These Pranks By Doctors Are Perfectly Executed

Visiting the doctor’s office isn’t the most enjoyable thing on your to-do list. It’s often uncomfortable and stressful sitting in an office, and most of the time you’re there because you’re not feeling well in the first place. These doctors decided to let their sense of humor show and give patients something to laugh about. Hilarious signs, costumes- you name it, these doctors did it. Wait until you see the photos from the maternity ward.

Where’s Waldo?


Going to the doctor can be nerve-wracking for anyone, but especially for women visiting the gynecologist. Lying on your back in a cold room while a stranger inspects your reproductive organs isn’t exactly a relaxing experience. But that’s why lots of doctors will put pictures, magnets, or other things on the ceiling above the examination table to help patients relax. This doctor clearly has a great sense of humor on top of being amazingly clever. In you look closely, you’ll see they replaced part of the ceiling with a Where’s Waldo drawing. What a fun way to help patients relax!

A New Meaning Of Cavity Search


Best…what…in town?! In addition to dental services, this dentist clearly provides laughs all around for his patients, staff, and anyone who happens to pass by his office! Dr. Brandon Jones dental office in Oklahoma has created a reputation for themselves for their hilarious (and often borderline inappropriate) marquee signs—but they truly outdid themselves with this one. It truly gives a whole new meaning to the term “cavity search”—lets just hope they mean the oral kind!

Make Your Dog Less Nuts


Like doctors, veterinarians have some of the greatest senses of humor. After all, they have a tough job to do, so putting a bit of comedy into the day-to-day work just makes things a little easier. The team at the Eau Gallie Veterinary Hospital clearly has a few jokesters who know how to lighten to mood. They’re constantly changing the marquee sign out front to say hilarious things. Like this one above. They certainly know how to bring laughter to anyone’s day!

Pregnant Pumpkin


Not only is this doctor skilled at saving lives, but they are quite the artist too! Working in the maternity ward can be stressful, but this pregnant pumpkin is enough to make everyone relax and have a good laugh for a minute. We have to give the artist credit for their attention to detail too. Just look at those manicured nails! And her lengthy false eyelashes! We’ve heard of expecting mothers getting dolled up to look their best giving birth, and it looks like this pumpkin followed suit.

Mind Your Children


Kids can be notoriously terrible when they have to wait for long periods of time, like at the doctor’s office. We can’t really blame them, but sometimes it goes a little too far—especially if their mom or dad isn’t really paying attention to them while they cause a ruckus in a place that is supposed to be quiet. The staff at this doctor’s office had clearly had enough when they put up this sign that reads, “ALL UNATTENDED CHILDREN WILL BE TOWED AWAY AT OWNER’S EXPENSE.” Not only is this sign short, sweet, and to the point, but it’s pretty funny too.

4,000 Years Of Medicine


People are always searching for the key to perfect health. But with conflicting ideologies about what perfect health really is and how to achieve it, it can start to get overwhelming. There has been a lot of controversy over whether or not antibiotics and various medications are overused in our society, while nutrition isn’t emphasized as much as it should be. This doctor summed up the history of medicine in this brief (and pretty dang funny) sign at their office. Although we feel even more confused now!

The Doctor That Has The Solution


This doctor knows you’ve had enough. For all those day-to-day annoyances, big or small, this doctor has the solution: Fukitol. Don’t get it? Say the name of the “medication” once or twice and you might realize that it sounds quite similar to a certain expression that contains a word we are not at liberty to spell out. We’re sure everyone would want to get their hands on a prescription for Fukitol because we’ve all been to our low points. After all, a capsule a day can make your troubles go away!

Doctors Like Dr. Who, Too


We all know we need to wash our hands frequently to avoid spreading germs. But signs that simply say, WASH YOUR HANDS, are boring and kind of demanding, right? While we obviously know it’s the right thing to do, for stubborn little kids (alright, and some adults too) this isn’t enough. This doctor, however, injected a little humor in their hand-washing signage at their office. It’s pretty funny and definitely gives Dr. Who fans a little laugh.

