These Items Are Severely Over-Compensating Their Packages And It’s Hard To Look At

Packaging waste results in about one-third of all trash, and that’s including trailer parks. It costs the government billions of dollars in disposal costs and even more when you think about the environmental spending to combat the pollution.

It’s almost impossible to be a consumer and not leave a plastic/ packaging footprint. The eco-minded buyer can easily see that there’s excessive packaging on just about everything. Companies would package a single ant in 15 separate boxes inside of each other for no reason if they could. And why does bubble wrap need to be wrapped in bubble wrap? Enjoy these items and their ridiculous packages.

Wait, What’s The Skin For Then?

Banana .jpg

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Packaging Fact: Many studies show that a consumer forms their impression of a brand within the first seven seconds. Custom logo boxes and retail packaging that carries a positive brand image are crucial.

There is no one angrier about bananas having plastic packaging more than its own skin. Why does a banana even have a protective skin if it’s just going to be by-passed for plastic?

It’s Not (Claritan) Clear Why They Did This


Photo Credit: Reddit / @Neglected_Martian

Packaging Fact: The process of packaging water into plastic bottles requires around six times as much water per bottle as there is in the container.

Look, I understand how important Claritan is to someone who is allergic to the environment, but I don’t think it needs this much packaging. The Secret Service called, they’re jealous of the protection this little pill is getting.

Well, That Was Disappointing


Photo Credit: Imgur / @cakalusa

Packaging Fact: The very first patent for cardboard was dated back to 1856. It didn’t start becoming a staple in packaging until 1903. The very first use of cardboard boxes was from Kellogg cereal company.

If that microchip doesn’t have all of the United States secret files stored on it, or have the recipe for the Big Mac special sauce, then it shouldn’t be this protected.

Coming up, see what one company did to, uh, package packaging.

I Think It Might Be A Bit Small?

knife knife.jpg

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Packaging Fact: On average, we will handle up to 50 types of packaging every single day. We go through our days not thinking about how much we engage with it because it’s become very normal.

This knife is over-compensating for its package big time. It’s like when you see a jacked-up pickup truck, you know that the person driving it is going to be less than five feet and have no muscle.



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Packaging Fact: It takes over 24 million gallons of oil to make one billion plastic bottles. Oil is a finite resource.

This just seems very unnecessary to put these clementines in a plastic wrapped container. What’s really gross to think about is the fact that instead of eating a fruit that has the skin intact, you now have someone sweaty palms and fingers all over it.

Packaging The Packaging

bubble wrap .png

Photo Credit: Reddit / davedawg2000

Packaging Fact: Bubble wrap was invented in 1957 in New Jersey after the inventors sealed two shower curtains together. It created a smattering of air bubbles and they originally tried to sell it as wallpaper.

When you have to protect the protector, you’re probably not doing your product any favors. It’s like having a bodyguard and then having to protect him from a tiny spider. Your confidence in their ability is going to be diminished.

Just ahead, see the ridiculously nerdy packaging that has everyone scratching their head.

Wedding Rings Or Strawberries?

strawberry protection.jpg

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Packaging Fact: Styrofoam products filled up almost 30% of landfill space. The packaging material makes up an average of one-third of a dump and these spaces are quickly becoming filled to the brim.

What’s going on with these strawberries and why do they have better protection than most wedding rings? Go to a jewelry store and tell me that the 24-carat gold earrings are in styrofoam this thick. Not a chance.

The Ziplock Necessary?

the plastic wrapping.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @CobainSchofield

Packaging Facts: Annually, more than 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide. It’s said that about one million bags are used every single minute.

Look, ziplock bags are a crucial tool used to perfectly fit the ham and cheese sandwich into your lunch in elementary school, but a pencil? It seems a bit excessive to have this bag for a standard pencil. Unless this pencil is evidence for a murder of some sort, it shouldn’t be this protected.

Clearly, No Nerds Worked On This Design

NERDS .jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @Super_Smol

Packaging Fact: The skincare company Lush has protective packaging for their online deliveries that is edible. That’s not the intended use, but it can, in fact, be eaten.

Can we have an honest evaluation of Nerds for a second? They’re really tasty, but why does it always feel like you’re going to break your teeth when you bite on them? Do they need to be as hard as stones? No.

This plastic covering of watermelon coming up will have you screaming “FRESH!”

Honey Mustard NEEDS This Much Protection

honey mstard.jpg

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Packaging Fact: Every single Christmas, over 32 square miles of wrapping paper is wasted. Think about that the next time you receive a present and decide to rip it open like you’re a hyena eating a rabbit.

