Think You’re Having A Bad Day? Check Out These People Who Will Make You Change Your Mind

We all have bad days from time to time. Think about it: your best days wouldn’t seem so good if you didn’t have those occasional rotten days to make them seem better! Right? Check out this gallery of people who are having days so bad you’ll feel lucky. Try not to laugh too hard at them though. Karma and all that.

Friday Night Is Ruined Thanks To This

Every pizza fanatic’s nightmare becomes a reality. You and your friends get excited about the pizza you just ordered. Once it comes, the second you open it, all the cheese is ripped off, mainly because it’s too hot to eat. This is sadder than the ending of Titanic.

Much Worse Than A Game Of Jenga

Good luck trying to bounce back from this. It’s really worse than a game of Jenga. The only difference is that you actually have to clean up this mess, unlike picking up the pieces of the Jenga tower. You know what though, working in an egg factory does have it struggles, and this sums up why.

They’re Gonna Feel That One In The Morning

Let’s hope this poor soul wasn’t ringed up in the private area. The annual tradition of the Running of the Bull is like Christmas in Spain. You see it on YouTube, including the victims who get run over by the bull themselves. No matter what, those bumps and bruises will be there for weeks.

Insurance Won’t Be Too Happy About This

Once you call insurance and tell them what happened, they’re gonna think twice about what you said. Nine expensive cars were tipped over and they probably cost more than this guy’s salary. Just think about the people who bought the cars — they are going to be so devastated about this.

The Moment You Regret Not Buying Your Parents Car

When your parents are looking for a new car and they offer you their current one, TAKE IT. This is the sole reason why most people don’t want to deal with taking public transportation. Nobody wants to see that and clearly, the look on the girl’s face just reeks of instant regret.

Wait, That’s Not The Sun…

The second the dog passes gas, this girl is going to start screaming and shed some tears. As funny as this looks, you wouldn’t want to be on the receiving of the dog’s disgusting beef stew smell. Man’s best friend doesn’t care — they think humans are walking fire hydrants.

So Close To Quitting Your Job

That would suck. Coming so close to winning the jackpot, only to have been off by one number. The moment you see this, you’re heading straight to the fridge and grabbing a cold one. It may take you some time to recover from this loss since you were so close to quitting work for good.

Welcome To High School, Freshman

You’re probably asking yourself, how did this happen? Well, this guy probably annoyed his sister’s friends, who happened to be seniors. This poor freshman got the initiation most ninth graders fear the most. Even the cop can’t take this seriously, it’s just too funny. It’ll take hours for all that tape to come off.

Spider, Can You Hear Me?

A lot of people have a fear of spiders. It’s their eyes and legs that creep out people the most. She doesn’t know it yet, but once this spider crawls around near her face, she’ll be screaming louder than anyone going into labor. After this, she’s not going to want to tan ever again.

He’s Going To Need A Lifetime Supply Of Jocks

A ceremonial first pitch at this Red Sox game didn’t end well. The ball made its way towards the photographer and hit him in the sensitive area. Sure, he’s going to have to wear a jock after that, but at least the pitch didn’t come from a hard throwing arm like Chris Sale.

For Some Reason, He Just Had To Go To The Playground

Anytime you see this, it should remind you of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. If you have no idea, then look it up and watch the video. It’s rather bizarre to see a grown man get stuck in a coil. It would be terrible if a bunch of kids played around him too.

The Chef’s Assistant Was A Little Too Curious

If you have a cat, you’ll understand this. As cute and furry as they come, cats can be a little ‘you know what,’ especially when they want to lend a helping hand in the kitchen. They’re just there to destroy what you’re making for dinner and claim it for themselves. We’re on to you, kittens!

So Much For Waiting In Line

It’s happened before and it won’t stop. Getting stuck on a roller coaster is bad for anxiety, especially if it’s before the first drop. Something like this would suck after you and your friends stood in line for a long time to enjoy the roller coaster. But sadly, you have to wait for the technicians.

When You’re The Last One Out Of Bed In The Military

Welcome to the military, where if you’re the last one out of bed, this is the cruel punishment you get. This soldier probably had the ultimatum of doing this or unclogging the toilets in all the bathrooms. Even if he has to do both, he should pound the alarm next time.

Just Trying To Get Off The Bus

This lady was just trying to squeeze off the bus at the last second when something went terribly wrong. The problem is that she’s at the back of the bus, so the bus driver might not know what’s happened for quite some time. At least she’ll get some fresh air!

How Do You Even Do That?

There is a very good reason why those traffic cones were there. They were put there so that nobody ended up driving their car into the wet cement. But hey, looks like someone did it, anyway. We hope that they have good car insurance that covers hardened cement all over their car.

Who Is Having The Worse Day?

We’re not sure who’s having the worse day in this picture. Is it the baby that’s about to take a bit of a tumble into the sand? Or the mother who has to live with the fact that she dropped her baby and there’s a picture to prove it? Luckily, this is sand so we’re sure the baby is okay.

One Trip Only

Attempting to only take one trip makes sense when you’re unloading something like groceries. But when it comes to a truckload of bricks, maybe it’s a better idea to just suck it up and take two. These guys learned the hard way and made quite a mess for themselves and probably lost their jobs.

Hope They Like Yellow

It really doesn’t get a whole lot worse than this. But do we really feel all that bad for their situation? Not really. Clearly, they didn’t take the precautions necessary when you’re driving with paint on the car. Also, what did they do, get into a high-speed chase with the cops?