When You REALLY Love Dentistry


This team of dental professionals truly went above and beyond when designing their office. this life-like dental installation was actually created by the pro’s at Colgate and was used in a massive installation on dental hygiene at Museo de Los Ninos. We pretty much love every aspect of it—the teeth which are used as seats in the waiting area, the pinks walls, and the rug that is reminiscent of a tongue. It’s a great way to give patients a laugh before an appointment.

We All Need Monster Spray Sometimes


This has to be one of the funniest (and sweetest!) gestures by a doctor. When a little girl came to this doctor’s office for a check-up she was perfectly healthy but admitted she was terrified because she thought there were monsters in her room at night. Cleverly, this doc had a mock label created the reads “MONSTER SPRAY.” It even includes instructions, which say to “spray around the room at night before bed, repeat if necessary.” While the bottle is simply filled with water, it’s a clever, cute and pretty dang funny way to help little kids overcome their fear of monsters.

This Doc Puts His Best Foot Forward


When this patient met with his prosthetic doctor, he was greeted in a hilarious way. The patient texted this picture to his nephew, who then posted it on Reddit. The photo received thousands of up votes and comments from people exclaiming how great it was that he helped lighten a tough situation. One commenter said, “If I lost a limb and had to go in for a prosthesis and this guy walked in, I would feel so much better. I hope this guy chose his practice just so he could be the guy that brightens peoples’ day after losing a part of themselves.”

Dr. Hedgeh(og)


Although this doctor is fed up, we have to admit that his staff has a great sense of humor. Dr. Hedgeh’s name plate on his office door is constantly getting the letters “og” added to the end. The result? He becomes Dr. Hedgehog and hilarity ensues. This apparently happened so many times that he felt the need to put a sign up that reads, “FAO: whomever keeps adding ‘og’ to the end of my door sign, STOP IT. Dr. Hedgeh.” To make matters worse, someone defaced his note too. It may be best to just give in and change your name, Dr. Hedgehog!

Put The Phone Down!


Most of us are obsessed with our phones. People are constantly texting, talking, scrolling the news, checking their email, posting on Facebook and more. This doctor’s office had clearly had enough after an increasing number of patients would check-in without even putting their phone down while talking to the receptionist. The team put up this brutally honest and hilarious sign that reads: ATTENTION: Medical evidence has proven that NOT texting for the next 30 minutes WILL NOT KILL YOU!

Um, What?


You gotta love medical professionals who can inject humor in something as unpleasant as dental work can be! Kevin Ritola is a dentist in Georgia and his office is constantly changing the marquee to hilarious sayings. This one, however, takes the cake. Although it’s slightly cringeworthy it’s definitely funny and is sure to get a laugh out of everyone visiting or simply driving by. We just hope they don’t actually do you-know-what in their patient’s mouths!

Suddenly I Feel Much Smarter


For many, the worst part of going to the doctor is getting weighed. Not only do you have to face the truth of all of that late night snacking, but the nurse just stands there expressionless. This doctor’s office realized the anxiety that many experiences when getting weighed and decided to lighten the mood and inject a little humor in the situation, with the sign that says, “Pretend it’s your IQ.” We’re suddenly feeling much smarter!

A Perfect Christmas Tree For The Doctor’s Office


Everyone loves getting into the holiday spirit—doctors included! The team at this doctor’s office was clearly excited for the holidays last years and took decorating to the next level. Rather than picking up a normal Christmas tree, the team got creative and crafted this mock Christmas tree from none other than surgical gloves. They did a pretty good job too! While their Christmas tree might not look perfect, we’re sure it brightened patients’ days and made everyone laugh just a little bit.

Hypochondriacs Beware


Going to the doctor is not a pleasant experience for everyone. While some people are indifferent about visiting their doctor, others? …Not so much. Sometimes, just the thought of going for an annual check-up is enough to make one anxious. Couple that with waiting in a cold office while the person next to you won’t stop hacking up a lung, and it can diminish any feeling of relaxation that may have once been there. Now, imagine you try to read to get your mind off things. You pick up the closest book on the table next to you, which is titled, The Complete Manual of Thing That Might Kill You. Maybe this doctor wants to spike his patients’ blood pressure so they have a reason to come back!

