These People Are Making It Really Hard For Us To Be Mad At Them

Let’s face it — there are a lot of reasons to get angry. Like when your coworker Cathy brings donuts for everyone but miraculously forgets to tell you they’re in the break room. Or like when you saw that rain was in the forecast and still forgot an umbrella.

But even some of the most frustrating situations have a silver lining. It’s annoying to get cut off on the freeway, but if they have a license plate that apologizes for them, then you can’t be too upset. We’re trying so hard to be mad at these people, but we just can’t do it.

This Would Have Saved Me A Lot Of Embarrassment

i am learning stick shift.jpg

Photo credit: NegativeCommentMachine / Imgur

As if an extra pedal, gear shifts, and listening to “how the car feels” isn’t enough work already. Now I have to be anxious that everyone around me is mad at my terrible driving skills.

I wish I would have swallowed my pride and used a sign like this when I was learning.

This Kid’s Going To Grow Up To Be A Lawyer

food not allowed in room.jpg

Photo credit: @4Ever_Waiting / Twitter

The sign of a good parent is when they see their child outsmart them, and instead of getting mad, they love it. This mom got played by her child, and she needs to see it as an opportunity.

Enroll this child in pre-law classes and Toastmasters and start his training as a lawyer right now. He’ll find a loophole in any legal case.

Slide In And Slide Right Back Out

can no longer direct message.jpg

Photo credit: @will_ent / Instagram

Getting shaded is never fun. This person plucked up a lot of courage to slide into her DMs in the first place, so getting bounced right back out sucks. But you have to admit that she was pretty clever. There are no hard feelings here.

Coming up, one student went so extra with her lecture snacks that the rest of the class couldn’t even be upset.

Dogs Are Only Allowed If They’re In Carriers? Challenge Accepted

dog allowed in carrier.jpg

Photo credit: dev_maxpayne / Reddit

The NYC subway restricts dogs unless they’re certified guide dogs or in carriers. Well, this man with a full grown husky wasn’t going to let that stop him.

This dog is the best boy on the entire subway and should be allowed on at any time. Any subway officer would be heartless if they removed this doggo.

Either An Innocent Mistake Or The Work Of An Evil Genius

eat half the grapes.jpg

Photo credit: @Nhla2_Savage / Twitter

If any human other than an adorable child slurped and slobbered on half of my grapes, I’d be pissed.

But even this is a toss-up. Was it an innocent mistake and this child just took the instructions a bit too literally? Or did they know exactly what they were doing? I suppose they’re innocent until proven guilty.

Surf And Turf And Learn

steak and lobster casually.jpg

Photo credit: @JoeyGatto / Twitter

I want to know how this college student can afford a steak and lobster dinner. If I saw this in lecture, I’d be momentarily mad, before I realized I was really just sad because I’ve been surviving off ramen and chicken nuggets.

The restaurant coming up followed the rules to a tee, even if you don’t like how they do it.

At Least They Know They Have A Habit Of Cutting People Off

cut off on freeway.jpg

Photo credit: @lexialvrz / Twitter

Mr. Altima here must know they have some bad driving habits. I bet they’ve been cutting people off for years until they finally caved and got this personalized license plate.

How can you be mad at someone who knows their biggest flaw and works every day to fix it? You can’t.

They Technically Followed The Order Though

only ketchup burger.jpg

Photo credit: Imgur

This resonates deeply with me because for years my go-to order at McDonald’s was “double cheeseburger, ketchup only.” I was a picky eater that hated everything they usually dress a burger with.

I’m less picky now, but there were a few times where the McDonald’s employee had to ask twice what I meant. I just tried to remember that they’re making minimum wage and trying their best.

Honesty Is Key

food required by law.jpg

Photo credit: Lawful_Lazy / Reddit

It’s common in most cities for bars to have to legally serve food so their patrons don’t get too drunk, but $200 for chips and salsa is a great way to avoid having to install a full kitchen and chef. I love a company that isn’t afraid to do what they need to do to get by.

