The Most Brilliantly Funny Pregnancy Announcements You’ve Ever Seen

Long gone are the days where you’d call your parents and a few friends to tell them privately that you and your S.O. are expecting. Nope, these modern times call for grand and elaborate methods to let your loved ones know that you’re adding to your family. The great part about that is parents are really stepping up to the plate with their creativity.

Behold: some of the most clever pregnancy announcements out there. If you think you’ll be expecting soon, you might just want to take notes.

Eviction Notice Served

Sorry Kid But Youre Being Evicted.jpg

This little girl is about to become a big sister and that means it’s eviction time! Don’t worry she’s only losing her crib. Maybe it’s best she’s moving over to a big girl bed since she will have a little bundle of joy to play with, love, and teach, in just a few short months. Big changes are ahead and this little girl is having none of it at the moment.

28 Days Later

28 Days Later.jpg

This is a fair assessment. Sure your child won’t try to kill you, but you might go a little insane during the first few months of their birth. No sleep, a crying baby, and spit up can make you feel like the world is out to get you. Hold in there and the next 18 years will be awesome for you and your bundle of joy.

Will Smith For The Pregnancy Win

Will Smith Prengnancy Announcement.jpg

Will Smith made this fans day and helped her celebrate a big moment in her life. The look on her face is perfect and this isn’t likely to be a pregnancy announcement anyone else will copy in the future. If you’re pregnant and want to announce in a big way, we still don’t recommend hunting down your favorite A-list celeb — that’s called stalking.

While a celebrity announcing your pregnancy might take the cake, the next pregnancy announcement gives this one a run for its money.

A Low-Cost Ultrasound

Low Cost Ultrasound.jpg

Who knew an ultrasound could so easily be captured with a chalkboard and a piece of chalk. This probably isn’t medically accepted for medical charts, but it’s perfect for announcing your pregnancy with family and friends. It looks like this couple has a sense of humor, which is very much needed in hard times with a newborn!

Seriously Mom And Dad — Baby #4

baby number 4.jpg

These three little girls don’t seem to be super happy about another child joining their household. In the meantime, this dad is probably thinking, “please for once let’s have a boy.” We can’t tell if mom’s big grin is a “how is this happening again” or “I’m super happy” type of reaction. Good luck mom and dad, you’ll need it.

This Is Totally The Last One


Three kids is a lot of work. With a fourth baby on the way, these parents are promising that it will be their last — probably. This family definitely knows how to have fun while injecting some humor into their everyday lives. Baby #4 is in good hands and we’ll have to wait and see if they eventually announce a fifth child in the future.

A Life Changing Moment – For Your Car


When we’re young it’s easy to make fun of minivan-driving parents. Once a second or third child arrives, it’s time to cough up some cash and buy the vehicle you have dreaded for much of your young adult life. On the other hand, minivans have a ton of storage space and it’s almost like driving a tank down the highway.

Dad’s About To Get Slapped Upside The Head


Mom is eating for two and dad is drinking for two. That’s fair… right? Dad had better celebrate while he can because in six months he won’t be able to drink between no sleep, diaper change duty, and general parenting responsibilities. Humor really is the best way to celebrate the upcoming birth of your child.

Even The Family Dog Is Getting In On The Fun

Family Dog Pregnancy.jpg

It can be easy to forget that a pregnancy doesn’t just mean big changes for other humans in the household. This adorable dog is reading up on how to get treats after a baby is born. I’m sure with his book smarts he’ll figure out how to play the situation in his favor.

About To Become Baby’s Best Friend


Fortunately, most pets adapt well to a new baby in the mix, especially older pets. They even becoming loving and loyal companions to new bundles of joy!

This adorably funny photo shows the couple’s dog reading a book on how to become the best big (dog) brother there ever was.

Someone’s Not Happy About Being In The Middle


Ah, middle child syndrome. It’s a real thing! Just watch a few episodes of the classic sitcom Brady Bunch, and you’ll see why being in the middle gets a bad rep. While being a middle child might not be so bad, this soon-to-be-middle child is not happy about it.

Meanwhile, her older brother sports a big smile knowing he will always be the oldest. Up next: see what happens when dad realizes the pregnancy tests says “positive”!