Elf On The (Dentist’s) Shelf


Each holiday season, it seems as if we are bombarded by elves…Elf on the Shelf in particular. The Elf on the Shelf originated at a children’s picture book in 2005. In the story, Santa’s elves hide in people’s home to watch over them and determine who is naughty and who is nice (which is pretty creepy if you think about it). The book was such a hit that it spawned the Elf on the Shelf tradition, where people place elves in secret spots around their home.

This dentist’s office got in the holiday cheer last year when they began hiding the elf in various spots. The only difference? He is always sporting a toothbrush and toothpaste!

This Doc Keeps It Real


It’s not unusual for doctors and medical staff to post an ‘Out to Lunch” sign when it’s time to refuel. But this doctor, in particular, keeps it real…really real. If you look closely under the “OUT TO LUNCH” text, the sign reads: OK, so I’m technically here…but I’m eating. Please don’t come between me and my food – you may get bitten. I will be happy to help you in an hour or less! We have to give it up to him for keeping it brutally honest. After all, who wants to be disturbed during their meal?

Snip, Snip


Most doctors offices have their own branded swag—you know, like pens, notepads, stress balls and the like. While those are all useful things for patients to have around the house, they are necessarily exciting. So when it came time for this doctor to purchase takeaways from his patients and staff, he never just what he wanted to do. A Swiss army knife is wonderfully handy, but that fact that this doctor just happens to perform vasectomies makes it hilarious. The fact that his nickname is Dr. Snip just makes it even better.

Don’t Believe Everything You See


Between WebMD and shows like Grey’s Anatomy, it’s easy to think the slightest pain in your toe is a symptom of imminent death. It’s a tough world out there for hypochondriacs, but it might just be even tougher for doctors and other medical professionals! Doctors frequently see patients who have already Googled their symptoms and done a little self-diagnosis before making their way into the office. Some patients are so stubborn and believe they have their diagnoses figured out that it can seriously interfere with the real doctor doing his or her job. This doctor had clearly encountered enough patients like this that they added this hilarious sign. It’s a good reminder to not believe everything you see on TV or read online!

The Universal Birth Reaction Assessment Tool

Assessment Tool for Birth.jpg

This OBGYN office has a fun way to determine exactly how excited an expecting father is when they find out the (hopefully) good news. Our favorite reaction is “11” which basically amounts to the expecting father pulling out his hair and screaming “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.” We love that a lot of thought was put into each of the reactions and in our experience, they are right on point. The next time you’re at the OBGYN pay attention to your own partner’s reaction and see where they fall on a scale of 1 to 11.

Waiting Is A Good Thing In The ER


This friendly ER dinosaur delivered the perfect message to impatient visitors. The message reads: “Waiting is good. It means you are not going to die. The person you need to feel sorry for is the one who gets rushed into the ER and treated first.” It’s a valid point and it made us laugh. With that being said, it still sucks to be stuck sitting in a chair for four hours while doctors work on other patients. If you are treated first, at least you know doctors at the ER were really worried about your health and went the extra mile to have you seen.

A Meme Filled Pain Chart

Pain Chart Meme.jpg

The “1 to 10” scale for pain is hard to gauge. If you have never felt extreme amounts of pain you might consider yourself to be hurting more than you actually are. This doctor found a unique way to add a bit of pop cultural reference to the pain chart. Using a popular meme set from the internet they have patients rate their pain based on different visual references. Here’s a pro-tip, if you feel like you’re bleeding from your eyes it would be a great time to call an ambulance or have someone drive you to the nearest ER as soon as humanly possible.

This Guy Was Pulled Into The Doctor’s Office For The Funniest Reason

Patient Humor with Doctor.jpg

This guy was visiting his doctor’s office when his physician decided to have a good laugh with his patient. He pulled the man into one of the examination rooms so he could show him an explanatory poster that shared an amazing resemblance with the patient. This is a great reminder that doctor’s like to have a good laugh just as much as the rest of us. We have to admit that the patient does look exactly like the man in the poster, right down to the long-sleeve shirt he decided to wear on the day of his appointment with the doctor.

