These 20 Clothing Disasters Are So Unbelievably Bad You’ll Wonder How They Never Noticed

Fashion is a fickle business…

Someone could wear a bright pink t-shirt covered in yellow polka-dots and you might think “eurgh, what a disgusting top”, but if it has a little green crocodile logo or “CK” written on it, suddenly it’s freakin’ designer!


Fashion labels know this and they push the boundaries further and further as time goes on. After all, it’s a pretty cut-throat business. Everyone’s vying for top-spot and if you’re not considered ‘current’ or ‘with the times’, you can quickly be forgotten about and considered irrelevant.


Despite the fact that being fashionable is seen as life-or-death by so many, there are plenty of people that just can’t quite get the hang of what looks good. Be it they’re not wise to what’s acceptable or what isn’t, or alternatively, they’re trying so hard that they end up making astronomically bad decisions anyway!

Either way, it provides great entertainment for the rest of us. Here’s a collection of some of the most epic clothing disasters, what do you make of these?

1. Stump legs

This dress gives an unfortunately disproportionate effect. It looks as if she’s just got off of a horse having ridden for about 14 hours straight and her legs are now stuck that way.

Fashion 28.jpg

2. Arms and legs

How do you even go about wearing this?! I’m genuinely asking because I’ve been trying to figure it out for roughly 3 days now.

Fashion 13.jpg

3. That’s er, unfortunate

Well now, this answers the question “which way does it hang” I guess. I wonder if she noticed straight away or walked about in these for a while.

Fashion 1.jpg

4. Once you see it, you can’t un-see it

What an interesting shape the designer has decided to go with for the neckline. It’s amazing that it’s got all the way from the design studio to production to being worn on national television without being noticed once.

Fashion 11.jpg

5. Couldn’t make it to the toilet

I had to double-take with this one because I thought she’d accidentally sat in a heap of horse poop. I’m probably not the only one either…

Fashion 30.jpg

6. Wedgie!

Ah, just like being back at school… for some people I imagine. No, this guy’s not had his underpants pulled halfway up his back, it’s just the fantastically stylish way the top’s been designed. Bravo!

Fashion 10.jpg

7. Is this fashion?!

Because if it is, I want no part of it. You might as well just walk around half-naked…

Fashion 29.jpg

8. Erm, what?

I think you’d find yourself on the sex offenders list just for wearing this in public.

Fashion 23.jpg

9. ‘Nirvana’

Ah, Bangkok the home of terrible fake designer clothes. Or, in this case, a t-shirt with the band Nirvana on it… apparently.

Fashion 12.jpg

Speaking of fake t-shirts, that’s a funny-looking avenger…

Fashion 31.jpg

10. Anything but ‘dope’

The four-letter word I’m seeing definitely isn’t the one intended to be seen by Kevin Hart. How has he not noticed this when looking in the mirror?!

Fashion 25.jpg

11. Male Unicorn

Imagine getting ready for your office Christmas party, you put on the jumper you went out and bought especially only to notice a certain ‘genital’ detail slap-bang in the middle of it. I’d have just worn it anyway, I mean it’s a pretty good conversation starter!

Fashion 7.jpg

12. ‘Super Shitters’

It clearly says ‘Hitters’ ok! Your minds are just filth!

Fashion 9.jpg

13.’I love you’

Well that’s not very PG, is it? I think the term they were looking for was ‘Fist Bump’, it must’ve been a Friday night and they just thought “f*ck it, close enough…”.

Fashion 4.jpg

14. Better out than in

Is it just me, or does it look like she’s farting out part of her wedding dress? Kind of opposite to the floaty, picture of elegance she was probably going for.

Fashion 27.jpg

15. Just hang yourself?

Not sure how this one’s slipped through the net at a major international company like Nike. The whole image just looks a bit eery, to be honest.

Fashion 17.jpg

16. Never zip this up

Otherwise, you might get a funny look or ten walking down the street… and people will be Fuhrer-ious! Sorry…

Fashion 20.jpg

17. Christmas outfits have changed a bit since I was a kid

This is just wrong on every level imaginable. Who is approving these clothes, I need answers!

Fashion 22.jpg

18. Vagina dress

Why just why? Going to prom is a milestone for any teenager. For girls, it presents an opportunity to get completely glammed up, big bold dress and all. And to be fair, people are definitely going to think this one was a bold choice.

Fashion 24.jpg

19. Oo-er, somebody might want to let her know

Luckily you can tell from the top that it’s a just the color scheme on the bikini bottoms… I think? Still, It’d make me look twice!

Fashion 14.jpg

20. Friendly Staff

I’ve heard of giving great customer service, but this is a step too far surely? I wonder how long It’ll be until a customer points out the mistake.

Fashion 18.jpg

There’s definitely a few absolutely shocking design choices there. From the hilarious to the downright ridiculous, it’s amazing just how badly wrong designers and the public can get it when it comes to clothes. At least they can be happy in the knowledge that they’ve made other people laugh unless they’re the type to get embarrassed instead. If so then sorry!

Sometimes I look back at some of the outfits I’ve worn down the years and I cringe at myself too. Have you ever made any fashion howlers? Let me know in the comments!