These Disasters Otherwise Known As Eyebrows Have Us Questioning Everything

Whether you overplucked, overdrew, or shaved them off completely, we’ve all done some terrible things to our eyebrows. Eyebrows can be super tricky. Even the most experienced makeup artists have trouble with them every now and then.

Do yourself a favor and get your brows professionally shaped. Put the tweezers down. Step away from the tweezers. Keep reading to see some eyebrow disasters that will make you feel better about how you used to look before you discovered brow gel.

A Little High, Don’t You Think?


Photo Credit: Imgur

If your eyebrows are halfway between your eyeballs and your hairline, you’re probably doing something wrong. How about you move those puppies down a peg (or two, or five).

Also, try not making them so… blocky. Light strokes are your friends.

Try Preaching About Better Eyebrows


Photo Credit: Talkwitchytome / Reddit

How this woman actually ended up on TV like that is beyond me. Doesn’t she have a makeup artist who can fix her face?

Nothing about this is good. Please wash off everything on your face, go watch a few YouTube tutorials, and try again.

Is That You, Edith Piaf?


Photo Credit: GuilderChic / Reddit

French singer Edith Piaf was a lot of things— talented, iconic, interesting, but “good at eyebrows” was not one of them.

I mean, it was the ’40s, so we can’t really blame her. But this girl… it’s a new era. Get your eyebrows in check.

We Love A Good Eyebrow Photoshop


Photo Credit: kittylee33 / Reddit

You know what, I appreciate the effort. Some poor photo editor was presented with a dire eyebrow situation, and they made the best of it. Yeah, it’s not executed perfectly, but who among us is really perfect?

Just try to blend the edges next time. Tuck that digital eyebrow behind her bangs.

This Lady In The Background On CNN


Photo Credit: woke_brontosaurus / Reddit

Raise your hand if you think this is intentional and this lady is trying to become a meme. Her face does look awfully serious though. Maybe her eyebrows are trying to send us a message.

How does this even happen? Does she not own a mirror?

Ten Years Later


Photo Credit: honeytaps / Reddit

Well, it took a decade, but this girl finally learned how to stop plucking and start filling in. She also learned to stop bleaching her hair and using eyeliner on half of her bottom waterline.

An overall improvement, I’d say. Excellent work! This is why good eyebrows are so important.

The Final Boss


Photo Credit: nootarobot / Reddit

So, this girl is a local celebrity in Yakutsk. It looks like she’s making a lot of money promoting her business with her huge block eyebrows.

I guess if her eyebrows are making her money, then they’re at least useful, which is more than I can say for the other eyebrows on this list.

Please Never Do This


Photo Credit: UrbanGypsyG / Reddit

What could possibly compel a person to do this to their own child? This looks like something out of a horror movie.

Babies have soft, whispy eyebrows for a reason. It’s so they don’t look like a malformed Yoda. Keep reading to see a woman who learned how to let her brows grow.

Goth Milhouse Back At It Again With The Eyebrow Gap


Photo Credit: fatalfoxtrot / Reddit

Lower those eyebrows, Milhouse! No, seriously lower them. Also bring them much closer together and make them less blocky while you’re at it.

Nothing about this is good. Please go to an eyebrow professional and never touch a pair of tweezers ever again.

As Seen On The Jeremy Kyle Show


Photo Credit: mzreletivity / Reddit

That woman looks much too smug. Anybody with eyebrows that awful should either wipe the eyebrows or the smug look off their face immediately.

I don’t care what kind of trainwreck is happening on stage— those eyebrows are the star of the show. Get those eyebrows some therapy, stat.

A Huge Improvement


Photo Credit: petitenouille / Reddit

The photo on the right makes me want to jump up and down with joy. Some people do learn! All hope is not lost!

She looks so good now! She doesn’t even look like the same person. That settles it— eyebrows are magic. Magical, magical face hair.

Thank Goodness Those Brows Are Too Fake To Be Genetic


Photo Credit: mystness / Reddit

Imagine if she passed those brows down to her baby. That would be the worst. It’s a good thing that almost none of that brow shape is made out of natural hair.

You can’t pass on pomade— unless you press your face up against the baby’s face and transfer it like a stamp.

This Poor Girl Showed Up To Prom Like This


Photo Credit: Banananabri / Reddit

Her eyebrows look like a very safe wheelchair ramp. Don’t get me wrong — wheelchair ramps are wonderful and necessary— I’m just not sure that it’s wonderful or necessary to have them on your face.

We’ve seen worse eyebrows on this list, but that doesn’t mean we should lower our standards.

You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch


Photo Credit: zveginas / Reddit

To be fair, it does look like this girl just naturally has high arches. Maybe she should invest in some really good microblading. Or she could just round off the brows at the top a bit so they don’t look so… angry.

I just hope she doesn’t steal Christmas.

Big Bold Spermies


Photo Credit: TangyTemper / Reddit

If you were alive in the ’90s, you know that sperm eyebrows were definitely a thing. You probably even had a pair of your own. Most spermies were pretty thin, though. They were little wispy things with a thicker, rounded bit near the bridge of the nose.

These eyebrows are sperm-shaped, but they’re pretty thick. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse.

Bucket Handle Brows


Photo Credit: macbitch / Reddit

That star filter is not helping at all. You’d think it could have distracted from those awful brows a little bit, but nope. All I can see is a couple of big, thick, bucket handles sitting on her forehead.

Maybe they’re square brackets. Like her eyes are some kind of math equation or something.

The Tiniest Brows In The Land


Photo Credit: nickles69 / Reddit

Somebody, please explain to me how this woman arrived at the idea that eyebrows are shaped like tiny rainbows. It looks like a little baby horse stamped two cute hoofprints on her face.

Actually, that seems like the only logical explanation for this travesty.

The Highlight Really Makes Them Pop


Photo Credit: charliecoll90 / Reddit

I find it very difficult to believe that this is not a joke. Like she must have done this on purpose, right? To look like Helga from Hey Arnold or something?

This can’t just be a mistake. Nobody makes mistakes this big and then posts them on the internet for everybody to see.

There Is Hope For Everybody


Photo Credit: marryacomputer / Reddit

The thing is, in the picture on the left, the rest of her makeup is pretty good. It’s just the eyebrows that need work. They look so much better in the picture on the right.

All it takes is a light hand and a bit of practice to make your whole face look better. If she can do it, we all can do it.

Who Is This Creep?


Photo Credit: raviax / Reddit

This cutie doesn’t know anything about proper eyebrow maintenance. Look at how short those things are! Such shallow arches…

She’s still a babe, though. When your face is this cute, it doesn’t really matter what you do with your eyebrows. P.S. that last statement only applies to fluffy animals. If you’re a human, please sort out your brows.