Stop Making A Spectacle Of Yourself

Eye Doctor.jpg

It’s not just doctors and dentist’s dealing out the jokes. This office of eye doctors puts out a book titled “The Fine Art Of Prescribing Glasses. Without Making a Spectacle of Yourself.” If you’re visiting these health professionals there’s a good chance you can’t read the cover of the book very well, which is a bit ironic. This is yet another reminder that doctors are regular people like the rest of us and they want to share a bit of laughter with their patients. We are okay with these optometrists making a spectacle of themselves for a good laugh.

Most Commonly Asked Pregnancy Questions


For new parents, having a baby is a daunting endeavor and the mom and dad to be are left with a lot of questions. Some OB-GYN’s, like the one above, must get really irritated at having to be asked the same questions over and over again. This OB-GYN, in particular, had a great solution to that problem. He or she took the liberty of making a handout to answer all your basic pregnancy questions—in the most sardonic way. The kicker here is the question that states a husband’s pregnant wife is moody and “borderline irrational” as she is five months pregnant. The doctor’s response: “So what’s your question?”

A Doctor Provided This Note For A Patient

Doctor Note for Employee.jpg

This doctor cut right to the point when a patient asked for a note to provide to their employer. The patient was suffering from the “common cold” and the doctor was quick to point out that there is no way to actually diagnose the common cold. Instead, they attempt to make the employer realize that their policy is stupid and they should stop wasting everyone’s time. We openly laughed when we read the document but also fully agree with the doctor’s diagnosis of their patient. This was a victory for the little guy!

This Dentist Dressed Like The Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Dentist.jpg

This dentist wanted to put an extra smile on his patients’ faces and dressed up like the tooth fairy for Halloween. He might have been wearing the costume just for Halloween but this would be a great way to get children into the dentist chair with a little bit less hassle and a whole lot more fun.

An Entire Hospital Got In On This Joke


Sometimes it’s not a single doctor who gets in on the jokes. This maternity ward was right on point with their messaging. To enter the birthing section of the hospital you have to “Push Push! PUSH!” the door open. Giving birth to a healthy baby boy or girl is already a very rewarding experience and patients at this hospital also get a good laugh as they prepare to welcome their new child into the world. If more hospitals adopted this type of humor it would be a more enjoyable experience to visit the hospital when there are no other options.

Even The Bathroom Sink Is Funny At This Fertility Clinic


Visiting a fertility clinic can be a sensitive and stressful situation. The team at this fertility clinic understands that emotions can run high amongst their patients which is why they try to inject humor anywhere they can—including the bathroom! The team put a tail on the end of the sink in the bathroom to give it the look of a sperm. If we had our choice this would be the type of facility we would visit. If the doctors are willing to have a bit of fun the visits are probably far more relaxing.

A Fun Way To Remind Patients Of Their Medical Needs

Medical Needs.jpg

Nobody wants to have a routine colonoscopy but at least this doctor’s office found a funny way to set a reminder based on your age. A little bit of imagery can go a long way in reminding patients of their medical needs. Admittedly, we don’t remember these shoes so we are probably good for at least a few years. There isn’t a whole lot of colonoscopy humor in this world — for good reason — but we love that a doctor was willing to have a little bit of fun with their patients. Guests to the waiting room probably had a good laugh — until their actual colonoscopy was scheduled and underway.

This Doctor Has A Funny Take On The Antibiotics Craze

Virus versus Cold.jpg

Injecting pop cultural references in the doctor’s office is a great way to make patients smile with something that is familiar to them. This office wanted to make sure patients understood that a common cold is a virus and antibiotics won’t do anything to slow or stop its progression throughout the body. We are in the middle of an antibiotic epidemic and germs are learning to overpower currently available medicines. If more doctor’s offices had this type of funny and engaging medical advice on their walls, the world would be a better place for millions of people.

