The Most Brilliantly Funny Pregnancy Announcements You’ve Ever Seen

Long gone are the days where you’d call your parents and a few friends to tell them privately that you and your S.O. are expecting. Nope, these modern times call for grand and elaborate methods to let your loved ones know that you’re adding to your family. The great part about that is parents are really stepping up to the plate with their creativity.

Behold: some of the most clever pregnancy announcements out there. If you think you’ll be expecting soon, you might just want to take notes.

Eviction Notice Served

Sorry Kid But Youre Being Evicted.jpg

This little girl is about to become a big sister and that means it’s eviction time! Don’t worry she’s only losing her crib. Maybe it’s best she’s moving over to a big girl bed since she will have a little bundle of joy to play with, love, and teach, in just a few short months. Big changes are ahead and this little girl is having none of it at the moment.