These Things Are Hiding Right Out In The Open. Can You Find Them?

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we’ve just seen something that seems impossible. Like when you’re looking at one thing and suddenly notice that there’s something else right there too. Usually you can’t unsee these hidden objects once you’ve spotted them.

Robots On A Scarf

If you look at the scarf long enough, eventually you will see the robots. It’s much better than giving your significant other a sweatshirt, and we all know the outcome when that happens. Still, something this creative would be so cool to wear during the harsh winter months.

Waldo Is Easier To Find

Seriously, where is the phone? Can you spot it anywhere? Man oh man, this is much worse than trying to find Waldo when you’re sober. You know what? This would be better to find after a few beers because strange things happen when you consume alcohol with your friends. If you’re still puzzled, it’s sitting on the ground next to the front right table leg. You’re welcome.

Private Bar Entrance

In Shanghai, you will find a sandwich shop called The Press. There’s a Coca-Cola machine that leads to another place. Seriously, it does. The vending machine in the deli is split vertically to swing open and reveal the entrance to another place. More restaurants should incorporate this.

Sasquatch On A Car

Not sure if that’s a sasquatch or Bigfoot. Let’s just say it’s a mix of both mythical creatures. As tiny as it is, there’s a real good chance you won’t see this on the back of any car. This little guy is perfectly hidden, so it’s no wonder we still can’t get a clear photo of Bigfoot.

Sneaky Little Guy

Most of us would walk right by this little guy without noticing that he’s just trying to blend in. You’d really have to be checking these figurines out in order to realize that there’s an imposter. He’s a cute imposter, but an imposter nonetheless.

Double USB Port

Apparently, it’s cheaper to make one model and sell it as two USB ports. That’s one life hack we all should be aware of. Whoever has been hiding double USB ports on us this whole time has some serious explaining to do. Isn’t this some sort of way of saying this is false advertisement?

Celtic Cross In The Forest

A 328-foot long Celtic cross near the border of the UK has boggled the minds of many passengers. It emerged that Liam Emmery planted the cross six years before he passed away. What a nice touching tribute to a cross that’s situated within the Republic of Ireland.

I Spy Mickey Mouse

What you see in the photo is a grass spot of Mickey Mouse. At first, it might look like it’s a really dirty tile floor but it’s not. Looking over land on planes really makes you appreciate all the little things that can pop up in life. See folks, this is one reason why it’s a small world after all.

Man On The Cigarette

Most people who purchase of a pack of Philip Morris cigarettes would be oblivious to see what’s on the butt end. However, someone like me who isn’t a smoker found this rather interesting to see. Branding is king, no matter what the product.

Brick Security

Now, that’s one way to be camera-flauge! Not even robbers would notice this security camera that’s disguised as a brick. How clever is that? This company is on its way to catching thieves faster than a cop buys their daily dose of coffee and donuts.

Never Expected That

Out of all the times you’ve had a Toblerone, never would you have expected to see a bear in the mountains. That image will be engraved into your minds the next time you buy this tasty chocolate.

It’s Not Narnia

While cleaning out your garden, there’s a chance you’ll come across a shed you’ve never seen before. Sadly, once it opens, it doesn’t lead you to the land of Narnia.

Sheep Class 101

Fairly certain that the new student didn’t run off to their herd on the farm. Whoever decided to bring a sheep to their lecture must have done a lot of planning to make sure it got in. It won’t be long before our furry little friend will come around eating people’s assignment.

Hungry Like The Wolf

When fences have some sort of design, it’s usually something random and pointless. But this fence is clearly not like the others since it’s got a wolf right between the panels on the far right. How cool is that? More companies should incorporate that into their panel.

The Secret Passage

It’s so amazing to see a hidden room inside the Admont Abbey Library in Australia. Looking at pictures online, the library looks absolutely amazing on the inside. Having a secret passage makes for a quick transfer from getting out bed to using the washroom, and snuggling up reading a book.

Knights Of Dice

As odd as this looks, it makes sense to see the dice in the Knight. First of all, each chess piece is heavy on the bottom. Secondly, you now know the reason behind it because it’s used as support. It’s amazing to see that you learn something new every day.

Hidden Bathroom Window

This looks pretty easy to put together. Just screw the hinges to the frame of the mirror and window casing. That’s one way to fool your guests by making them think it’s just a regular medicine cabinet. Also, it’s great to have that window after going number 2.

Cueballs Much Like Jawbreakers

They must have played one hard game of billiards. Now we have to break every other ball to see if there’s something hiding in it. A cracked up cue ball with another ball inside is pretty similar to a jawbreaker.

Underground Car

It seems like an easy bet that there are sensors to prevent anything bad happen to this expensive vehicle. It seems dangerous but it’s something different. Any second now, Batman is going to appear out of nowhere, then take the car to fight his archnemesis, the Joker.

