This Is What Happens When People Ask For Cartoon Lookalikes To Slide Into Their DMs

It’s on all the social media sites – Facebook, Instagram, even Twitter. Direct messages are a fun way for people to connect, usually in the hopes of finding new romance. Sometimes people have incredibly specific ideas in mind of who they’re looking to meet. These people put up requests for DMs from people who resemble famous cartoons. Wait until you see what happened.

Get You A Nice Girl

Get you a Chloe Carmichael. Every Timmy needs a Chloe, and for those Fairly Oddparents fans out there, the choice is obvious. There are just a few things needed to have your own Chloe. She needs to be nice and share the same birthday as you. That’s about it.

Close Enough Indeed

Ok, so remember all those things we said about how do get you a Chloe Carmichael? Ya, skip it. @amandazinke will do just fine. She’s got the turtleneck and eyeshadow combo on point and I can only assume she’s a nice girl. Our birthday’s don’t have to match up, it’s fine.

An Underrated Disney Princess

Mulan is hands down the most underrated of the Dinsey princesses. Now, she is finally getting her just do as there is going to be a live-action Mulan movie, played by Liu Yifei. I’m sure that this Twitter user was hoping the real-life Mulan was going to answer, but I’m sure he won’t be too disappointed.

I Can See It

Every time I think of the movie, I can’t stop thinking of the song You Bring Honor To Us All. It goes through my head every time I get a haircut, and really inspired a generation of girls to rock the shorter cuts we see all the time now. Needless to say, I’m pretty pumped about the movie.

What About If You Look Like This?

If you’re not a fan of The Goofy Movie, get out of my mentions right now. While she might not sport the typical looks of Roxanne, who has more of a girl next door look to her, Beret Girl, as Wikipedia knows her as, deserves some recognition. She likes poetry and was rocking the heavy eyeliner look way before Insta-models were even invented.

It’s Like Looking In A Mirror

So Lolita already knew that someone, somewhere out there was in desperate need of a Beret Girl of their own, and decided to do all the heavy lifting for us. I don’t think that enough of us knew we needed a Beret Girl in the first place, but this has certainly opened our eyes.

String Bean Strikes Again

So clearly String Bean saw that this was taking off and wanted to make sure all of her fantasies were fulfilled. She clearly has a weird thing for the Atlantas franchise, and asked for help finding yet another character from the movie, Kidagakash Nedakh. Please don’t ask me to pronounce that.

People Came Through In A Big Way

I don’t think any of us were expecting these kinds of results. Considering I’ve never seen the movie, I can say without a doubt that this person is pulling off the look to perfection. She’s even got the necklace down perfectly! BRB, I’ll be moving to California ASAP.

Are You Always This Articulate?

Women swoon for a man who has a way with words. It’s simple science. Clearly, someone who probably looks nothing like Hercules is looking for their very own Megara, and as always, Twitter came through in the clutch. Hopefully, you won’t have to sell your soul to Hades to meet with her.

Finally, String Bean Found Love

After all of her requests, finally, String Bean found someone looking for her! If this isn’t match made in Disney heaven, I don’t know what is. You simply can’t write a script like this! Judging by the devil horns, she most definitely sold her soul to Hades, but it was all worth it in the end.

Not Judging A Book By Its Cover

Honestly, I think we all learned a valuable lesson when watching The Hunchback Of Notre Dame growing up. He was a nice dude, and if the internet has taught us anything, it’s that nice guy’s finish last and then turn incredibly creepy. I guess some people have a kink for that.

You Raise Me Up

Imgur / obamathesecond

If this movie didn’t leave you in tears and reassessing your whole life, did you even watch it? While I still feel like I’m young enough to not have to worry about things like death and my house floating away, Doug the Dog left me an absolute mess and redefined the ‘cone of shame.’

Honey Krang Krang

Imgur / obamathesecond

This is not a spinoff I’m looking for. Krang is the brainy supervillain from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, while Honey Boo Boo starred in her own TV show that captivated audiences across the country. With their powers combined, who knows what kind of destruction they could cause.

