Recreated Childhood Photos Are Amazing And Awkward At The Same Time

There’s nothing better than a family with a sense of humor. These siblings and parents dug through the family photo album reminiscing about the good old days. But it didn’t stop there. They went so far as to recreate their favorite memories, down to every last detail. These hilarious photos show that some things change, while others totally stay the same. After clicking through you’ll want to call up your family to create one yourself! (Do it.)

Boys Will Be Boys


We love this photo so much. Mostly because the photo on the right doesn’t even look like they were intending to recreate the original picture. Honestly, we hope these four mud-covered brothers remained close throughout childhood and into adulthood and we really that this photo just happened to be snapped and bore a sweet similarity to the original.

What sweet moments captured from youth and beyond. We bet Mom and Dad would be delighted to receive these photos framed for Christmas!

A Family Affair


While lots of these photos are of kids all grown up, we love seeing the whole family get involved in recreating these photos of yesteryear. The photo on the left shows a proud dad with his three boys, all wearing their Sunday best. It’s such a sweet photo that it’s no surprise they wanted to recreate it.

We have to give them credit for all of the details in the photo on the right. From the boys’ clothes (specifically the brother on the right) to the youngest brother trying as he might to let his dad hold him, they nailed it!

Halloween, Then And Now


Some of the best photos to look back on are our childhood photos from Halloween. Not only can we see how pop culture has changed throughout the years, but we can see what truly questionable costume choices we made for ourselves.

The three brothers look adorable in their Halloween costumes on the left. While we give them credit for trying to recreate their get-ups in the photo on the right, they’re just not as cute as they were!

Still BFFs


Ah, brotherly love, there’s nothing quite like it. These brothers look like they were joined at the hip when they were young. Sporting the same pose and similar clothing styles, it’s easy to see why they still look like BFFs today. They killed it when it came time to recreate this sweet childhood photo—even wearing the shirts that they wore in the original picture!

Have you ever wanted to recreate a childhood photo of yourself? With the help of Irina Werning, you can. Check out her incredible photos next.

Amazing Attention To Detail


This childhood photo recreation has a pretty cool story behind it. Irina Werning is an international photographer known for her “Back to the Future” photography series where she helps adults recreate their favorite childhood photos.

Not only does Werning shoot the photographs herself, but she sources the props and locations for the shoot and even makes all of the costumes herself! “I go crazy with detail,” she told The Daily Mail. “Every detail, every button, everything. I bought the fabrics making sure they were the right texture and able to crease like they do in the picture, and then I make them…and I bought the bicycle for one of the photos on eBay and then made sure I had all the locations set before I arrived.”

Brotherly Love


These photos prove that little kids can pull off almost any style. A sweater with a train on it? Looks adorable on this little brother! Matching teal collared shirts? Looks good! Suspenders? Sure, why not! Oh, and why not hold a gumball machine? Cute!!!

However, when you take the same photo, with the same styles and the same props, things suddenly look a little out of place. Still, these three brothers wanted to attempt to recreate their childhood portrait and the result is hilarious.

Mom’s Favorite Photo Recreated


It’s hard to imagine that some of these childhood photos could get any funnier, but these brothers prove they can. The original photo is super cute, but also really silly if you look at it long enough. These adorable brothers just look so sweet (and okay, a little goofy too), that we can’t help but smile.

Apparently, this childhood photograph of the two is a family favorite, so it was only right that the brothers decided to recreate it some 30 years later. Between the clothing and the expressions on their faces, we think they did a great job.

A Trip To The Beach, Then And Now


There are a few factors that play into perfectly recreating childhood photos. For starters, you Have to have a similar background and somewhat matching clothes. But the best-recreated childhood photos are the ones where the siblings absolutely nail their facial expressions.

These three sisters and their big brother did just that! Not only did they get the placement right (the similar umbrella on the left and the yellow beach towel are nice touches), but the youngest sister crying is the icing on the cake.

