The Most Bizarre Moments That People Saw On The Subway And They’re Definitely Worth A Second Look

Riding the subway on a regular basis can be sketchy. One day, some guy is casually eating their McDonald’s, then the next day, someone is dressed up like Santa Claus when it’s the Fourth of July. I mean, just think about the long silences you have to deal with when having lunch with your work colleagues. It’s awkward.

But, nothing is more awkward than being the weird guy on public transportation. Some people bring pets while others just do what they want because they’re lost in their own world. If you haven’t experienced something crazy on the subway, you could next time, so buckle up.

That’s Impressive


Photo Credit: @subwaycreatures/Instagram

Gaming has gotten out of control these days. This is what happens when you can’t afford a Switch, but you can’t stop playing Skyrim.

This is wildly inconvenient for the other passengers. As long as they have headphones and they aren’t annoying, I’d allow this.

This Is Extreme And Quite Sad


Photo Credit: @subwaycreatures/Instagram

So, do you still have to pay their fare? I mean, this seems to be extreme but I highly doubt there’s a body in the casket.

They must have worked out that it was cheaper to take this as an “oversized luggage” instead of having to fly in an airplane.

Whoever Owns This Needs Help


Photo Credit: @subwaycreatures/Instagram

I wish you the best of luck trying to explain to your boss why you’re late.

The “I missed my stop while feeding a pink chicken cheerios” line won’t save you this time. Your boss was already fed up with you after you used the “I almost got hit by bus” excuse. The next one ahead is your typical day in Russia, but with a group of Brazilians.

Video Killed The Radio Star

computer head.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit

I’m not sure if this person is supposed to be mocking Deadmau5, but I’ll assume they’re on a whole other level.

Honestly, this is disturbing, but I can’t stop looking at it. Between this and the fire extinguisher rocket man, I am never taking the subway in Russia.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

bubble wrap hat.jpg

Photo Credit: beckyshangrila/Reddit

Mary Poppins has come a long way since her days of babysitting. I wonder what book she’s reading because I like to read over someone’s shoulder on the subway to get an idea for a novel.

But, you’ll need a resisting urge not to go and pop the bubbles off her hat.

Only Service Animals Are Allowed


Photo Credit: saliem654/Reddit

Brazilians that have swagger know how to look adorable as well. It’s weird because it’s something you don’t expect to see too often.

But, this isn’t your typical day in Russia. That’s only going to last until the 2018 FIFA World Cup comes to a close. Just ahead, you have to ask yourself if it’s an emotional support animal with their very own emotional support horse.

The Most Intriguing Person Ever

most interesting person on the commute.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Hey now, pimps have to do their jobs too. However, they don’t look like a very successful pimp if they still have to take the subway.

That’s their fault because being a pimp is hard, especially when Tinder keeps taking away all of their business ventures.

All About That VR Experience


Photo Credit: cyberpunkkarmathief/Reddit

SUBWAY! The VR Experience! Cool new features include: getting judged by hundreds of strangers! Walking into walls, and the possibility of missing your stop!

There’s so much more to list but this gives you 100% unsatisfaction guaranteed. No refunds, while quantities last.

Where’s The Dog’s Bag?

spotted on the subway.jpg

Photo Credit: crazeecatladee/Reddit

I would love to know the story behind this. Is it an emotional support dog with their very own emotional support horse?

Or, perhaps the puppy wanted a pony, but this is the best their human could do. Either way, this is hilarious and cute. The next one ahead is similar to this, but it’s an animal nobody would expect to see on the subway.

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Bushman!

bush head.jpg

Photo Credit: @subwaycreatures/Instagram

Groot, is that you? You look different from the last time anyone saw you. That poor bushman, little does anyone know that used to be Groot before he got his life together.

How often do you see the phone through the leaves? This guy is so mysterious and dark.

Neither One Of Them Look So Good


Photo Credit: @taylorhirstein/Instagram

Dang, somebody must have passed out on their way to the art museum. It makes you wonder how wild their night got before their morning commute to… work?

I hope they were just exhausted and not passed out from drugs because there’s a chance you might not wake up.

It’s Not Every Day A Peacock Uses Public Transportation

guy brings peacock.jpg

Photo Credit: BookerDeWittsCarbine/Reddit

I’d be sitting there in awe since some dude just came on the subway with a peacock.

Even the peacock looks surprised to be surrounded by a bunch of humans. This could be an emotional support animal, but I don’t think this would be an ideal pet. People can be annoying, but one lady is over with what the guy beside her is doing. More on that later.

When Your Head Gets Stuck Until The Next Stop

head stuck.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Great job, bud. He didn’t forget to do his zip up before he got on. It’s safe to say that he won’t attempt this ever again.

That’s karma for you when you try to catch your ride at the last minute. At least it didn’t rip off all of his hair. That could have been scary.

Possibly A Weak Immune System


Photo Credit: @subwaycreatures/Instagram

It’s true, he really could have a weak immune system. This could cause him to need filtered air, or maybe he’s just a little crazy.

Some people might believe he’s going to a cosplay event while others think he’s super contagious. If I saw this, I’m getting off the train and walking home.

That Lady Is So Over It

fox on lap.jpg

Photo Credit: IosifMarianna/Reddit

This seems like a Russian thing, but that’s one well-behaved fox in a subway. The lady next to him must know he does this on a daily basis.

She’s over it, and she’s praying to God that the fox doesn’t bite his face off. But, does anyone know what does a fox say?Still on the way, one lonely pet might make you assume they’re taking the midnight train going anywhere.

Fiddler On The Wolf

violin things.jpg

Photo Credit: sweet_brag/Reddit

I’d be making requests, mainly to test their musical skill set on the violin. You can’t beat Halloween in New York because there’s no other place like it.

They even brought a tip bucket that will likely be filled with unwanted candy by the end of the night.

Shivers Going Down Your Spine


Photo Credit: @subwaycreatures/Instagram

All of a sudden, you have shivers up and down your spine. The suit’s fabric is cool and all, but I’d have to ask which store carries this.

Sure, it’s creepy and all but I have no other words for how terrifying I find this to be. If they handed out candy or whatever, I wouldn’t trust them at all.

Doggo Took The Midnight Train Going Anywhere

dog sitting on subway.jpg

Photo Credit: ohsureyoudo/Reddit

Awwww, can I take the pup home? Wait no, what am I thinking. Puppies are cute, but never trust them on subways, man.

That could be a trap. Like the second you touch the dog, you might be kidnapped. Just snap a photo of it, make some cute faces and carry on with your day.

Truth Or Dare?

truth or dare.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit

I wonder if anyone knows what those weird English letters mean. Probably not since they wear our words like we put soy sauce on everything.

If you’re trying to get that bag on the subway in New York, you won’t get very far. But, if you’re willing to make that risk, it’s your funeral.

We Need More Of These


Photo Credit: @subwaycreatures/Instagram

She’s living her best life but here are two things I need to ask. First, who is this lady? She’s as cool as my grandma.

Secondly, how the hell did she get this into the subway? Man, you would have to go full speed to go through the gates.