Double Or Nothing

Out of all the times you used a pair of dice, you would never expect this to happen. It’s awesome to see that there’s an extra dice inside of it. If you think about it, the material doesn’t look so secure, but it’s better than having a broken pair of dice.

Glacier National Park

Believe it or not, this lake in Glacier National Park in Montana is probably the most beautiful body of water you’ll ever lay eyes on. A pristine spot that’s calling your name for relaxation and a peace of mind. Even the water makes it look like it came from a painting. It’s amazing to see what’s out there in the world.

Empty Building

Believe it or not, the classic building in Times Square known as the One Times Square is completely empty. With so much chaos all around it’s hard to imagine that there’s nothing inside. The company that owned the building went bankrupt in 1992 and was sold to an advertising firm who just uses it for billboards.

Underground Las Vegas Nightlife

There is a giant system of tunnels beneath the bustling streets of Las Vegas. It is home to several hundred homeless people. Although it is completely dark, when you turn on a life, you’ll be surprised to see an entire community beneath the streets.

Floor 103

Although everybody knows about the lookout platform on floor 102 of the Empire State Building, very few know about floor 103. Above the viewing platform, there’s a small room with a low balcony. Unfortunately, however, it’s only open for staff and VIPs.

Secret Disney Rooms

The Cinderella Castle at Disney World, USA isn’t just for show and to take pictures in front of. There are secret rooms within its walls where people can either pay or even win an opportunity to stay in. They’re no motel room either, these rooms are decked out.

Torch Lookout

Up until 1916, there was a staircase that led up to the balcony inside of the torch of the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately, it was damaged due to an explosion and people were no longer allowed to go into it. However, it was replaced by a new one in 1986.

Britains Smallest Police Station

Located in Trafalgar Square is Britains smallest police station. It is called the Lilliputian Police Station and has a phone line connecting to Scotland Yard. It can also double as a small jail holding up to two prisoners at a time.

The Ultimate Hiding Spot

From a distance, you would never guess that there was a real owl buried in this tree trunk. With its eyes closed, he is completely camouflaged to be a part of the tree. We guess this is his strategy for sleeping safely during the day and it definitely works!

Sneaking A Drink

Trying to get alcohol secretly into somewhere you’re not supposed to? Fear no more, because this brush is equipped to be the perfect hiding spot. Nobody will ever question it unless you start drinking right out of the handle! The good thing is that it doubles as a brush too!

Secrets of Mt. Rushmore

There’s more to Mt. Rushmore than just the president’s heads. Behind Abraham Lincoln’s head in the hills of South Dakota, there is a hidden room known as the Hall of Records. It tells the story of the US to future generations and includes the country’s charter documents.

Disney Secrets

If you look closely at this snapshot from the Disney film Brother Bear, you can see Nemo from Finding Nemo with all of the other fish. This is no coincidence since Disney is known for including these easter eggs in a lot of their movies.

Secret Eiffel Tower Apartment

As if the Eiffel Tower wasn’t amazing enough, for a long time, the public was unaware of the secret apartment within. In 1889, engineer Gustave Eiffel built himself a private apartment inside that only he could access. It has recently been restored to its original condition with wax models.

Locked and Loaded

This one is for all of our gun enthusiasts out there. If you feel the need to have protection throughout your house, then these pieces of furniture with hidden compartments are for you. This looks like something straight out of a gangster movie.

Secret Hatch

At the Fiumicino-Leonardo da Vinci airport is a 60-foot statue of Leonardo da Vinci. Unveiled in 1960, it wasn’t discovered that there was a hidden hatch until 46 years later in 2006. Inside of the hatch was parchments detail the history of the area in Latin and another of a list of the attendees of the opening ceremony.

Check Your Hose!

Wow, this snake is definitely hidden in plain sight. One second you’re going to water the yard and the next your on your way to the hospital from a snake bite. We’ll definitely be checking the hose before we touch it now!

They’ll Never Find This

Burglars could come into your home and take everything that you own. But the chances are that they’ll never find this secret compartment/safe. Unless they want to try and pry up the floor of the whole house, they aren’t getting their hands on whatever is in there.

Not Sly Enough

It looks like this person really put their faith into the “in plain sight” strategy for hiding things. It seems like a good idea at the time, but what happens when somebody needs to use the stapler? We think someone might end up catching on then.

Tango Down

This hunter is really becoming part of the environment with that ghillie suit. It’s almost impossible to find him in the first place, so an animal might have an even harder time. Keep a lookout next time you’re hiking because there might be someone lurking in the brush.

Making Great Use of Space

With the recent fad of tiny homes and simple living, this is a great invention. Washing machines and dryers take up so much room, and this solves that very problem. Although it might be a little loud when you’re cooking in the kitchen, it’s better than nothing!

Secret Key

This definitely seems like a better idea than just hiding the key to your house under your welcome mat. Everyone knows that trick. But we don’t think people go along looking inside of these for house keys. It’s simple, yet so effective.