A Game To Pass The Time


A two-year-old girl was hospitalized and that’s a scary fact of life for many young children. Her doctor wanted the young girl to feel comfortable so he broke out the game “Operation.” He even had the young girl’s Dora The Explorer doll suit up with a face mask so she could stand at the operating table. This silly and inventive doctor even helped the young girl “scrub” in for the operation. Working in pediatrics takes a very special set of skills that includes actual medical knowledge with a sense of what children need to feel comfortable and loved during their toughest of times.

This Guy’s Hip Is Still Helping Him Walk

Walking Hip Cane.jpg

When this older gentleman had his hip replaced he wanted to keep the part of his body that was removed. His doctor had a great idea and turned the hip joint into a walking cane. The patient now has a brand new hip and a cane that helps him walk. A doctor’s first job is ensuring that their patients remain healthy and their second job is building a rapport that makes their patients feel comfortable with them. This doctor scores extra points for finding a truly unique way to engage with their patient even after they completed their surgical job.

A Stool Sample Like No Other

Stool Sample.jpg

This patient’s doctor asked them for a stool sample. When the patient went to grab the container for that sample they found a tiny stool inside of the bottle. Here’s to hoping the patient wasn’t expected to pass an actual stool. If nothing else, they get to take home a cool little memento from their time at the doctor’s office. It’s these funny little touches offered by some doctors that show our health care providers really do care about our well-being and want to make us feel not only better but also comfortable when spending time with them.



When this patient visited their OBGYN for their first appointment they noticed something funny during the ultrasound. A closer examination of the doctor’s pen revealed an egg and some sperm. You know the doctor is really patient about their work when they have office equipment that show’s off their skill set. The only question we have for this OGBYN is… where do we get one of these pens? If your doctor is willing to have this kind of fun with you, they probably have an amazing bedside manner.

A Dentist And A Funny Friend

Funny Dentist visit.jpg

When this guy was put under anesthesia to have his wisdom teeth out it was a co-worker who drove him to the dentist office. Once he was out cold the dentist told his co-worker to come into the surgical area. They quickly snapped a photo of the man holding a pair of pliers while his friend was sleeping his worried away. The photo was posted on the internet and it quickly went viral. We do have a serious question though — does everyone look like this guy when they are under anesthesia or is he just a really happy gentleman?

I’m The Doctor

Geeky Doctor Humor.jpg

When a geek becomes a doctor this is the result. This physician decorated their office with pictures from the sci-fi cult classic Dr. Who. The poster in the background reads “Keep Calm, I’m The Doctor.” Upon closer examination, there is also a poster of a Dalek that reads, “You Will Obey and Wash Your Hands.” When a funny doctor injects some of their own personality into their examination rooms it really shows they care and makes the entire experience of visiting a physician seem a little bit less sterile and a whole lot more fun.

Go Home And Enjoy Your Nuts

Enjoy Your Nuts.jpg

Dr. Waguespack performs vasectomies and he has found a really funny and unique way to send his patients on their way. The doctor found a brand of goodies aptly named “My Husband’s Nuts” which he sends home with each male he treats. Along with the nuts is a note that reads, “Go Home…Relax and enjoy your nuts.” The medical profession is serious business but that doesn’t mean doctors can’t have a bit of fun with their patients and send them on their way with a big smile and a tasty treat. We would take this care package over a lollipop any day!

Please Clear Browser History

Please Clear Browser History.jpg

If you’re being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance or you arrive unconscious, doctors are trained to look for any type of medical ID bracelets you wear for safety purposes. Sure they are normally used to highlight life-threatening allergies but this bracelet is different. A doctor decided some of his patients would be more worried about their internet browsing history than anything else. They created a bracelet that reads, “Please Clear Browsing History.” We’re sure a lot of their male patients appreciated the humor in this gift.

People Will Listen To Anything


We’ve all seen those commercials late at night that try to sell medications to you by listing general ailments to lure in any old fool. Unfortunately, there may be some people that actually take these commercials to heart and actually follow the advice given in the commercial just because it relates to them. This doctor was probably tired of his patients telling him what they think is best for themselves based off what they saw on television, so he took the liberty of posting this sign: “Ask your doctor if medical advice from a television commercial is right for you.”