Mom Just Wanted A Picture Of Her Boys For Christmas


Parents can be notoriously difficult to shop for during the holidays. Most parents say they don’t want anything at all. So when these brother’s mom said she just wanted a nice photo of three of them, they were happy to oblige.

But rather than taking a regular photo together, the brothers decided to recreate their mom’s favorite picture of them from their childhood. And we have to say—they hit the nail on the head. Not only did they have the recreation photo taken in a real studio, but they manage to wear similar outfits and don the same hilarious looks on their faces as they did 20-plus years ago!

You Didn’t Fit Then And You Don’t Fit Now!


Parents make their kids do some silly things all for the sake of a photo. Like these parents, who forced their three boys to squeeze into a rocking chair. If you look closely, their expressions go from good to meh to okay, we’re done here. With a priceless photo like that, it’s only natural that the brothers would recreate it years later for their parents.

We’re pretty impressed they managed to pull off the same facial expressions. Oh, and bonus points to the little bro for owning the exact same sweatpants! The next photo just might be our absolute favorite on the list. We wonder which one of these siblings had this bright idea!

Rub-A-Dub-Dub Recreated


How many of you have pictures in the bathtubs with your siblings? Parents love to kill two birds with one stone and throw all of their kids in the bathtub while they can still fit. And to give them credit, it does make sense.

After all, parents are some of the busiest people on the planet so you’ve got to get all of your kids clean at once. As you can tell, these brother and siblings don’t look all that thrilled to be getting hosed down. We have to say that, it makes for a hilarious recreation years later!

They Don’t Look Quite As Cute Anymore


Overalls look cute on little kids and farmers and should probably be banned on everyone else (okay, just kidding, who are we to judge). But in all seriousness, these brothers should never don a pair of overalls as adults (just kidding again…sort of).

Anyway, this has to be one of the funniest recreated childhood photos on our list. It was already pretty funny to begin with, but add 20 years of time and facial hair and you have a recipe for one amazing photo. The next siblings don’t let a little rain get them down!

Still Friends, Rain Or Shine


One of the best things about recreating childhood photos is seeing just how much everyone has grown up. Just look at the two youngest siblings on the right above. These two were once the shortest of the bunch, but now they’ve passed their older siblings.

The youngest brother even looks like he has a full foot on some of his siblings! While their heights may have changed, it’s clear to see their playful personalities have remained the same. The next picture of a father and daughter is sure to make you smile!

My Turn!


We absolutely love this photo, and for lots of reasons. Finishing school can be hard enough as it is. But for those who have children young, it can be even harder. The photo on the left shows dad on graduation day, holding his young daughter while she sweetly wears his graduation cap.

This photo is already touching on its own, but the photo recreation might be even better! This time, it’s his daughter’s turn to graduate, and now she is holding him! It’s silly and light-hearted and downright awesome to see this duo’s strong bond.

On Vacation, Then And Now


Who doesn’t love looking back on vacation photos to remind us of fun times spent with our families? Sure, we may spend the majority of the trip arguing with our siblings and rubbing aloe on sunburns, but within those moments, there are lots of happy times. This photo on the left was taken by mom when the kids jumped into dad’s arm while vacationing at the beach.

So the family just had to recreate this photo when they took a beach vacation 20 years later. Sure, dad might have pulled a muscle or two but at least it makes for hilarious results.

Merry Christmas, Then And Now


Ah, the holidays. The perfect time to wear your best Santa cap and sit still while mom snaps a picture. Oh, for the love of God, please sit still and smile! Honestly, getting your little ones to sit still long enough to take a picture is a big win for any parent and something worthy of celebrating.

And while you would think it would get easier as the kids get older, nope! Try not to laugh at this next photo.

Still Skeptical Of His Little Brother


Judging by the look on the kid’s face, he was clearly skeptical of his little brother. Perhaps he wasn’t sure if he was ready to take on all of the responsibilities that come with being a big brother.

