a cake? Whoever bought this cake (and/or decorated it) has a sick sense of humor. And we think it’s great. According to the cake, the recipient had a run-in with his lawnmower and somehow got his hand stuck (presumably) in one of the blades.

Everyone knows you’re not supposed to try and fix a lawnmower when it’s running, but this guy obviously didn’t follow popular wisdom. In the process, he accidentally chopped off a piece of his finger on his left hand. A picture tells 1,000 words. So does this cake.

Gross Realistic Cake

If it weren’t for the Reddi-wip in the background, we’d think this was an actual litter box. Gross! Whoever came up with this cake idea was very clever (if a bit twisted). First, the designer put the cake into a container that was lined with a kitchen garbage bag — something you’d use for an actual litter box.

And the poop actually looks like cat poop. The blue scoop just adds to the realism. This cake designer, apparently named Murray, gets 100 points for coming up with such a creative cake. We can’t help but wonder what Matt thought of the creation.

Not Clear About The Message

Here we go again. The cake store (probably a chain supermarket) received an order for a cake dedicated to a woman named Suzanne. It appears to be a going away cake. Yet, something got lost in the translation. The decorator wrote: ‘Best Wishes Suzanne Under Neat That We Will Miss You.’

First of all, the word ‘underneath’ is one word, not two, and has an H at the end. And why on earth would a customer want the phrase ‘underneath that’ written on the cake? Use your head, cake decorator. This is just another case of not thinking things through when taking a customer’s order.

Say, What?

This cake is painful to look at. Who could have possibly made this type of mistake? The cake reads, ‘Happy 31rd Birthday Jessica’ instead of ‘Happy 31st Birthday Jessica.’ We are confident that even a five-year-old wouldn’t make this kind of mistake. We have to believe that this was some kind of joke.

Or perhaps whoever decorated the cake spoke English as a second language? This is just truly bizarre. It’s physically difficult to say ’31rd’ out loud. Try it. If you can’t say it, then you probably shouldn’t write it. Why didn’t they double check the message?

A Decorator With Low Self-Esteem

This is obviously a homemade cake. But we disagree with the message: “Eat me. I’m Ugly.” We don’t think it’s a very ugly cake. Sure, it’s not the most interesting cake we’ve encountered, but it’s not ugly. Whoever made this cake has a problem with self-esteem. Maybe they don’t like baking very much.

Maybe they’ve made better cakes in the past, and this one just didn’t turn out very well. Whatever the case, it really doesn’t matter what it looks like on the outside so long as it tastes good. Hopefully this cake’s recipient didn’t have a problem with it.

Revoke That Degree

This is a terrible cake for many reasons. First of all, it appears that the designer made the cake for himself. The message reads: “My Graduaccion God Bless You.” Anyone who is graduating from school really should know how to spell the word “graduation.”

It’s unclear how old the designer of the cake is, but he was obviously old enough to be able to apply piping to a cake. Second, notice the space in the word “God.” It appears that there were originally two “Os” in that space and one was covered up. So that means they were unable to spell the name of the Almighty. Oh, boy.

This Cake Makes No Sense At All

This cake is a real head scratcher. The message on the cake reads: ‘Fill With 18 Dots/ Periods Fallowing.’ The decorator really didn’t know what she was doing. ‘Fallowing’ means to plow land but not seed it.

We don’t think that is what the customer wanted. We can’t help but think there’s supposed to be more to this message than is revealed. We believe the message was supposed to be proceeded by a phrase such as, “Good luck in college” or “Happy 18th Birthday” or “We’ll Miss You,” followed by 18 dots. The whole thing is very confusing.

The Chicago State Of Mind

Most people know that Chicago is sometimes referred to as the Windy City. It either refers to the weather or the fact that politicians back in the day were ‘full of hot air’. Well, whoever decorated this cake probably doesn’t know these facts.

The message reads: ‘Best of Luck in Windy City Have Windy City Italicized Like It’s Blowing In The Wind’. Yikes. The sad thing is that the script of the cake is done so well. If only the decorator had understood the directions! This probably would have turned out to be a very nice cake. Instead, it makes no sense.

