These Pictures Show Why We Absolutely Wish Grandparents Could Live Forever

We literally wouldn’t be walking on this planet if it wasn’t for our grandparents. But, even if somehow we were, having them around is not only beneficial because of their wisdom of the world, but it’s also very entertaining.

They’re our only time capsule of what the past used to be like. Perhaps the most entertainment comes from their constant struggle with technology and keeping up with trends. It’s a constant battle between the two and it’s really amazing. These grandparents coming up will make you wish that they could stick around forever and keep us entertained.

And She’s Down For The Count

down for the count.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / Kempiet

This is the end result of grandma getting a little bit too much into the Christmas spirit.

She doesn’t have the alcohol tolerance she once did, and now that rum and eggnog have shown their face in the form of passing out into the Christmas tree. Love it.