Or maybe he knew his days of sleeping in were long gone. Either way, it looks like he stuck around long enough for the two to recreate this hilarious photo on the right. He definitely still looks skeptical after all these years!

T-Rex Arms 20 Years Later


Little kids are silly and playful creatures, so it’s not surprising lots of parents have photos just like the ones on the left. No matter how silly they may seem, they’re a perfect keepsake for mom, dad, and siblings to look back on for years to come.

That’s why recreating these types of photos is hilarious 100 percent on the time. We’re glad to see this brother and sister still clearly have their playful sense of humor and are super close! The next pair has been BFFs through it all!

Best Pals, 30 Years Later!


As we get older, keeping in touch with friends gets harder. Between work, family, and all of those curveballs life throws at you, it’s a shock we have time to hang with any friends at all. That’s why this recreated childhood photo is especially touching. The original photo of these two youngsters shows them in elementary school.

This original photo is already adorable on its own and perfectly showcases the pal’s personalities. Flash-forward three decades and it doesn’t look like much has changed! The next photo shows how some of our favorite places to go as kids can drastically change as we grow up.

Some Things Do Change


Although this recreated childhood photo looks similar to the original, it’s clear to see that the area has changed a lot! No longer is the oppressive Berlin Wall there separating East and West Germany, as it was demolished beginning in 1989. While it can be sad when certain things from our childhood change, this photo shows it’s not always a bad thing.

We love that this guy recreated everything else perfectly. From, his jeans, jackets, and sneakers, down to his hairstyle and pose —this is definitely a treasured keepsake he and his family will keep for years.

Father And Son, 60 Years Later


This is one of the most heartwarming photos on our list and shows that even when we grow up, we still need our parents. From childhood, this dad was clearly an important figure in his son’s life.

And even though he worked long hours, he always made time to kick the soccer ball with his kids. Flash-forward nearly 60 years and some things never change! Sure, his son may have nearly a foot of height on him, but it’s apparent that their bond is still strong.

Hulkamania Is Running Wild, Brother!


Hulk Hogan and wrestling fans will love this childhood recreation photo! This super fan was lucky not only to meet the famous wrestler once but twice! In this adorable photo on the left, the fan looks like he was just a pre-teen trapped in the Hulk’s signature headlock.

Clearly still a fan a decade later, he was able to meet the wrestler again and recreate the photo. We hope he is able to continue this tradition as he gets older. These photos definitely make for awesome memories to look back on!

Then And Now


Parents cherish photos of their children forever! That’s why they are so gung-ho about making their children wear ridiculous clothes while posing for an hour straight for a professional photographer, only to shell out hundreds for the keepsake. Going back to the idea of ridiculous clothing…just look at these brothers’ pants.

We get dressing your kids up in matching clothing for a portrait, but these plaid pants are so silly. Apparently, the brothers thought so too! They decided to recreate this funny photo from their youth and the result is excellent.

Still Wild And Free


Little kids are wild and free. Not yet bitter by negative experiences the world can throw at you, little kids just see things differently — which is absolutely apparent in the original photo of this girl on the left. We love how adorable she looks with her white t-shirt, rebellious look, and of course, her dad’s oversized boots.

We can only bet that this was a favorite photo of her parents. While the recreated photo might not have quite the same effect, it sure is a cool recreation for her and her family to look back on in the years to come.

The Antics Continue


Babies are pint-sized little creatures so naturally, parents love to put them in weird places to snap a photo (or 500). Take, for example, the laundry basket. A simple basket used to house clothing is also the perfect way to entertain a baby.

Just look at the huge smile on this girl’s face and you’ll be reminded why babies are great — because almost anything entertains them. With a cute giggle like that, it’s no wonder this was mom and dad’s favorite photo of their daughter…and we have to give it to her for this spot-on recreation. Even the wallpaper looks similar!

Looks Like You’ve Outgrown That Bowl Dude!