Has Mr. Satan Met His Match?

Imgur / obamathesecond

Mr. Satan, aka Hercule, played a part in the Dragon Ball Z series, and while he was pretty strong for a simple human, he just didn’t measure up compared to the likes of Goku, Majin Buu, and Cell. Frankly, he was in over his head the moment he walked in the series.

How I Met The Riddler

Imgur / obamathesecond

Alright, this is a spinoff I could get behind. The last good riddler we had was Jim Carrey, and honestly, Batman Beyond was kind of a trainwreck. Neil Patrick Harris has the charisma to pull this off pretty flawlessly, and if he pulls from his confident Barney Stinson character, could completely steal the show.


Imgur / obamathesecond

I assure you, no dogs were harmed in the making of this article. Cruella de Vil has one of the most iconic looks a 90s cartoon character could have, but her life is not one to try and replicate. I mean, who doesn’t like dogs?! Throw this woman in jail.

Flashing That Smile

Imgur / obamathesecond

So flash is a sloth, so naturally, he works at the Department of Mammal Vehicles in Zootopia. He holds the distinction of being the fastest sloth working at the DMV, which makes him the perfect employee. There are worse people to be compared to, especially because of his willingness to help out anyone and everyone. Be more like Flash.

Oh Mama

Imgur / obamathesecond

If your idea of a date is to go out and climb a secluded tower as your hair is blowing in your breeze, you might want to stay clear of these two. Mother Gothel captures Rapunzel in the movie Tangled, and uses the magic of those golden locks to stay young and beautiful. Seems like a hard lady to please.

Okilly Dokilly

Imgur / obamathesecond

Now that’s a mustache you can trust. Sure, it might be a bit disappointing if this Ned Flander’s lookalike is still in mourning over the loss of his wife, but there’s no denying that he looks pretty good for 60. Bonus points if you know your bible verses.

My Cat’s Breath Smells Like Cat Food

Imgur / obamathesecond

This poor, poor man. Losing your hair is one of the biggest fears a man (or woman) can go through, but the most important step is acceptance. If you keep on holding onto those few fair strands, you’ll apparently end up looking like Ralph. The scientific proof is right in front of our eyes.

Enough About You, Let’s Talk About Me

Imgur / obamathesecond

Few characters are as complicated as Johnny Bravo. Girls want him, and guys want to be him, but it’s pretty clear that that look doesn’t quite work out in real life. This guy looks a little bit more like Doomguy from the Doom video game franchise, but he’s trying his best.

Why You Do Nicki Like That?!

Imgur / obamathesecond

This is not ok. Nicki does not deserve this kind of treatment. This is proof that science has once again gone too far. Patterning Mrs. Potatohead off of Nicki’s iconic look just goes to show that we can’t have nice things. Ever.

Looking For My Sleeping Beauty

Imgur / obamathesecond

Before wingmen, there were Good Fairies. Merryweather was the diminutive member of the three Good Fairies in Sleeping Beauty, together with Flora and Fauna, helped provide Prince Phillip with a sword and shield in order to take down Maleficent and save the princess. How romantic.

Why You Always Lion-O

Imgur / obamathesecond

Do lions like carrot tops? Alright, that was cheesy, but once I saw this comparison, I couldn’t unsee it. It haunted my dreams. Lion-O is the Lord of the ThunderCats, which is a high bar for someone like Carrot Top to jump. His physical makeover is still one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen.

Let It Go

Imgur / obamathesecond

It seems like there’s a very good chance this girl is constantly followed around by a bunch of six-year-olds as they sing “Let It Go”. The resemblance is uncanny, and if Elsa was to ever go undercover as a redhead, I think we have the mugshot to be able to locate her pretty quickly.

No, No Date Night

Imgur / obamathesecond

Considering this article started off as an article about people looking for the love of their life through cartoon characters, we wonder how many people are looking for Consuela. This really all comes down to her attitude. I mean, who can hear the word ‘no’ that often and stay in a committed relationship?