Monster Baby

We feel bad for baby Tristan. If these are the type of cakes he has to look forward to receiving, he’s going to be very sad. What kind of baby is that? It looks like a monster wearing a diaper, not a baby. The rest of the cake looks pretty good. It’s just the depiction of a baby that’s a little disturbing.

We can’t help but wonder what the new mom thought of the cake. We don’t think she squealed with delight when she saw it. She probably was polite and ate a piece of it. But it’s creepy.

Too Ugly To Eat

There is not a whole lot of good going on with this cake. The only thing the decorator got right was the green football field. The rest of it is pretty terrible. First, the obvious. It’s “Super Bowl” not “Super Bowel.” The latter makes us think of our bowels, which is never a good thing, especially when you’re about to have some cake.

Second, the colors on the cake are not good. In fact, they’re downright unappetizing. This cake does not look very edible. The designer did attempt to make a football in the right corner. But that didn’t come out very well either.

Best Birthday Cake Ever

This cake is awesome. First, a shout out to Sarah who obviously loves playing with both traditional boy toys and traditional girl toys. She’s not just pink flowers and butterflies! We love that Darth Vader is riding on My Little Pony. The cake also includes a rainbow and several flowers on the border.

All too often, little girls wind up with very feminine cakes with ribbons and polka dots and very stereotypical designs. Obviously, Sarah is not that kind of girl. She likes Star Wars, which is fantastic. But she also likes playing with tiny horses. Way to go!

Creative Wedding Cake

We’re not sure if this wedding cake is humorous or disturbing. One thing is for sure, the newlyweds certainly had a sick sense of humor! The cake features two severed heads with the tagline, ‘Till death do us part’.

Blood is gushing from their necks. We have to give the designer some credit for his creativity. The faces are quite realistic. But we don’t think most people would want this type of cake at their wedding. Even if it tasted delicious, it would be a little strange to eat a piece of someone’s face. But that’s just our opinion.

Cookie Monster, Is That You?

Cookie Monster really isn’t a hard character to draw or create with cake. Essentially he is a big blue monster with some googly eyes and a big mouth for showing as many cookies into as possible. However, he is also a very distinct color of blue and he has hair and not a shiny and flat blue surface.

His pupils are also black and not brown. Ultimately, this person isn’t the Leonardo Da Vinci of the cake decorating world but with a little bit of training they could actually end up making some awesome homemade cake designs that we would be happy to show off.

Are They Fighting?

Imagine a dozen or so people gathered together to watch the big UFC fight that they pitched in to buy and watch from a friends’ house. Someone was so excited about the fight, that they decided a themed cake was in order. This cake definitely appears to be professionally done.

The octagon is cleverly created with what appears to be Twix bars cut in half, and the colors look great. However, taking a closer look at the two icing figures fighting, they look to be in a rather compromising position. Yeah, we’re pretty sure that’s not a technique seen in the UFC.

A Fail and A Win

Mom blogger Jo Lynne Shane was another mom who simply wanted to make a fantastic homemade birthday cake for her daughter. She searched on Pinterest for a cake with Ariel from The Little Mermaid, she came up with a plan, and she bought the ingredients.

While baking it, she referenced the Pinterest photo she was aiming to replicate. The first cake was a fail, so she baked another. But, when it came time to stand the doll up, it wasn’t happening. Instead, the doll is seen swimming in a pool of icing. On the bright side, her daughter loved it.

The Saddest Cat Ever

First off- take a look at the ingredients of this cake. The ugliest cat cake you’ve ever seen includes Saltine crackers for ears, candy canes for whiskers, unidentified cookies for eyes and what could even be a cherry tomato for a nose. It definitely appears that the cake maker dug around the pantry for anything they could possibly find.

Let’s hope that it was kids who were making the cake, because the Saltine crackers are just the worst chosen cake ingredient ever. It looks like the frosting was applied before the cake cooled down, making this one big mess.

Rainbow Cake Fail

Ah yes, 2017 was a big year for rainbow food and drinks. Starbuck’s Unicorn drinks, rainbow bagels, rainbow grilled cheese- people wanted all rainbow everything, and they wanted it bad.