Ah, a good ol’ mixing bowl. Just like the laundry basket, moms and dads love to photograph their little ones in small spaces like kitchen appliances. Sure, it sounds silly when you really think about it but you’ve gotta take advantage of their small size before they grow up!

After all, time is of the essence and those photo opportunities won’t last forever. Just look at this recreated childhood photo. Long gone are the days when he could fit into that mixing bowl. While he may not be as small and cute as he once was, the picture is downright hilarious.

A Trip To The Capitol, Then And Now


Ah, the family vacation photo. Something no one wants to partake in (especially little kids), but ya gotta do it for mom’s scrapbook’s sake! Honestly, both of these pictures are impressive in their own ways. The fact that mom and dad were able to get their three young boys to stand still for five seconds and snap a photo is impressive on its own.

It’s even more impressive when you consider that no one is picking their nose, closing their eyes, or sobbing in a corner. With a victory like that, it’s no wonder this is one of mom’s favorite photos of her kids. It definitely deserved to be recreated!

The Airplane Game Is A Little Harder Now


Who didn’t love playing this game as a kid? Spending what seemed like hours begging mom and dad to play “airplane” definitely made up a huge portion of our team’s childhood.

This mom has impressive airplane skills as she was able to lift both of her kids at once. Considering the amount of bravery (and leg muscles) this takes, we think she should get an award. The fact that she was down to do it again once her kids were grown makes us like her even more.

You won’t want to miss the next childhood photo recreation.

Never Been A Captain, Always Been A Sailor


How many of you have a photo of yourself as a little kid flashing “the guns”? Most little kids think they’re super strong and we love to let them think that, mostly because it produces adorable photos like the one on the left. We’ve gotta give it to this guy for having the confidence to recreate a photo wearing such a small bathing suit 20 years later.

Between the bathing suit, the sunglasses, the hat, and even the feet and beer in the bottom left corner, this photo is almost identical to the original. Get ready for three photos in one next!

Siblings Throughout The Years


This is such a cool keepsake for these siblings to look back on. It inspires us to get out our cameras and snap a few pictures with our brothers and sisters too. We love that they were able to recreate their childhood photo into young adulthood and even old age.

Being able to see their physical appearances change slightly (as well as their personalities) is something really neat that not many people can say they’ve done. This is definitely a really touching and heartwarming photo we’re sure they will cherish forever!

Man’s Best Friend


This is one of our favorite photos on this list because who doesn’t love a big cuddly puppy who turns into a big cuddly dog?! This photo warms our hearts because not everyone has siblings… but recreating a childhood photo with man’s best friend is just as awesome.

It also goes to show how important our furry friends are to us and how they can help shape us as we grow up together. These next brothers have been attached at the hip since they were little, but there is one difference these days…

Just Add Facial Hair


Photos like these prove that some siblings are basically attached at the hip for their entire lives. Take these brothers for example, who are all just a few years apart and, obviously, still very close after all these years.

Sure, they may have gone away to college, gotten married, had families of their own, and grown massive beards, but at the end of the day, brotherhood is an unbreakable bond.

Band-Aid Knees!

bandaid knees.jpg

Two band-aids on her knees and huge glasses cover this girl’s face. It looks like she was a very studious young girl by the size of that book she’s reading. Now that she is grown, recreating this image wasn’t that hard.

All she had to do is find some band-aids and any book. She also had to make sure she wasn’t wearing her contacts. This is a cute recreation for sure. Her mom probably sent it to her one day and she just wanted to recreate it. Wait until you see this next one.

That’s A Real Baby

new baby who dis.jpg

In the first picture on the left, you see two young kids. The older girl is holding a plastic doll as her “kid” and the boy is staring off into the distance with a fisherman hat. Things got serious when they recreated this priceless photo. As adults, the little girl who had the toy baby now has a real baby!

The little boy is not so little anymore and is bigger than the girl. The two siblings probably relished the idea to make this picture again. Up next, a young boy finally gets a cold one.

