These Pictures Show Why We Absolutely Wish Grandparents Could Live Forever

We literally wouldn’t be walking on this planet if it wasn’t for our grandparents. But, even if somehow we were, having them around is not only beneficial because of their wisdom of the world, but it’s also very entertaining.

They’re our only time capsule of what the past used to be like. Perhaps the most entertainment comes from their constant struggle with technology and keeping up with trends. It’s a constant battle between the two and it’s really amazing. These grandparents coming up will make you wish that they could stick around forever and keep us entertained.

And She’s Down For The Count

down for the count.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Kempiet

This is the end result of grandma getting a little bit too much into the Christmas spirit.

She doesn’t have the alcohol tolerance she once did, and now that rum and eggnog have shown their face in the form of passing out into the Christmas tree. Love it.

Jell-O Shots For Granny

just chillin.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @melaniesohl

There’s nothing quite like having a grandma who tries REALLY hard to be relevant with young people.

This grandma looks and acts like she’s about to drop the hottest mixtape her retirement home has ever heard. We’re all ears.

Just A Straight Savage

grabdma is savage.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @MsBurgerPHS

If your grandparents haven’t asked if you remember them, are they really even your grandparents?

This is one of the more savage ways that I’ve seen the question gets popped because Brittany has to stare into the faces of her poor little GPs. Coming up, a picture that proves grandparents are ALWAYS over the top when it comes to gifts.

They’re Brutally Honest


Photo Credit: Imgur

Thank God for the honesty of grandparents. Jim isn’t about to pretend he likes what he got dragged to.

You can rest assured that this is the last wine and paint night that Jim and Anne ever participated in. He made his attitude towards the whole night VERY well known and it’s hilarious.

The Five Finger Discount

when you finally figure.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @dank.aussie.memes

Honestly, this is one of the most respectable things I could find out about my grandma.

Designer clothing is designer clothing whether you paid $600 for a jacket or it was finessed through a five finger discount. A little security tag never hurt anybody, in fact, it compliments the pants very well.

They’re Always So Extra

grandpa bought her.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @brina_lioness

One of the best things about GPs is that they spoil you rotten and always go over the top in anything they do for you.

A medium-sized teddy bear would’ve been perfectly acceptable, but of course, they have to buy the most extra bear ever put on planet earth. Just ahead, a grandma who you certainly won’t want to square up with in a boxing ring anytime soon.

They Always Have Your Back

i left my pajamas (1).jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @andrewlowe

No matter what, you can count on your grandparents for having your back both literally and figuratively.

In this case, he gets to wear his grandma’s nightgown which looks like it’s straight from a horror movie. Anyone portrayed in a nightgown in a movie is possessed by the devil. Prove me wrong.

The Glory Days Have Just Begun

shots with the grils.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @paytongrett

For anyone who says that old people have already passed their prime fun haven’t seen this picture.

This grandma is living La Vida Loca on her vacation drinking these young girls under the table. Her glory days have just begun,

Don’t Run Up On This Grandma

brass knuckles.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit

If you’re a thief, you may look at old people as easy targets because often times they struggle to be able to defend themselves.

Well, you might need to rethink this after seeing this strapped grannie with some brass knuckles that are locked and loaded. Coming up, a grandma who is absolutely going to steal your boyfriend right in front of your face.

You Brought Them Here, You Can Take Them Out

live in fear.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

As amazing as your GPs are, you should really be afraid of them. They brought you into this world and they’re not afraid to take you out of it.

If you don’t call them on a regular basis, you ignore their calls, and don’t eat their food you better look out for assassins coming your way.

You’ll Never Go Hungry

meat suitcase.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / 20dollarchill

One of the greatest things about GPs is that you’ll never be hungry around them. The cardinal sin when you’re at your grandparents’ house is if you’re ever not full.

If your stomach doesn’t feel like it’s about to explode at the seams, they didn’t do their job. This grandma in the picture, packed an entire suitcase full of food to ensure that you never starve.

Grandma Still Got It

why is my grandma.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @tynocinco

This grandma is just making sure that her granddaughter’s boyfriend knows EXACTLY where her looks came from.

She’s just letting him know that she had it, and still has it. I wouldn’t be surprised if her boyfriend broke up with her and got a new girlfriend who happens to be in the same family. Just ahead, a picture that shows a grandpa who is way past the point in his life where he cares what people think of him.

The Loyalty Is Real


Photo Credit: Imgur

Grandparents are loyal until the end. They’re not afraid to get rid of their politically correct filter to make you feel better about yourself.

In this case, grandma decided to make Ashley feel on top of the world but had to sacrifice the feelings of her granddaughter’s friend. A sacrifice worth taking for a GP.

Slowest Picture Message Of All Time

cell phone.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / misstinkles420

If you want to know what the world record is for the slowest mirror selfie sent and received, it’s got to be this one.

This grandma takes pictures on her cell phone and gets the printed out AND shipped to her relatives. It’s perhaps the cutest mirror selfie of all time as well.

What A Beautiful Princess

gramps grampa.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / moonicourt

There comes an age when you just don’t care anymore and this grandpa crossed it a long time ago.

He won Halloween by dressing up as Princess Leia and had his trusty sidekick (vacuum) dress up as R2D2. Amazing. Coming up, a grandma who is very prepared for any technical difficulties and it’s awesome.

They Come With The Facts

better than dying.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

It’s easy to lose track of what matters most in your life when you’re young. That’s when your GPs come in and hit yours with the facts of life.

Every day is a good day because you woke up. Some people don’t get to wake up in the morning so cherish it at all costs.

They Keep You Modest

sharon cook.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @WhaddupGregg

This was probably followed up with a “back in my day” post about how when she went to prom they only had cardboard boxes to wear etc.

GPs will not hold their thoughts back about what you’re wearing and how they would like to fix it. For Sharon, TOO much skin showing.

Preparedness Is An Outstanding Skill

telephone rice.jpg

Photo Credit Reddit / joshamiddleton

It just seems that GPs use their wisdom to be prepared for every curveball that life throws at them.

This grandma literally has rice that’s strictly for when phones fall into the water. That’s actually insane, yet very smart and a great way to get the grandkids on your side.

Don’t EVER Bad Mouth Grandma’s Cooking

heard you were.jpg

Photo Credit: Pintrest / NoWayGirl

If you think that you won’t get called out personally by grandma if you bad mouth her cooking, you’re thoroughly mistaken.

This GP went straight gangster and basically threatened her granddaughter after she heard that she thought her spaghetti was plain tasting.

” I Was Better When I Was Your Age”

bessie bessie.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @KaffyWillians

GPs won’t be afraid to publically shame you if they think that you’re not living up to your full potential.

Mary wants to see a perkier smile, no cheek smash, thicker eyebrows, and teeth shown.