In Shock


The look on this trio’s face says it all! The two little girls look shocked and excited to add a baby brother or sister. They’re probably already dreaming up all of the shenanigans they can get into once they add another to their team.

We can’t say the same for dad though, who looks shocked and a little…scared. We can’t blame him though! After all, fatherhood isn’t easy! And plus, once a third baby is thrown into the mix, mom and dad will officially be outnumbered.

Ready To Pop…

Ready To Pop.jpg

Hire a professional photographer, buy some balloons and a marker, and you too can create a simple but cute pregnancy announcement. This is a good reminder that it’s about getting the message out there and not necessarily creating the most over the top announcement of all time. Congrats mom and dad!

When You’re Having Twins…

Twins Pregnancy Announcement.jpg

Mom and dad shared in this hilarious pregnancy announcement about twins. We can’t feel all that sorry for dad, after all, it’s mom who has to deliver her little bundles of joy. We have a feeling this humor loving mom and dad will do just fine with both of their little bundles of joy.

The Vanilla Ice Announcement

Vanilla Ice Announcement.jpg

The ice, ice baby pregnancy announcement is a popular one but worth sharing. This option will only cost you several dollars and then you can keep a cooler of soda and beer cold for a picnic or family gathering to celebrate your good news. It’s a win-win situation.

NFL Star Torrey Smith and Wife Are Prego


Everyone had a laugh when NFL Player Torrey Smith and his wife Chanel used this photo to announce their pregnancy. Many couples copied them after, staging the same spaghetti dinner, but we’re handing it to them to be one of the originals, and definitely one of the most shared announcements!

Apple Juice, Beers, And A Baby

Pregnancy and Apple Juice.jpg

It’s not often we get to see the final results of an online pregnancy announcement. In this case, mommy had a baby, her daughter was given some apple juice, and dad was able to enjoy a beer. Throw in an adorable family and it’s no wonder this pregnancy announcement went viral.

This Starbucks Culture Is Getting Crazy

Starbucks Pregnancy Announcement.jpg

When you can’t get enough Starbucks in your diet and you’re pregnant. This baby is doomed to a life of high-priced coffee, sugar-filled Fraps, and pastries that are heated up in a microwave. On the other hand, at least they get to start with milk and move on from there. Also, avoid too much caffeine when pregnant — it’s not good for the baby.

Only Child – About To Expire


Let’s be clear that only this little boy’s “only child” status is expiring in September and not his status in the family. It’s a big change for little children to welcome a baby into the family. Given the smile on his face, this little boy is ready for a new sibling to join their clan.

The Happiest Announcement On Earth


This is an adorable way to announce that your little girl is about to become a big sister. She wears Minnie ears with “Big Sis” on the back while holding corresponding Mickey ears that say “Lil Bro.” These parents probably took this little girl to Disneyland to ease the blow of learning she was no longer going to be the only one.

A Super Announcement


For superhero-lovers and comic book fans, this is an awesome way to announce your new addition to the family. This little guy is about to become a heroic older brother to a little Robin or Catwoman. Let’s just hope he understands what he is about to get himself into, because a lot of little kids tend not to know what becoming an older sibling actually entails.

Life Is About To Get Ruff


In this announcement, the pup is the center of attention because it’s not the parents getting a baby, so much as it is the dog getting a new human. For parents of fur babies, having an actual baby makes them worry about how their beloved pet may react to a new human—especially one that will cry and take up all their owner’s attention.

This Classic Line Says It All


This is a great way to announce the birth of your new baby, especially if you’re a fan of the comedic classic Step Brothers. When Will Ferrell’s character and John C. Reilly’s character finally give in to getting to know each other, they realize they will be best friends. This little boy must feel the same way about his baby brother!

Something’s Fishy


For the couple that loves outdoor activities, especially fishing, this announcement is truly clever. Calling their pregnancy their “greatest catch” and emphasizing the announcement with a tiny fishing rod, this couple probably can’t wait to take their new bundle of joy out fishing with them!

It’s Probably Best Not To Panic


For new parents, the prospect of a having a baby can truly be overwhelming. This couple probably feels that way on the inside, but made light of it with this hilarious announcement! Practicing baby care on the cat might help since cats think they’re humans anyway. The best part about this photo is the dad’s face!