What you need to know about this picture is that this packaging is for a honey mustard bottle. This amount of styrofoam and cardboard would be excessive for a Rolls Royce, nevermind a condiment that most people don’t like to begin with.

So, I Guess 50% Compostable?


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Packaging Fact: It takes up to 450 years for plastic to actually decompose and on top of that, it can take another 80 years for it to disappear completely.

Okay Mcdonald’s, you’re really confusing us here. So the pods are 100% compostable, yet the packaging is 0% compostable. I guess it’s better than nothing, but come on.

Kind Of An Oxy-Moron?

fresh watermelon.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @climbingup_thewalls

Packaging Facts: Vegans and vegetarians beware. Plastic wrapping isn’t necessarily meat-free. There have been multiple cases of chicken fat being found in plastic bags to give them their slippery texture.

Just to follow up on that fact, I really don’t think it will change anyone’s lifestyle. I mean, if you’re a vegetarian and you’re biting down on plastic bags, I think there are some bigger issues that need to be dealt with.

Did you know that limes get waxed? I bet you wish you didn’t. Stick around and see a lime with a Brazillion.

That Better Be Blessed By The Earrings God

one earring.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @BeerWrangler

Packaging Fact: A plastic bag has a “working life” of about 15 minutes, yet can sit around for hundreds of years before decomposing.

First of all, that earring better be sent by and blessed by the earring Gods or at the very least, Beyonce. There is no reason for this little piece of jewelry to be getting the royal treatment unless it has some special superpowers.

Fresh Till The Last Slice

bread bread.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @blackbird9184

Packaging Facts: Food producers still don’t know 100% what elements are in plastic, yet they continue to use it for packaging. While the basic constituents in plastic remain the same, other chemicals are added at manufacturing plants to give plastic it’s required properties.

This is the worst thing since sliced bread. Okay, just kidding, it’s actually frightening that this bread company felt the need to separate the bread slices. Why? We need answers.

Wax On, Wax Off

nature unwaxed.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @pointless_packaging

Packaging Facts: When plastic makes its way into the ocean, it gets broken down into very tiny segments. For example, if a one-liter water bottle gets broken down, it’s possible that you can find particles from it on every single beach in the world.

I knew that limes can be grown in Brazil, but I didn’t know they also liked getting Brazillions, if you know what I mean. Apparently, there’s such thing as unwaxed limes? That’s an immediate turn-off.

They did it. See how much protection these socks got just ahead.

It’s Like Packaging An Ant

Jelly Belly.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @Bridgiesmallz

Packaging Fact: Plastic of all shapes and sizes is by far the ocean’s biggest polluter. Approximately 90% of all trash floating around is plastic and it’s estimated that there are 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile.

Is it really necessary for a single jelly bean to have its own individual wrapper? What happened to the days when you could find 1000 unwrapped jelly beans sitting in a glass bowl on your grandmas counter? Also, who eats ONE jelly bean? That’s like taking ONE Advil. It doesn’t happen.

Individually Wrapped Roses Are The Future

Individually Wrapped Roses Are The Future

Photo Credit: Flickr / Tim Olson

Packaging Fact: Volunteers will pick up and recycle more than 400,000 straws off of beaches around the world annually. Straws are one of the biggest causes of pollutants in the world.

First of all, whoever thought of the idea to give roses their own thermal insulation shouldn’t be a packaging creator ever again. Those look like badly wrapped socks with meshing. Not a good look.


paclaging sock.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @DeLaNate

Packaging Fact: More than 13 billion plastic bags are produced every year in the US. If you average that out, that’s 300 bags per adult, per year in the US alone.

Socks. These are socks. WHY does this company feel the need to protect three pairs of socks like Area 51 protects the fact that they definitely have about five alien species living there? Fifteen feet of plastic for a few high cut Nike’s? I’ll take it.

The Most Protected Crab


Photo Credit: Imgur

Packaging Fact: Over the last decade alone, there has been more plastic produced than the last 100 years combined.

Just going off of that quick fact, it’s easy to see why our plastic production has increased significantly when you have stuff like this picture going on. These crabs are rolling over in their graves thinking about how their death is actually causing so much pollution to their brothers and sisters who haven’t been caught yet.

Needle In A Haystack

what is this.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @tommiedineen

Packaging Fact: Over 150,000 tons of plastic is disposed into oceans around the world. Millions of animals have died because they’ve mistaken plastic for food and ended up choking.

This is like finding a needle in a haystack. Why does this company feel the need to make their customer have to go full Where’s Waldo? mode just to see their product? This is so excessive and the epitome of being extra for no reason.