Give Him The Beer

crack open the cold.jpg

Since a young age, all little Jacob wanted was to experience what it was like cracking open a cold one with his old man. The way he stares at the can as a young baby is a telling sign that he will be doing kegstands often in college. His old man isn’t even paying attention.

For all he knows, he could have been sipping since then behind his back. As far as the current picture goes, there is one glaring difference. All of his dad’s beautiful hair is gone! We’re sorry, Pops.

Feet Up, Shoes Off!

feet up shoes off.jpg

Give someone an inch and they take it a mile. The little boy in the back knew he wasn’t supposed to have his feet up in the car. But he took it a step further by putting his bare feet up too. What’s that smell?

They had to document this moment of rebellion so they could reminisce when they grew up. And once they grew up, they wanted to be rebels again. This time, his feet are bigger and probably smell worse. Still, they took the photo and everyone is happy.

Bucket Head!

bucket head thing.jpg

Once a bucket head, always a bucket head. Or trash can for this example. When you’re young, you don’t know exactly why you do things. You just do them because it makes you happy or it’s fun.

This guy must have thought going number two with a trash can on his head was the most fun he’s had while using the bathroom. Then he grew up and realized it was still the same amount of fun! Some things just never get old. Now, how many of you are going to try this at home?

The Bride And Groom Get Silly

marriage tings.jpg

These two are supposedly a bride and groom. As a treat for their friends and families, they decided to recreate these pictures. Why they chose these two, we don’t know. But, they are some pretty cool pictures to choose to do again.

The man is holding an award of some sort. The lady seems to just be getting her pose on. A very sassy pose. An interesting combination to present to people but hey, to each their own. They are adorable kids pictures so that’s all that matters. See how two boys used to take baths up next.

It’s Bathtime!

bucket baths things.jpg

When you’re young, more things can be done. Then you grow up and being adult sucks some life out of you. You aren’t able to eat in a high chair, you can’t poop in your pants without being judged and sure as heck can’t bathe in small containers anymore. Well, these bad boys have had enough.

They thought it was time to bring back the old days. Bathing in buckets was fun and still is even when you’re grown up. These two had to do this one again to bring back the feeling.

Pop Goes The Balloon

ballon womean.jpg

Balloons are known universally by young kids to be great fun. You can pop them, you can play a game of don’t let it touch the floor or you can even let them float off into the sky and see how long you can keep your eye it.

Taking pictures with them is cool as a kid and an adult. But we bet this girl didn’t choose the balloons as her prop for that baby picture. And what about that suitcase? She did well by finding one that she could fit in.

Someone Call Batman

bat man with batman.jpg

Dressing up as a superhero never gets old. This picture is the proof. Who doesn’t want to feel empowered and like they can save the city? Living vicariously through Bruce Wayne is something all kids who like Batman have done.

Just ask anyone and you’ll see. What we’re trying to figure out is if those are the same exact outfits from when they were small or did they find some new ones? Either way, it’s still pretty cool that they did this. That pumpkin is the most notable change we can see.

Did Someone Say Fashion Week?

fashion week paris.jpg

Dress up is always entertaining. Putting on clothes you wouldn’t be able to fit just had a different aspect of fun to it when you were a kid. Then you grow up and you try on clothes before you buy them.

Well, here’s to still playing dress up even as an adult. It’s basically like being in a fashion show. In fact, the original picture was probably inspired by fashion week. It’s crazy that they found almost the exact same dresses. They could actually be the same ones. It is just a little too hard to tell.

Santa, Can I Get A…

santa man.jpg

No matter how old you are, you can always ask Santa Claus for something! Toy cars, a new real car, candy or even money. It is never too late to hit up good ol’ Saint Nick. In the original picture, it looks like Santa Claus is a real human.

You know, shopping mall pictures you take during the holidays. However, in the new picture, it looks like Santa Claus is a fake. How else would this old man be able to support the weight of those big kids?

