These People “Accidentally” Slimed Their Way Into A Sticky Situation

Don’t you hate it when you “accidentally” take a really good picture of yourself and then “accidentally” post it to Instagram? Or when you “accidentally” send a racy text to a cute person you matched with on Tinder?

The world is full of happy little accidents, but all of the supposed coincidences on this list were absolutely done on purpose. People just think it’s cute to lie and pretend they #wokeuplikethis.

Twice In A Row? Oops!

accident abs.jpg

Photo Credit: powelale000/ Reddit

Is this guy seriously thinking, oops! Just accidentally flexed every muscle in my body while holding my camera at a flattering angle. I guess I’ll just post BOTH of them.

No. He is not thinking that. He thinks he’s going to trick us into thinking that these perfectly posed shots were taken by accident. Well, we’re not buying it, buff guy!

Punctuation Saves The Day


Photo Credit: Ananas1642 / Reddit

This is actually a pretty genius save. I think I’d fall for it if I were the girl in this situation. I might have some questions, but accidentally leaving out a question mark is something we’ve all done at some point.

Honestly though, who asks, “do you like anyone?” if they aren’t even sort of expecting an answer like that.

Ugh, I Hate It When I Do That


Photo Credit: JammyJosh / Reddit

What do you think is beyond the mysterious beyond? More beyond, maybe? Don’t you hate it when you accidentally make a digital painting? So embarrassing, right?

It’s almost too embarrassing to post, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to get posted. This girl knew what she was doing.

Tickled Pink


Photo Credit: The_schnozz / Reddit

Not a single person looks like this when they’re getting tickled. I think I kicked my bf in the face the last time he tried to tickle me. That may or may not have been an accident.

It’s so annoying when you’re getting tickled, and you have your front-facing camera open with a Snapchat filter on…

That’s Some Sharp Accidental Editing


Photo Credit: jexio / Reddit

Sure… I’m sure the camera just suddenly became sentient and started spying on her Hal from 2001 A Space Odessey style.

Also, the camera had enough of a mind to blur the picture around the edges to create a softer, more flattering effect. Real believable. Please note the immense amount of sarcasm in that previous statement.

I Did Naht Do It On Purpose Lisa, I Did Naht


Photo Credit: [deleted] / Reddit

This Tommy Wiseau looking dude really wants us to believe that he accidentally took an in-focus picture of himself from three feet away?

Why lie about this unless you are aware on some level how weird it is to take glamor shots of yourself on purpose?

The Universe Works In Mysterious Ways


Photo Credit: sinkezie / Reddit

I think you lie, Julie. It’s right there in your name— “u lie.” First of all, she obviously purposely ripped that avocado skin into the shape of her name. Secondly. why would an avocado skin name be a sign of gratitude from the universe?

Like, what is the universe grateful for? That she ate an avocado?

Accidentally Did Well In School, Oops!


Photo Credit: babykn1ght / Reddit

This reminds me of the time I accidentally fell into a scholarship while I was on my way to get pizza. It’s so weird how you can not try at all and somehow end up at the top of your class completely by accident.

Why does this guy think that not trying makes him look good? It would be way more impressive to admit to working hard.

If You Like Then You Shoulda Put A Wig On It


Photo Credit: ricepapercarvings / Reddit

I don’t know why so many people think doing something unintentionally makes their story better. Why not just admit you put a wig on the Ditto because it looked cute?

I think doing this on purpose would actually communicate that you’re a cool and creative person. Nobody thinks that the wig just fell perfectly in place of its own accord.

That Was A Close One


Photo Credit: KazanDM / Reddit

This is a pretty good save. It’s a bit of a desperate save though. Like, he probably didn’t need to send a circled screenshot of the emoji keyboard. She has her own emoji keyboard.

He could have just said that he meant to send the waving emoji and left it at that.

So… Longer Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Better


Photo Credit: shotglassesofink / Reddit

Most schools would deduct massive points for this. No teacher wants to read an essay that’s nine pages over the limit. Those page limits exist for a reason.

You need to be able to express ideas clearly and concisely, not brag about how good you are at “accidentally” being verbose.

Petty With A Capital P


Photo Credit: ebeattie96 / Reddit

So this girl “accidentally” sent her ex a picture of her new husband holding their marriage certificate. That doesn’t seem very accidental to me. I think the receiver of this text probably dodged a bullet.

Anybody that petty probably has some unresolved issues. Keep reading for another ex who just couldn’t keep her good news to herself.

Accidental Engagement Text


Photo Credit: itsNOSAJ / Reddit

This guy hadn’t spoken to his ex in a year. She “accidentally” texted him to tell him that she got engaged. I don’t know if this is more or less petty than “accidentally” texting an ex your marriage certificate.

I think they might be equally petty.

I Hate It When My Friends Are Stupid


Photo Credit: kris_5740 / Reddit

Oh boy, this is like a whole saga with a beginning, a middle, and an end. This is an emotional roller coaster. It took me a while to figure out his pun, too. He should have added some hyphens or something.

She shouldn’t have been so mean though. And then she shouldn’t have tried to pull some 7th grade MSN bullcrap.

The Farthest Stretch I’ve Seen


Photo Credit: paulblartmallcap / Reddit

This one is one for the books. Like, just, how? It takes some serious guts to try to pull this one off.

If this actually ever happens to somebody, nobody is going to believe them because it’s just that outrageous. Good effort, though. Excellent effort.

“Accidental” Eggplant Emoji (If You Know What I Mean)


Photo Credit: AyUwot / Reddit

Man, I hate it when I’m accidentally naked and I just accidentally take a picture of my naked self at a flattering angle, and then I just accidentally send that picture to someone cute.

Ugh, so annoying. Haha, so random, lol, didn’t expect that to happen at all.

Not Like It Was A Photoshoot Or Anything


Photo Credit: sgtsandwich / Reddit

So, the husband accidentally tripped and used a nearby camera to catch his balance. Then his wife and child accidentally wandered into frame at sunset. Then he accidentally hit the shutter button, not once, but at least four times, and captured four different poses.

Seems legit.

How Do You Accidentally Buy A Car?


Photo Credit: AnticShroom / Reddit

It looks like he just took some pictures of a car in a showroom. I bet he isn’t even selling it. He probably just wants attention (and for people to think he can “accidentally” afford a fancy car).

This guy is soiling Toronto’s good reputation.

She “Caught” Her Son “Stealing” A Product She’s Been Trying To Sell


Photo Credit: Bstubbs97 / Reddit

Do you think that package is still sealed and she plans on selling that later? I have no idea what this product is, but I’m pretty sure that I don’t want it.

That kid doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it very much. He looks like he’s trying really hard not to get any into his mouth.

Sorry Tiger, Nobody Is Buying It


Photo Credit: LucienDark / Reddit

Oh yeah sure, this cat just happened to strike a super cute pose, and the camera just happened to snap a picture at the exact right moment.

Sorry, this is too cute. Nobody thinks it’s real. This cat is obviously a poser. Case closed.