They Say That Patience Is A Virtue


Everyone hates going to the Emergency Room for whatever reason. Sure, their ailments are considered an emergency to themselves, but the catch of going to the emergency room to get treated is that you have to wait for hours just to be seen by a doctor. A lot of people tend to only think of themselves, especially when they’re not feeling well, so it’s understandable that they’d be upset if they saw someone that just got there getting treatment before them. But this sign is true, if someone was being rushed in, they’re probably in a fatal condition and need to be treated immediately.

Love ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em, Shots Are Necessary


This doctor put a little humor into getting vaccinated. A lot of people hate getting shots, especially children. But there are also some people that take their fear of shots and needles into adulthood. Usually, the reward for withstanding a shot is a lollipop that the doctor gives you in the end. But this doctor wanted to remind their patients that there is an even better reward to getting a shot. They told their patients that “The best part about getting vaccinated isn’t the lollipop, it’s the part where you don’t get sick and die.” Touché.

This Doctor Cares About Your Brain


A lot of doctor’s offices have televisions in their waiting room to help the time go by faster. However, this doctor probably thought that society has had enough television and thought that people should try something that’s better for the brain. Instead of just turning the TV off, they put up a message to all of their patients. When the patients look up and expect to watch some mindless television, they’ll instead get this message: “Try Reading Instead.” What a way for doctors to troll their patients, right? On the other hand, it’s not such a bad idea that people should read more instead of resorting to television to pass the time.

No More WebMD For You


Since the advent of the Internet, there has been a groundbreaking site called WebMD. Supposedly this site has most of the answers to all your health questions and even has a great tool that will help you figure out what’s wrong with you based on what symptoms you’re feeling. Unfortunately, people take this site a little too seriously and forgo a real doctor’s advice. There should be no substitute to seeing a real doctor in person for the sake of your health. But a lot of people will believe what they read on the Internet over what an actual doctor tells them.

This Is Why People Hate The Dentist


This dentist knows that people don’t like to see him, so he decided to have a little fun with that fact using memes. People hate the dentist because although they are trying to maintain the health of your mouth, what they do in there feels like the total opposite. Dentist tools do a lot of picking and pulling and some of the tools even feel like they’re hurting you. This sign makes light of the fact that although an area of your mouth may be hurting, even though the doctor is trying to determine what’s wrong, it just feels like they’re making it worse. This sign is sure to get a chuckle or two out of any patient who sees it.

The Doctor Doesn’t Stand For Body Shaming


Whenever you have a doctor’s appointment, you usually have to be weighed. A lot of people don’t like this part of going to the doctor because they’re embarrassed about the number that will come up on the scale. This doctor realizes that but feels that nobody should be ashamed about how much they weigh, so they put a great sign next to their scale: “A recent study has found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than the men who mention it.” A lot of people who are embarrassed about this are women and that’s mostly because there are rude men there to make them feel ashamed about it.

The Internet Is Not Your Doctor


Here is another case of a doctor annoyed by patients who believe the Internet over what he has to say. This doctor was pretty straight up with his patients who refer to the Internet before deciding to come see him. He said, “Please DO NOT confuse your Google search with my medical degree.” It’s true. Why would you believe what the Internet has to say over your own doctor? Your doctor didn’t go through years of medical school to be trumped by the Internet. People will say that actual doctors wrote the advice online, but you can never really be so sure.

This Doctor Wears What He Wants

wMPYajpQ8mulle3eEzLJ_full_pirate doc.jpg

Medicine In Motion

Someone went to visit their doctor and shared with the world that he was dressed as a pirate. Hey, at least this doctor knows how to spice up his day to day routine! Perhaps this was part of an office costume day or maybe even Halloween. But one thing’s for sure, this doctor has no qualms about being questioned about his unusual wardrobe decisions. Dressing up in outlandish costumes is sure to make him seem more approachable and likable by children.

There Are Definitely More Painful Things Than The Dentist


And this dentist knows that. This dentist tried to get more patients by advertising that his dental exams are less painful than an episode of Jersey Shore! If you remember, Jersey Shore followed the lives of Snookie, The Situation, and all their New Jersey-native friends and the spray-tanned lives they lived on the shore. A lot of people felt that the show was a pain to the brain and this dentist was probably one of those people. Some shows are so terrible that they’d rather get a dental exam or a root canal than sit through half an hour of terrible reality television.

