These Pranks By Doctors Are Perfectly Executed

Visiting the doctor’s office isn’t the most enjoyable thing on your to-do list. It’s often uncomfortable and stressful sitting in an office, and most of the time you’re there because you’re not feeling well in the first place. These doctors decided to let their sense of humor show and give patients something to laugh about. Hilarious signs, costumes- you name it, these doctors did it. Wait until you see the photos from the maternity ward.

Where’s Waldo?


Going to the doctor can be nerve-wracking for anyone, but especially for women visiting the gynecologist. Lying on your back in a cold room while a stranger inspects your reproductive organs isn’t exactly a relaxing experience. But that’s why lots of doctors will put pictures, magnets, or other things on the ceiling above the examination table to help patients relax. This doctor clearly has a great sense of humor on top of being amazingly clever. In you look closely, you’ll see they replaced part of the ceiling with a Where’s Waldo drawing. What a fun way to help patients relax!