If you’ve ever had a really nasty sunburn, we’re sure that you can feel this poor woman’s pain. Not only is she probably overheating inside of her own skin, but she can look forward to the next few days of excruciating pain and maybe a trip to the dermatologist to make sure she doesn’t have skin cancer.

Mom And Dad Would Be So Proud

A kid like this probably did it on purpose. Wet cement is everyone’s dream come true. You can be artistic and leave your mark for everyone to see. Here we have a kid who failed to grind on the wet cement. At least he got to leave his mark forever.

First Day On The Job, Paint Truck Crashes

Nobody would ever expect this to happen, especially if it’s your first day on the job in the contracting industry. Clearly, this newbie forgot to close the paint lids and all hell broke loose afterward. Who cares about the truck, he’s going to need a bath more than once over the course of the week.

If Usain Bolt Can Run Fast, Anything Is Possible

Hippos might be big, but don’t underestimate them. They can come after you when you least expect it. Once they do, you have to pull a Forrest Gump. With some glimmer of hope, you’ll be as fast as Usain Bolt. This would be hilarious if it were to happen at a zoo.

Great, Now I Can’t Take My Afternoon Bathroom Break

This sort of thing makes you want to puke a little bit. Seeing a wet roll of toilet paper is disturbing and the least appealing thing ever. When something like this happens, it totally ruins your afternoon bathroom break. No one is really going to fish out that roll anyway.

Where’s The Beef, Ronald?

This why so many customers get disgruntled. McDonald’s employees really know how to grind our gears. It’s the simplest things like only ketchup on a McDouble that they would gaff on. Their mindset was not there from the beginning so they just decided to wing it with not a single care.

It’s Like Jaws, But In Real Life

Not even Steven Speilberg could have created this in his Jaws series. But you know what, this would be the most bad ass movie scene to ever come across cinema. What’s worse is the fact that this isn’t a movie and a shark is so close to eating this guy for dinner.

Just Wanted To Relax

This little old lady just wanted to sit on this conveniently placed bench for a quick rest. What she didn’t know is that the bench was still wet with paint. The other problem is that she still probably won’t know until she either gets home or is stuck to the bench. Good thing her blouse is red too.


Somebody was probably really proud about installing that new cabinet. They were so confident in their work that they decided to put everything in it without properly testing it. before they knew it, it peeled off the wall and all of their good china was shattered all over the kitchen floor. Maybe next time hire a contractor.

So That’s Why My Package Never Came

This is one of those situations where you can kiss your job goodbye. If we were that guy we wouldn’t either bother trying to fix anything. He’s probably better off ditching the tuck, buying a plane ticket out of the country, and pretending that nothing ever happened.


Besides figuring out how to get all of these bees off this car, the real conundrum is how long was this car sitting here for this to happen. Did the owner stop by the grocery store and come out only to see their car covered in bees? We hope not because that would be horrifying.

Came Out Of Nowhere!

When it comes to having a bad day, we’re not even talking about the motorcycle rider. Think about the poor deer! It was just frolicking on the road before it got hit by a motorized vehicle! Let’s hope it just did a flip and landed perfectly on his feet.

Whose Fault?

Now, this is a bit of a situation here. As soon as that cement was poured on top of the car, all hope was lost. Even if you managed to scoop most of it off, it would still damage the car. Want to know why? Because it’s cement. And wet cement and cars don’t mix well.

That’s Gotta Hurt

We might be witnessing the end of someone’s entire track career. It looks like instead of hurdling, they tripped when they were supposed to jump and ended up smacking their face into the bar. Bodies aren’t supposed to bend that way, so we hope this runner lived to run another day.

No Open Containers

The open container policy can mean more than just no open alcohol inside of a car. It applies to paint as well. Although it may not be as dangerous, it certainly something you want to mess around with. That is unless you want your car to end up looking like a Jackson Pollock painting.

Oh Brother

Imagine going to the auto shop to get your car only to see it hanging lifelessly like this one. To say you’re having a bad day would be an understatement. However, on the bright side, it wouldn’t be your fault, although it is still a major inconvenience. Thankfully nobody was working on it when this happened.

Honey, I Sunk The Ship

Just by the way this man is sitting at the edge of the water watching the boat with all the cars sinking is enough to make anyone depressed. There’s literally nothing that he can do to help the situation but watch in horror as everything sinks to the bottom. With any luck, it wasn’t his fault.

It Stings!

The funny thing about this picture is that the EMTs look confused as to where to even start. All we know is that there’s no easy or painless way to go about this, and this guy is in for a rough next couple of hours. We’re not sure what happened, but we’re positive he won’t ever do it again.

No Words

This is hard to look at. These cars are built to hold a coffin so something like this never happens. As awful as this is, at least it stayed shut and the dead body didn’t end up sprawled out on the busy street. Once again, this guy can probably say goodbye to his job.


Considering how top heavy that piece of machinery is, we can’t say that we’re too surprised that this ended up happening. As bad as it might look, it could have been a lot worse and fallen into a building or important. It fell exactly where nothing was. So these people should count their blessings.

Going For A Dip

It’s not clear how this car ended up in this swimming pool, but it’s a bummer either way. The windshield is cracked, the interior is underwater, and the pool is probably damaged on top of that. Thankfully, these people weren’t in the middle of having a pool party, or this would have been a big party foul.