Someone needs to help this kid up next.

A Pinch Or Two

tarnation nation.jpg

Siblings fight all the time. And many times, it’ll be over the dumbest things. In this picture, the child on the far left gives the baby in mom’s lap a good reason to want to fight. He had the nerve to pinch his baby muscle with a straight face!

Being pinched is not a pleasant experience. So that screaming is well warranted. Maybe mom should have been more proactive in helping with this situation. It looks like she had her hands full anyway. And the daughter in the back is just minding her own business.

What A Mess

pots and pans mess.jpg

Talk about a mess! Notice how the cabinet to the left of the child is locked closed. That must have been for a reason. This baby is good at causing a mess, clearly. So good in fact, that the parents had to take a picture to document how much of a little troublemaker she is.

Now all grown up, she wanted to do it again. It’s not often that you get to make a mess on purpose when you’re older. Your main duty is to keep things tidy. Be prepared for the gains in this next one.

Get Big

gains on gains.jpg

Now, this is the true meaning of gains. Granted, he was a baby in the before picture. Maybe people should just do this for before and after workout pictures. It would be way more effective than the two weeks one you always see on Instagram and Facebook.

It looks like Mom has gotten up there in age and wouldn’t have been able to pick up her middle boy even if she tried her hardest. Cropping his legs out was a great idea. Now, one can assume that Mom is also strong.

Boy Grows Up

boy gets big.jpg

Being young is the best. You can lie on your mother and grandmother’s laps for as long as you want and they want you too! Then you grow up and if you try to do that, people will call you a momma’s boy.

And no one wants to be called that even if it is true. So it appears the best way to be able to nap on your mother’s lap again is to take one of these pictures. Sorry to anyone else out there who wishes to recapture this feeling.

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

christmas tings.jpg

Everyone loves the holidays (for the most part). You get to be cozy with the family and wear festive outfits. You also get to take cool pictures like the one on the left. Sitting on the bulk of your family as a baby is a joy.

However, 15 years later, it isn’t so much a joy for the rest of the family. We hope that he isn’t putting all of his body weight on his family. Overall, this is a classic redo. It highlights the essence of the holidays.

How long have you been washing cars, up next?

He Loves Cars!

wash that car.jpg

Washing cars can be fun. It’s more so fun when it’s your own car. Having to wash someone else’s car isn’t as great. Imagine having to wash someone’s else’s car as a baby. Youth labor is wrong but this kid must have loved it. Some people just love cars that much that they literally wash it as much as they can.

This boy probably did it once when he was young and fell in love with it. The bib was just for added protection. Don’t try this at home, though. Not every child is capable of handling the pressures of cleaning someone else’s car.

Some Crazy Eyes

google eyes thing.jpg

We aren’t sure if these two people are the same in the before and after pictures. All that matters is that they recreated it so we guess it’s fine. But you must admit that if you see someone with crazy eyes on while walking down the street then you would be a bit confused or startled.

Especially if they’re just smiling like everything is all good. This takes creepy and funny to the next level. It’s almost like a magician trying to pull a trick on you. There is no telling what type of jokes these two try and pull off.

Messy Eater

messy face ting.jpg

Sometimes the food is just too good. So good that it makes you contemplate life. And who doesn’t enjoy a good dish of spaghetti? That is one meal that can make you messy no matter how hard you try and avoid the red mess.

Slurping up the noodles is fun but that also tends to lead to a mess. Mid-way through eating this amazing meal, the thoughts came rolling in. Take notice of the Big Bird on her. She made sure she had him again in the redo of the photo.

New Age Same Me

glasses like.jpg

Some things never change. We wonder if this has been his look his whole life or if he really did recreate this? Finding the same outfit was probably the easiest part of this. His hair has gotten a little better and his teeth are clearly more presentable.

However, that smile is still there! You don’t have to take a second look to know this guy is the same kid in the photo to the left. Also, did he keep that same tie all these years? Finding specific ties is often a tough task.