A Very Punny Dentist


Humorous dentists and doctors are one thing, but when they start making use of puns, they’re on a whole other level of hilarity. This dentist has a sign, or rather, a plaque up on this wall that says “Regular brushing could have prevented this plaque.” We don’t want to have to ruin a good pun by explaining it, but we will anyway. Not only will brushing your teeth regularly prevent tooth plaque, but it is also funny because the statement is written on an actual plaque. This sign is sure to make any dental patient laugh and maybe even remind them that if they brushed more, they’d have to see the dentist less often.

An Odd Questionnaire


It may be a little tough to decipher, but this is a questionnaire given by an Army medical center. While it goes through the standard customer satisfaction questions asking which doctor has seen you and how well your appointment went, there is one more strange question at the bottom. It reads, “If you had a male resident, please rate the appearance of his mustache.” There is then a score to pick from ranging from zero (absent), then one (scary) all the way to ten (inspiring). It then asks for comments on the quality of the resident’s mustache, which is weird, but we’re sure all the patients had fun with that!

A Festive Gyno Exam


This is one example of an OB-GYN’s office that sure does know how to get festive for the holidays! Usually, women might cringe at the sight of a speculum because we all know their painful use. But this speculum was turned into a happy Rudolph to help make your next pelvic exam more fun! Let’s just hope that they used a new speculum instead of that one! Some doctors and nurses might get bored of the day to day monotony of meeting with patients and this is certainly one way to make things a little more exciting.

She Sleeps With Her Dentist?!


This advertisement for a dentist may shock you at first. Notice the picture of the two women gossiping with a huge caption across the top saying, “I’m sleeping with my dentist… and I LOVE IT!” That alone is sure to capture the eyes of whoever is looking through this magazine. But if you keep reading, you will probably laugh about what the advertisement is actually trying to say. This is actually an advertisement for a dentist who puts his patients under anesthesia so that they can have a virtually painless dentist operation! He won’t actually get into bed with you.

The Doctor’s Note


We’re not sure if this is a legitimate doctor’s note or not, but the fact that names and addresses are blacked out makes us think that it is. The note is a certification that the patient in questions, Shaun, is receiving medical treatment for back pain. The doctor’s recommendation? “He WILL BE UNFIT TO CONTINUE his USUAL OCCUPATION or SEXUAL services. Shaun can only take part in sexual activity flat on his back with minimal effort on his part.” The note is a little too descriptive if you ask us, but that’s what makes it all the more hilarious!

Open Wide!


This dentist wanted to have a little fun and add some whimsy to his office. He uses special masks that have a cartoon face plastered across the front so that it would look like he is laughing or smiling to his patients. This may be cute or fun to some patients, but other’s might think that the mask is a little frightening. Either way, we think the mask is pretty funny and if anything, we are laughing right along with this dentist. One thing’s for sure, this mask will certainly distract you from the fact that the dentist is poking around in your mouth.

A Note To The Doctor


This patient was going in for surgery and didn’t really know why their doctor was laughing before they passed out from the anesthesia. But after seeing this picture, we’re sure that they had a good laugh. Apparently, the doctor was writing a silly note to himself not to amputate any of the patient’s legs. We suppose that that would be a good reminder, because doctors are so busy that they might make that mistake. But what was actually going on here is probably that the doctor wanted to have a little fun and make himself laugh before performing another routine surgery.

The Scale Of Pain


This doctor has a hilarious sign in their doctor’s office. It asks, “On a scale of ‘1 to Stepping on a Lego’ how much pain are you in?” Everyone knows how painful stepping on Legos can be, especially when it’s by accident! Who knew that those little plastic blocks would be able to cause so much pain? Somehow they do and this doctor is aware of that. So if you picked “Stepping on a Lego,” then we totally feel your pain and we hope that you can get that fixed. Nobody likes the enormous pain that those tiny little toys can cause!