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The Sign Doesn’t Say Anything About Hoverboards Either


Photo credit: othermike / Reddit

If this were a rollerblader or skateboarder, they would be blatantly disrespecting the sign. But this unicyclist has found the ultimate loophole, and he’s rolling right through it.

I hope this commercial block updated their sign because that block will be flooded with hoverboards soon enough.

Why Didn’t I Think Of This Sooner?

car parked with carts.jpg

Photo credit: Reddit

Five people are observing this masterful parking job. All three in the vests work for the grocery store and could care less about where this car is parked, except for the fact it’s making their job a bit harder.

The other two are looking on with jealousy and envy. These two wish they had thought of it first.

You Can’t Be Mad When You’re Eating Free Cake

canada america cake.jpg

Photo credit: sage199 / Reddit

Hiding an American flag cake underneath a Canadian maple leaf is a clever prank. But whoever did this forgot one important thing: Canadians are a special breed of humans that are kind, generous, and never get mad. They’re probably just happy to get free cake. Love thy neighbor, right?

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This Child’s Letter Home From Camp Is Inspiring

letter from camp.jpg

Photo credit: @jlazarus001 / Twitter

I can’t tell if this kid is having a horrible time at camp, or an amazing one. They seem pretty bitter about having to write a letter home, but they may be learning the ins and outs of social resistance.

I have a feeling this kid might come home as a full-blown revolutionary. These kids are the future.

It’s A Heck Of A Deal

cant sell bottled water.jpg

Photo credit: berniethecatch / Reddit

I understand festivals may want a monopoly on selling alcoholic beverages, but it blows my mind that they restrict selling water. Most of these festivals are in 90-degree weather, and people need water to survive.

This water-turned-peanut stand is the hero everyone needed. And if the festival authorities don’t like it, then too bad.

I Wonder What Grade This Student Got

marvel character bio.png

Photo credit: EarlyHemisphere / Reddit

This student had to write a biography and short creative writing essay from the perspective of a Marvel character of their choice. Peasants would choose Iron Man or Black Widow, but this person knew that Groot would be the easy way out. If I were their teacher, they’d get an A+.

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It’s Probably A More Effective System To Make Sure People Flush

check if you flushed.jpg

Photo credit: julianhache / Reddit

This sign was intended to make people take a second look to see if they flushed the toilet. But one person with a pen made it literal, and the rest followed suit.

You know there’s a 100% chance this is the women’s washroom because that many men don’t carry pens on them.

This Amount Of Extra Deserves The Most Respect

matches drink with outfit.jpg

Photo credit: @YungMobbGreg / Twitter

If this were anyone else but the most serious dad in the world, then I’d judge them. But this dad is living a stylish, hydrated, and color-coordinated lifestyle that no one can hate.

Anyone who thinks this guy went too far doesn’t appreciate how a fresh outfit can turn any day into a good day.

Marketing = A+

hiding b rating sign.jpg

Photo credit: @sindypnoel / Twitter

Some people might say this restaurant is trying to cover up their flaws, but if anything, they’re just putting it even more on display. Yes, they got a B rating, but they didn’t let that stop them.

We’re all working the same grind day in and day out. Let’s all agree to give Astor Row Cafe a break.

The Starbucks Employee Tried Their Best

marc with a c.jpg

Photo credit: Imgur

Whoever wrote “Cark” and thought it was a real name is in a league of their own, but it’s not the worst thing a barista could do.

These baristas have to deal with people sending back a latte because the foam was a millimeter too thick, so let’s cut them some slack. I’m honestly surprised they haven’t started spitting in our coffees yet.

Not Exactly Goals, But Not Exactly Wrong

savings bigger than checkings.jpg

Photo credit: @fka_nerdferg / Twitter

Wayne is doing his best, and there’s nothing that can stop him. 86 cents in the black is better than 86 cents in the red. You have to appreciate the little victories. Anyone with this kind of positivity when they have less than a dollar to their name deserves a round of applause.

Rich people might make fun of us poor peasants, but we’re doing the best we can.