Lot’s Of Kids Can Turn Into A Circus


Life can get pretty hectic for growing families, especially when you’re adding a baby to a family that already has two young kids. This couple seems to take it in stride as they say they’re adding a new act to their circus of rambunctious kiddies! But this lovely couple looks like they know exactly what they’re doing.

Who Says It Better Than Seuss?


This couple cleverly announced their pregnancy with a couple of Dr. Seuss classics. Mom reads Are You My Mother? while Dad reads Hop on Pop to imply that they are soon-to-be parents! You can bet that they’ll probably be reading these books to their little bundle of joy when the time comes.

Awaiting A New Best Friend


This couple when with the “expiring only child” announcement, but put an adorably sweet twist on it. This little kid holds a sign that not only says they will no longer be an only child, but also that their new brother or sister will be their best friend. Sounds like an endearing sentiment, so let’s hope it’s true in the future!

A Halloween Themed Announcement


If it is around Halloween and you’ve yet to surprise your loved ones with your news, this is a cute and funny way to announce your pregnancy! This woman dressed up as a kangaroo and even went so far as to add a pouch with a little joey in it. Her bulging belly is the dead giveaway, though!

Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves


This couple took a frank but funny approach to their pregnancy announcement. Mom-to-be holds a sign to her partner that labels him as the “Baby Daddy,” while future Dad holds a sign up to his lady that says she’s knocked up. This simple announcement surely gets a few chuckles for how honest it is.

Another Festive Announcement


It must have also been around Halloween when this couple decided to announce to the world that they were expecting baby number three! Everyone in the family wore shirts to show what they had hidden inside their bodies. Mom’s obviously has a little skeleton baby, but what’s funny is the kids’ shirts show candy in their tummies while Dad’s shirt has pizza and beer!

He Wasn’t Ready For It


Some guys are truly shocked to find out that they’re about to be dads. This couple decided to hilariously announce their pregnancy by showing Father-to-be having fainted at the sight of a positive pregnancy test. You can see Mom in the background saying, “Why are you so surprised?” Hopefully, this wasn’t an accurate depiction of how he actually found out.

The Classic Belly Hold


This couple announced their pregnancy with the classic maternity shoot pose but with a twisted turn. Instead of Mom holding her belly (since she probably isn’t showing yet in this picture), they decided to have Dad do it! Some guys really know how to stick out their beer bellies to make it look like they’re pregnant so this photo was perfect!

Just Part Of The Equation


This couple’s best subject in school was probably math, which is why they decided to announce their pregnancy with a simple equation. But wait, why does Dad plus Mom equal five? Yup, this implies that the mother-to-be is about to be the proud mother of triplets! Let’s just hope they’re both ready for that!

Donut Let Mom The Only One With A Belly!


This mother-to-be announced her pregnancy in the sweetest way! This was probably at her workplace, where she announced her pregnancy to her co-workers by bringing them donuts. If we were her, we probably wouldn’t want to the only ones in the office with heavy bellies either, but at least she gets a lovely surprise at the end of it all. This was probably also her peace offering for leaving her coworkers before maternity leave!

The Simple Statement


This announcement is simple and sweet. The parents-to-be share a loving embrace, while Mom holds a onesie behind her husband’s back. The onesie is enough of a giveaway on its own but the fact that it says “Guess What” makes the announcement more exciting! Cheers to the new parents!

Gaming Culture Is A Popular Choice

Wii Pregnancy Announcement.jpg

The Nintendo Wii might not have the same appeal it had years ago but its cultural relevance is impossible to deny. These parents found a fun and unique way to create a “baby” Wiimote for their upcoming child. We have a feeling this baby is going to be a fan of gaming.

Life’s A Beach With A Baby


This is a cute and creative way to announce your pregnancy, especially if it’s summer. Beach dwellers and surfers alike might like to announce their new bundle of joy by hoisting their ultrasound on a pair of baby flip-flops. Kudos to the parents here, who opted for both a blue and pink flip-flop so as to keep the gender a surprise for now.