Dating In You 30’s

Imgur / obamathesecond

Who doesn’t have a few dozen cats around the house? The biggest issue with dating in your 30s is that you run into people who might have gotten used to being on their own and adopted a friendly feline or two. Just don’t turn this into a full-blown collection of cats and you should be ok.

Despicable? Me?

Imgur / obamathesecond

When you start to lose your hair and just decide to just shave it off and go bald, it can be extremely satisfying. You don’t have to hold onto those frail strands sitting on top of your head, and most men say their confidence soars. However, if you look like Gru, you might start getting Minion Mom’s throwing themselves at you, so shave carefully.

Take Me On A Magic Carpet Ride

Imgur / obamathesecond

Once you get to a certain age, if a genie grants you three wishes and you’re still perpetually single, you’re going to ask for a little help. I mean, it even happened to Alladin, and if he can’t get the girl with those big brown eyes, what chance to us regular people have?

Weirdest Episode Of Family Feud Yet

Imgur / obamathesecond

So here’s the scenario. You’re on a blind date, but instead of a one on one, you have to instead take your family to battle against your date’s family in an epic game of Family Feud. Now here’s the kicker. Instead of Steve, it’s his voice dubbed behind a Mr. Potato Head. Did I just create the next great dating game?!

Why So Blue?

Imgur / obamathesecond

Bill Murray has shown that he can master any role he puts himself in, so if they ever do a live action movie of The Smurfs, he absolutely HAS to be Poppa Smurf. Imagine bringing home a date to meet your parents, and your dad is Bill Freaking Murray?!

Thomas Went For It

In today’s day and age, it’s never been easier to find EXACTLY what you’re looking for. Are you into brunettes? Do you have a certain kink that you can’t exactly find in your ECON 101 class? Well, social media has made it super easy to match up with that special someone. Thomas had a very specific person in mind.

What Everyone Thought Was Going To Happen

Obviously, thirsty guys searching on Twitter for ‘the perfect girl’ is nothing new. There are tons of people who have some pretty outlandish requests when it comes to finding someone in their life. It’s just a bold strategy to post it on Twitter. That being said, the results that came through are pretty jaw-dropping.

All His Hopes And Dreams Were Answered

Thomas went and shot his shot, and the results were better than expected. So the girl our boy Tom found may be lacking a skull shirt, green and black pants, netted arm warmers, black hair…. pretty much everything he was asking for, but in the end, I’m sure he’ll just be happy someone responded to his request.

Someone Else Saw Their Chance For Love

Once people saw that Thomas could find love with this simple request, others jumped at the chance to find their perfect match. Swaveykyle just happened to be scrolling through the thread and found that someone was actually searching for someone just like him, and saw his chance to drop in a swavey ‘issa me’.

Hello, Is It Me You’re Looking For?

After a quick Google search, I learned that a whopping 96% of Google users liked the show Danny Phantom, which immediately made me question Google’s polling power. Clearly, @LocalSpookyBoy is a fan, and was able to scoop up her Phantom boy real quick.

String Bean Needs Some Love

You have to have a very specific kink to be looking for a Milos of your own. String Bean needed a Milo’s in her life, and just like the rest, she found a special someone. Honestly, this one should be easier than most considering this is the look of most hipsters that can’t grow a beard.

Another One For Milos!

So I’ll be honest. I definitely recognized this Disney character but had no idea what he was from. Turns out he was the main character from Atlantis: The Lost Empire, which is just not nearly on the same level as 101 Dalmatians. That being said, this guy is getting the hookup.

All The Way UP

So maybe not everyone was looking for love. Maybe some people were simply looking for an innocent companion to go on adventures with. I probably would have asked for Doug the dog instead, but I’m sure my inbox would have been flooded with DM’s.

Wait A Minute

Did he… did he just slide into his own DM’s? Just like Chris said, this is a serious call for help that needs to be answered. I guess he was just getting the word out there and being proactive. Instead of waiting for someone to ask, he just cut to the chase and did the work for us.