These People Don’t Know Where The Internet Ends And Real Life Starts

As technology advances, we have become more and more dependant on it in our everyday lives. In the ’90s, having a pager was a luxury. Now we have an entire supercomputer in our back pockets. Technology can be a great thing, but some people have started to take it too far.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my smartphone. But when an 8-hour Law And Order: SVU binge on the Netflix app starts to influence your tattoo decisions, you need to stop. Step back and ask yourself: has the internet begun to take over my entire life? And if you have to go to Yahoo Answers to find out, then it’s a definite ‘yes.’

No Concert Can Stand In The Way Of Defending Your Castle

video game concert.jpg

Photo credit: bloodyioko / Reddit

The only thing worse than spending an entire concert Snapchatting your own singing is playing a video game.

It looks like the iPhone game advertised by Kate Upton. So, I get it. He wants to defend to castle in the hopes Kate will think he’s a hero. But once she sees that bucket hat, his defense tactics won’t matter.