Every Superhero Needs A Sidekick


Every superhero needs a sidekick, right? That’s exactly what these brother’s mom and dad thought when they dressed their boys up as Superman for Halloween back in the day. Judging by the looks on their faces though, they really weren’t too excited.

The big brother on the left definitely looked annoyed that his little brother copied his sweet Halloween costume. Meanwhile, the little brother probably has no recollection of any of this. Either way, it made for a hilarious photo back then, and even more so now when the all-grown-up-brothers recreated it!

Not Quite The Same Fit


One of the best things about grown-ups recreating their childhood photos is the noticeable difference in their sizes. Whether they’re trying to squeeze into a too-small childhood outfit or sit atop dad’s handlebars like they did when they were just three years old, it’s definitely not the same as it once was, but it does make for a hilarious result. This photo is the perfect example.

The original copy shows a proud dad posing with his bike while his little boys sit on top of the handlebars and at his side. With the recreation, it’s clear to see that they both have grown up, but we think the sentiment is just the same!

A Wild Child At Heart


Perhaps some childhood photos shouldn’t be recreated…like this one. But here it is, in existence, and honestly, it’s downright hilarious! The original photo is one of the most epic little-kid photos we’ve seen yet. Between his stane, the crazy-funny look on his face, and you know, pulling that white t-shirt on as sky-high underwear, is downright hilarious.

We love that this guy had the guts to even recreate a photo that many would be embarrassed to have unearthed. But hey, once a wild child, always a wild child! The next photo proves that while some things never change, size isn’t one of them!

It’s Not Quite As Easy To Show Off His Baby Brother Now


For those of us with brothers and sisters, chances are you have a photo or two of your holding your new little brother or sister with a big ol’ smile on your face (or vice versa if you’re the youngest!). This pair is no different. Just look how proud the big brother looks to have his new brother in his life.

This is clearly a photo that mom and dad have cherished since their boys were younger, so it makes it that much better than the boys decided to recreate it. Well, they tried to recreate it. As we’ve learned in just a few photos, recreating photos gets harder when your little brother is no long 22 inches long!

Once A Messy Eater Always A Messy Eater


Little kids aren’t exactly known for being clean or coordinated. So it’s only natural that kids tend to make a mess when they eat, and as a result, have a photo or two of themselves with their face covered in food. This pair of brothers had a candid photo of them taken while outside at a sports game when they were just little kids.

While the brother on the left gives a sweet smile, the brother on the right is totally lost in thought enjoying his ice cream cone. The recreation is sweet in more ways than one!

Still Sandy After All These Years


If you go to the beach and you don’t have your friends bury you in the sand, did you even go to the beach?! These kids did! When they were just youngins on a trip to the beach, these siblings were buried up to their chins in sand—perhaps by their parents who were probably ecstatic to get them to stop running around for just a few minutes.

Neither the big brother or the little sister look all that excited. After all, the idea of being buried in the sand is kinda cool, but actually being buried in the sand really isn’t that great. At least it made for a great childhood recreation photo.

Not-So-Newborn Anymore


Nearly every parent has a photo of themselves with their newborn son or daughter sleeping peacefully in their arms. Typically, the new mom or dad looks terribly exhausted because, you know, caring for a baby is no walk in the park. The photo of this dad is the perfect example.

Sure, he looks pretty tired, but just look at his new soon sleeping in his arms—it’s so sweet! Fast forward 25 years and we see that his son is not-so-newborn anymore. No longer can he fit snuggly in his dad’s arm—but we commend him for trying and giving is this hilarious picture!

Some Things Really Never Change


This baby photo is downright hilarious. We like to imagine mom and dad working tirelessly to snap a cute photo of their newborn only for him to look like he’s being attacked. While it may not have turned out the way they wanted to, it’s still pretty cute in its own way, right?

It’s also heartwarming to see that their son has grown up to be a man who clearly has an amazing sense of humor.