Baby Watch


Even if you have never seen Baywatch, nearly everyone can recognize bombshell Pamela Anderson in her fiery red bathing suit. This cute and creative pregnancy announcement pays tribute to Baywatch fans everywhere while also getting to spend a fun afternoon at the beach. In the photo, the mom-to-be is wearing a similar red bathing suit with the words “Baby Watch” across her tummy, while sporting lifeguard accessories. Meanwhile, Dad is looking on in surprise. We foresee many trips to the beach in store for this soon-to-be-family of 3!

Only One Woman


It’s not often that we see same-sex pregnancy announcements. But families come in all shapes and sizes and this clever pregnancy announcement proves it! This beautiful husband and husband announced they would be expanding to a family of three (a daughter to be exact) by photographing themselves with an adorable dress and little shoes. The words above them reading, “Only one woman could ever come between us,” is both creative and shows their sense of humor.

Sibling Rivalry


One of the most common ways to announce a pregnancy seems to be a mock movie advertisement—like this hilarious couple did. Rather than featuring mom and dad though, the couple chose to photographer their little son, playfully holding a water gun with the sonogram picture in the background. Sure, this playful pregnancy annoucement is informative, but it also shows off the couple’s creative and fun personalities!

We Have A Winner!


Most traditional pregnancy announcements feature the mom and dad-to-be looking their best in professionally-taken photographs surrounded by beautiful scenery. Sure, that sounds nice and all, but we think this untraditional pregnancy announcement is hilarious. Rather than staging a photoshoot, this couple opted to send a simple card. It only takes three words to get their message across! Oh, and the googly eyes are a great touch.

Not The Only Baby Around Here Anymore


Pregnancy announcements are just better when there is an adorable dog involved. This couple decided the best way to announce their new baby was with their first baby—or should we say fur baby? Judging by the look on his face, we’re not sure how excited the couple’s pup is about being a big brother though…

Coming This December


This list has a few other movie-style pregnancy announcements, but this is one of the best. This pregnancy announcement is so funny because it shows the reality of what mom and dad can really expect after nine months. While dad nervously reads What To Expect When You’re Expecting, Mom is in full hunger mode, chowing down on pizza, chocolate-covered pretzels and everything else she has been craving!

Bump Ahead


We love this pregnancy announcement so much because of how low maintenance it really is. While some couples go to great lengths to execute the perfect pregnancy announcement photo, this couple took a simple route, but still got great results!

Family Plan


Kids these days are always on their phones! So what better way to announce a pregnancy than having to make the switch from two phones to the upgraded family plan? Lucky for these parents, they won’t have to worry about paying sky-high bills for their son or daughter’s real cell phone for at least a few years! For now, we think this plastic toy cell phone will be all that’s necessary.

What To Expect For Cats


We’ve all seen the classic book What To Expect When You’re Expecting. The text chronicles everything a mom-to-be may experience during and after her pregnancy. The book is also featured in many spoof pregnancy announcements. This couple wanted to do something a little different though. Instead of featuring the classic book, they made their own version for their cat—creating a mock book cover and everything!

Parenthood: Coming This July


This hilarious pregnancy announcement keeps it real! It’s pretty refreshing to see a pregnancy announcement that highlights the struggles of pregnancy and approaching parenthood in a lighthearted way. Rather than taking beautiful photos in the field of flowers, this mom and dad-to-be created their own photo shoot in their living room. While pantsless dad irons, mom looks truly exhausted while she rocks the baby. While it may not be glamorous, we love a couple that doesn’t take themselves too seriously!

Barking Big Brother


Dogs really are man’s best friends. So, it only makes sense that couples would want to include their canine companions in their pregnancy announcements. For many couples, owning a dog together is a big step in their relationship that often precedes having a baby. In this couple’s case, they consider their dog one of their kids—so much that they got him his very own sign that reads, “I’m going to be a big brother.”

Hmm, That’s Not What I Ordered


Imagine waiting patiently for your pizza delivery to arrive. Before you can even put the pizza box on the counter, all of your senses are activated. The warmth of the pizza box on your fingers, the scent of freshly-baked crust, piled high with cheesy goodness. You don’t even both to grab a plate for opening the box on to see…”I’m pregnant!” written inside of the lid. This was one dad’s reality when his wife revealed she was pregnant with their pizza delivery. Let’s hope he was excited!

