We Can’t Decide If These Babies That Look Like Adults Are Cute Or Creepy

There must be a scientific reason why babies are so adorable. If a kid is as cute as a button, when a parent is at the end of their wits, they can look at their child and have their heart melt. Not all kids come out of the womb looking like a perfect starry-eyed baby though.

These babies came out looking like used car salesmen and tax collectors. They have a serious case of Benjamin Button syndrome that is freaking us out. Yes, they’re cute in their own way, but they also look like they’ll get mad if you adjust the thermostat or forget to take the chicken out of the freezer.

“Fugget About It”

This baby looks like he’s about to make you an offer that you can’t possibly refuse. We wouldn’t be surprised if this little kid is a secret kingpin of the local mob.

Any nurse handling this little one in the hospital should make sure they don’t get on their bad side since revenge is a dish best served cold.