These People Are Making It Really Hard For Us To Be Mad At Them

Let’s face it — there are a lot of reasons to get angry. Like when your coworker Cathy brings donuts for everyone but miraculously forgets to tell you they’re in the break room. Or like when you saw that rain was in the forecast and still forgot an umbrella.

But even some of the most frustrating situations have a silver lining. It’s annoying to get cut off on the freeway, but if they have a license plate that apologizes for them, then you can’t be too upset. We’re trying so hard to be mad at these people, but we just can’t do it.

This Would Have Saved Me A Lot Of Embarrassment

i am learning stick shift.jpg

Photo credit: NegativeCommentMachine / Imgur

As if an extra pedal, gear shifts, and listening to “how the car feels” isn’t enough work already. Now I have to be anxious that everyone around me is mad at my terrible driving skills.

I wish I would have swallowed my pride and used a sign like this when I was learning.