Tie Breaker


Silbling rivalry is common amongst brothers and sisters everywhere. This couple decided to include a little sibling rivalry when they revealed to friends and family they would be welcoming baby three. In the photo, the little girl holds a sign that says, ‘Girls: 1,” while her brother holds a sign reading, “Boys: 1.” To their right, a sign reads, “Tie Break Coming June 2014.” Not only is this cute and clever, but it keeps everyone guessing.

Does This Thing Come With Instructions?


Sure, high-production pregnancy announcements are great, but that just doesn’t really suit every couple. Some couples would rather announce their pregnancy in a more low-key way. This couple proves you can announce your exciting news in a casual way with hilarious results. In this photo, the mom and dad-to-be are holding tools with puzzled looks on their face. Meanwhile, mom is holding a manual that read, “2015 Baby Assembly and Maintenance.” Perhaps they’ve been spending a little too much time at Ikea.

Sister For Sale!


This pregnancy announcement is great for lots of reasons. When you glance at the photo and start reading left to right, it doesn’t really register right away that anything is out of the ordinary. But as your eyes continue reading to the right and you land on mom, you finally realize the announcement: she’s pregnant! While mom has a big ol’ smile on her face, the same can’t be said for the big brother and sister, who already want to put the new baby up for sale. We’re sure they’ll all be best friends in no time though!

Even Maury Is In On It


If you ever watched daytime television in the late ’90s and early 2000s, you more than likely watched an episode or two of Maury. Maury was a guilty pleasure for millions of viewers who would tune in watch the host reveal dramatic paternity test results. This couple was clearly inspired by the show when they created their pregnancy announcement. In the announcement, dad-to-be is photoshopped next to Maury while mom is photoshopped backstage awaiting the results. In the bottom of the screen, the words, “Donny, you ARE the father,” are written.

I’m Not The Father


Speaking of Maury, this adorable couple took a cue from the dramatic talk-show host when they announced their pregnancy. While the woman on the left wears a shirt that says, “I’m pregnant,” the woman on the right wears a shirt that reads, “I’m not the father.” Considering we see fewer LGBT couples announcing their pregnancies, we love that this couple’s announcement is fun, creative, and challenges how people view parenting.

Hold The Wine


For moms-to-be who love to indulge in an ice-cold beer, cocktail, or glass of wine, forgoing the booze for nine months can feel like an eternity. This mom announced her pregnancy in a funny way while paying homage to her favorite beverages. At first, it appears to be a lovely picnic set up along the beach. But when you take a closer look at the two wine glasses, one of them is full. Instead, the empty glass has a note that reads, “Do not refill until May 2017.” Hang in there mom, nine months will come and go before you know it!

SNES Baby Announcement

Mario Baby Announcement.jpg

We don’t know if these parents are going to name their second child Luigi but that seems like the direction of this pregnancy announcement. Gamers seem to be the most likely group of people to incorporate their hobby with their pregnancy announcement. If only giving birth was as simple as pressing “start” everything would go more smoothly for all expecting mothers.

Coming To A Theater Near You


What better way to announce your first pregnancy than by going all out! This couple decided to make a movie poster out of their announcement. They truly went the extra mile by gathering all the of the mom-to-be’s crazy food cravings, while daddy reads a pregnancy book while taking a handle pull of that liquor. The first accolade at the bottom says it best: “Yep, another one of your friends is pregnant.”

A Promotion To Big Sister

Promotion to big sister.jpg

It’s not only parents who are affected by pregnancy but also any other little brothers or sisters who are about to get a promotion. This little girl’s adorable photo reminds us that other siblings are also about to undergo a big life-changing moment. Sometimes the most simple of pregnancy announcements are the cutest of them all.

9 Months To Load? Probably Still On Dial-Up

Loading Baby.jpg

Some of the funniest and most unique pregnancy announcements are really simple but inventive. By the look of this loading message, we would guess that this mom-to-be is 4.5 months pregnant. Just remember mom, sometimes the loading message runs a little fast or slow.