This cake maker decided to create a beautiful rainbow cake, and most likely brag about it on social media with some trending rainbow tags. Instead, this cake looks like something that used to be one color before rotting into another. Either way, we like that they still decided to take a photo of it and post it online.

Get Straight To The Point

This cookie cake came with what we are all always thinking. Whoever ordered it clearly didn’t have time to mess around with pleasantries and cute messages, they were just there for chocolate and M&M’s! So why the decorator went so far as to actually write that on the cake is beyond us.

The funny thing is that they actually wrote what the customer most likely actually said. Well, needless to say, we think that they got what they asked for. Let’s just hope that they enjoyed it and got their money’s worth! Save for the honest statement, this cookie cake was actually nicely decorated!

Someone Is Going To Die

This has to be the grossest, creepiest wedding cake ever. Not only are there severed fingers all over the place, there are eyeballs, rats, and blood icing all over it. Any cake that says ‘death’ probably shouldn’t be eaten.

This appears to be a wedding cake for a couple with a very morbid sense of humor. Seeing as its a three-tier cake, this wasn’t a cheap joke. We’re wondering if any of the wedding guests opted to try it. We would guess that you would have to be starving to death to cut into a cake with severed ears on it. Gross. Just gross.

You Can’t Have It All

We all wish we were both smart and good looking, but let’s face it, it’s hard to have it all. That’s about how this cake feels. On the one hand, the cake maker did a fantastic job baking a cake that was even in size and length, with a perfect layer of frosting and cute babies’ shoes that are done so well, you know exactly what they are.

However, this cake takes a turn and becomes a giant fail once the lettering was placed on it. With the misspelling in the first word, the crooked lettering, and the difference in size of the letters, all we can hope is that the person who took the first piece cut a giant hole and removed the message.

Not So Super Nintendo Cake

They were so close! So. Close. But this cake ended up on the fails list, just like the others. You can see that the baker found or made the perfect gray color frosting to match the color of the Super Nintendo game console and controllers.

They found some type of candy to garnish the cake as the black buttons and selected the correct colored M&Ms to hold the place of the colored buttons. Then – we’re not sure what happened here. We’re thinking they wanted the entire cake to be the controller, and then the idea just gets lost. So close.

The Guilt Trip Cake

This cake appears that a coworker is leaving the company, and someone was given the task of going down to the local grocery store and bringing back a cake for their send off. Judging by the attitude that this cake puts off, the company wasn’t thrilled that their coworker had chosen to leave.

And just like a bitter ex during a break-up, they chose to give them a guilt trip in the form of a passive aggressive send-off cake. We can only imagine the person whose job it was to lay the icing on top trying not to laugh as they filled the request.

Gender Reveal Cake Fail

Gender reveal parties are a fun occasion for the family and friends to gather and find out whether the expecting couple is having a boy or a girl. Often times, the information written on a piece of paper by the doctor is slipped to the cake maker, and no one at the party knows the gender of the baby yet.

It’s clear no one took a peek at the cake before they left the bakery, as one of the three words, in fact, the most important word on the cake, is misspelled. You can imagine the cake box being thrown open as everyone eagerly looks on, only to reveal, “It’s a Gril!”

French Cake Fail

It’s possible that the bakers don’t have access to a computer at the typical bakery. They don’t have the time or the resources to look up special requests for language translations, so you shouldn’t ask for it. And if you do ask for it, you’ll get a smart alec cake, that reads as this one does.

We’re going to go ahead and place the blame on the person who ordered the cake for this one, because honestly, how many people know off the top of their heads how to say “Happy Birthday” in French? And if you want your cake to read that, you should probably look it up yourself.

Hello Kitty…Is That You?

At first glance, we thought this was a Chicken Little cake, but then we learned it was supposed to be Hello Kitty. The idea behind his cake fail wasn’t bad but it needed a real artistic touch to succeed. This cake is a great reminder that the best intentions can lead to some pretty funny results.

If you’re not a cake designer by trade or you lack the general ability to draw, you’re probably going to create the next big cake fail. Let this be a reminder that creating a cake based off a picture you’ve seen or a Pinterest board you follow for inspiration probably isn’t going to end very well for you and your cake creation.