These Waste Cases Woke Up From Their Blackout And Still Haven’t Seen The Light

You can call these people everything from lightweights to alcoholics to even irresponsible. But, one thing that they’re not is a quitter. They live by the motto of “blackout or back out.”

When you’re in a blackout you’re probably wondering what is going on upstairs in that head of yours. Nothing good ever comes out of it because your mind just shuts off, but your body decides it wants to have a fiesta. The end result? A hangover that leaves you pondering every single life choice you’ve ever made. Sometimes, you need to tie yourself down to keep from spinning away. Needless to say, you should never drink to the point where you become one of these people.

The TV Needs To Adapt To My Hangover

hangover 1.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @stoksyxl

Hangover Fact: When the soft drink 7up was first created in the late 1920s it contained lithium, which was a mood stabilizer. The drink was marketed as a hangover cure at first.

When you’re so hungover that you can’t even move your head, you know that it’s going to be a long day. All you want to do is watch mindless shows on TV and doze in and out of sleep.